Police Log: Overnight Overreach, Canine Calamities

by | Oct 1, 2023

Monday, September 18

8:40 a.m. – Someone from EG Public Works turned over a set of keys and a pair of air pods they found near Courthouse Lane to the police. The owner of the missing things picked everything up at EGPD later that day. 

8:06 p.m. – A North Providence woman said she thought someone stole her Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and Macbook Pro laptop from her car while it was parked at New England Tech earlier in the day. She said the glasses were no longer in the center console when she returned to her car. The woman told police she only noticed the laptop was missing after she had taken a class in Providence, though she said she also went back to her residence to let her dogs out, leaving her bag in her car. She told police she would like to press charges if they catch anyone regarding the stolen items. 

9 p.m. – Police arrested the EG woman, 57, who resisted arrest on a DUI charge before trying to smell officers on September 8th for failing to appear in court. They found the woman at her home, handcuffed her, and took her to EGPD headquarters. 

Tuesday, September 19

7:50 a.m. – Police assisted a Fifth Street resident who believed an animal was in her trash can bin. There was no animal.

Noon – EGPD officers arrested a Woonsocket resident, 38, on felony charges of obtaining property under false pretenses after an EG resident told police he had laid off the man but for some reason, he was still receiving paychecks. The man apparently filed false hours worked information and was paid up to $1,790.88 he was not owed. Before EGPD officers arrested the man, a detective met with him and brought him to the station. When questioned, the man said, “I tried to continue falsifying my weekly checks to see how long I could get away with it,” according to the police report. 

5:17 p.m. – Police told the owners of vehicles parked on Academy Field to move their cars after receiving complaints. 

6:06 p.m. A Cartier Court resident told police someone cut the Christmas tree lights he strung along his driveway last year. The man told police he knew the lights hadn’t worked since the spring but didn’t know if someone had cut them then. No homes in the area have cameras that would be helpful, according to a police report. The man said he will install cameras “in case of future vandalism.”

Wednesday, September 20

10:58 a.m. – A concerned citizen brought a black lab she found running in the street on Middle Road to the EGPD headquarters. Police brought the dog to North Kingstown Animal Shelter. Later that day, the dog’s owner contacted EGPD asking if someone had found a black lab. The woman explained that she had recently moved and believed the dog was trying to get back to her old house. She signed a form at the station, and EGPD officers told her where to pick up the dog. 

3:36 p.m. – A caller told police about a dog fight between two canines on Westfield Drive. Both dogs were leashed but one dog was bitten. The owner of the bitten dog told police that the two dogs “began to bark and growl at each other” and the other owner lost control of their dog, which then “attacked” her dog, according to the report. She said her dog was up to date on his vaccines. EGPD officers met with the couple walking the other dog and they said offered the bitten dog’s owner help but were rebuffed. They said their dog was up to date on its vaccines. EGPD officers told everyone involved that the town’s animal control officer would follow up with them if needed. 

5:40 p.m. – An EG resident notified police someone had scammed her out of $109 when she went to pay her RI Energy bill online. After some difficulty, she searched for a customer service phone number and spoke to someone named “David,” who directed her to a PayPal account. She then deposited the $109 in the PayPal account. She realized something was wrong when she didn’t receive a confirmation number. Her bank requested she notify the police. She told EGPD officers she’d like to press charges against anyone involved in the fraud scheme. 

9:54 p.m. – Police issued a no-trespass order against a Providence man who reportedly attempted to urinate on the side of the Mainstreet Coffee building and, when confirmed by a staff member, “became argumentative.” The staff member requested the no-trespass order. Police told the “calm” but “slightly intoxicated” man that he could not enter the coffee shop. According to a police report, he said he understood before leaving with a sober friend. 

Thursday, September 21

2:36 a.m. – Police arrested two 33-year-old men, one from Providence and the other from Pascoag, after pulling over the car they were in because it drifted over the double yellow lines on Main Street, according to police. Before police approached the vehicle, the Providence man tried to get out of the car and walk away before the police told him to get back inside. While police questioned the driver about drinking that night due to his bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol in the car, the Providence man accused police of “harassment” and told them to take him to jail, not his friend, who was “a good man,” according to police. EGPD officers arrested the Pascoag man on DUI charges and refusal to submit to a chemical test. They arrested the Providence man for disorderly conduct and obstruction because he allegedly got out of the car, “took an aggressive stance by pushing his chest forward,” and shouted, “F*** this, arrest me,” according to police. After police cuffed the Providence man, they asked if the handcuffs were too tight, to which he replied, “No, they are fine, bro.”

12:56 p.m. – EGPD officers visited BFF Grooming Inc. on Main Street to check on a staff member who had been bitten by an “anxious dog while it was being blow dried.” The police received an initial hospital report but lacked contact information for the dog’s owner. A staff member at the salon gave EGPD officers the dog owner’s information, and they confirmed that the pooch was up to date on its vaccines. 

1:35 p.m. – A caller told police that someone had taken his wallet from the secret compartment on his motorcycle in the East Greenwich Square parking lot. An officer later informed dispatch the motorcycle rider found his wallet in a different secret compartment. 

7:57 p.m. – Police ticketed a Cindy Ann Drive resident for repeatedly leaving construction vehicles he owned parked on the street. They said they would no longer put his vehicles on the “overnight parking” list because of the number of complaints they have received. Overnight parking list is a “courtesy to the public to allow a vehicle for one night” and typically “would be if someone had a family member stay over for the night who lives out of town,” according to the police. 

8:40 p.m. – A concerned citizen told police that several cars were speeding on Adirondack Drive. 

Friday, September 22

5:44 p.m. – An EG resident asked EGPD officers to perform a well-being check on her son in Providence because she believes he is not taking his prescribed medication to treat his psychosis and has a history of substance abuse. Police told the woman to contact Providence PD to perform the well-being check. 

Saturday, September 23

7:50 a.m. – Police pulled over a Woonsocket woman on Main Street when they noticed her expired registration sticker. During routine checks, they determined that the woman had no insurance and her license was suspended. Later, police learned this was the woman’s third violation for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. In addition to the tickets, she received a summons to appear in court. 

10:65 a.m. – A concerned citizen told police that a car with no license plate and a loud exhaust was “revving the engine and driving” erratically on Adirondack Drive. The caller claims the car nearly hit children. Police did not find any vehicle matching the description.

4:15 p.m. – An EG resident told police that someone they hired and paid $2,000 to renovate their driveway a year ago never did the work. Police have identified the person they are accusing of obtaining property by a false pretense – a felony. 

5:22 p.m. – A caller at Our Lady of Mercy on Third Avenue told police an elderly man had been “in and out of the church and changed clothes.” They said some “members were becoming concerned with the odd activity.” Police told the man to leave. 

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