Why place a Sponsor Ad on East Greenwich News?

East Greenwich News, a local, independent, nonprofit online news source, is committed to building an informed community through thoughtful, relevant and objective reporting about the people, places and events in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Becoming a sponsor of East Greenwich News is an important step in your online strategy. Readers come to East Greenwich News for information they can’t find anywhere else – from the latest restaurants on Main Street and local real estate offerings to what’s happening at Town Hall and the schools, as well as police and fire news. And because we are online, readers can access news wherever they are – at a desk or on the go. Our attractive, intuitive site gives readers quick access to breaking news and thoughtful analysis that keeps readers coming back throughout the day. Access them via our sponsor ads.

Online messaging offers benefits no print ad can deliver:

  • Link to your webpage. Potential customers can immediately learn more about your business/organization.
  • Quick updates and campaign changes; promote your latest message without hassles and runarounds.
  • Repeat viewing; if you buy a print ad, you pay for a single ad on one page. Put your message in the online rotation of East Greenwich News and your sponsorship will appear on multiple pages, many times a day.
  • Inexpensive rates; reach a growing audience at a fraction of the cost of print media.
  • The more successful we are, the more affordable your sponsor ad gets! Unlike many sites, we don’t charge per reader impression, so your banner will rotate in its slot all month long. Individual banners are displayed an average of up to 30,000 times per month — many more on a busy news day and this exposure will only expand as we grow.

East Greenwich News delivers. Right now, we have more than 30,000 unique visits a months And our traffic is growing rapidly. Importantly, our readers are hyper-local to the community of East Greenwich.

East Greenwich News has an active and growing social media presence as well as newsletter subscribers.

East Greenwich News attracts influential, affluent, educated readers who are engaged in their community. Our readers include opinion leaders who can help magnify your message. East Greenwich News lets you efficiently reach this discerning audience.

We believe in supporting local businesses – that’s why we keep our sponsorship rates affordable. Getting the word out about your business or organization is difficult in a media-saturated world. Partner with us to reach our audience of involved, engaged East Greenwich readers.

Your business or organization can reach these readers with a sponsor ad on our home page, in our stories and in our newsletter.  We can accommodate varied formats, sizes and video. Ask about our interactive advertising technology that lets you create and update ads from your social media site.  Your post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can become an ad that reaches people who are not yet your fans.

Plus, we can monitor and communicate to you the performance of every ad. 

To learn more about the benefits of placing a sponsor ad on East Greenwich News, fill out the form below or contact Andrew Disa at 401.208.6708 or [email protected].

“We are so glad to have East Greenwich News to help us stay on top of local news.  I like the balance between the business side of EG and the family events / “good news” stories.  East Greenwich is a fabulous place to live, and EG News plays a critical role in keeping residents informed.”

– E. K.

“East Greenwich News does an amazing job of reporting on local issues.  The “Good News” stories are interesting (and not readily available elsewhere), and I greatly appreciate the detailed, non-partisan, objective reporting on town management and politics.”

– D. B.


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