Police Log: Array of Arrests & Hot Dogs

by | Sep 17, 2023

Wednesday, September 6

9:23 a.m. – A caller told police that a Bernese Mountain dog was in the front seat of an unoccupied truck with its windows halfway down in front of Ed’s Roost on Main Street. An EGPD officer determined the seat the dog was lying on was approximately 112 degrees using an infrared thermometer. A man came out of Ed’s Roost and told the officer he would be leaving “When I’m done with my coffee,” according to a police report. The officer informed the man that “leaving a dog in a vehicle in hot weather” is a misdemeanor in Rhode Island. The man then got in his truck and drove away.

9:32 a.m. – A good Samaritan turned in a wallet they found near the Neon Marketplace on Division Street containing a California license, U.S. Navy identification card, various credit cards, and $100 in cash. EGPD officers contacted Naval Station Newport about the found wallet.

4:25 p.m. – Police arrested a North Kingstown woman, 35, on her fourth violation of driving without a license. An EGPD officer initially pulled her over on Division Street near Kenyon Avenue because her license plate was suspended. When the cop put his emergency lights on, she drove her car into the Atria Harborhill parking lot. When the officer got out of the cruiser, the woman opened her door and said she was “trying to find the library.” The officer told her to close the door and remain seated. The woman also told police, “Yeah, I know, I don’t have a license,” before they arrested her.

5:25 p.m. – Cumberland Farms employees on South Country Trail told police a man had been hanging around for five hours. They told cops they did not feel safe. An EGPD officer notified Warwick PD of the man because he matched a description that the Warwick PD had told others to be on the lookout for. Once a member of the Warwick PD confirmed it was the man they were looking for, members of the EGFD arrived to perform a medical evaluation of the man. In the end, he was released to his family. 

Thursday, September 7

1:26 p.m. – A Coventry man, 40, turned himself in on a shoplifting warrant stemming from an incident at Dave’s Marketplace Aug. 26.

2:51 p.m. – Police initially charged a Riverside man, 47, with animal confinement in a motor vehicle. A passerby told EGPD that three dogs were inside crates in a car at a self-storage facility on Frenchtown Road. The temperature inside the car was 145 degrees, according to an officer who took a temperature reading of the vehicle’s interior. The dogs had access to water from a bottle similar to that of a hamster cage. The car owner told police he was living in the vehicle, and had no friends or family to rehome the dogs. The man agreed to forfeit the dogs, and an EGPD officer took them to the North Kingstown Animal Shelter. Because the man agreed to forfeit the dogs, the EGPD dropped the charges against the man.

3:17 p.m. – EGPD officers arrested a West Warwick man, 24, following a road-rage incident on Middle Road and South County Trail, charging him with two felonies and a misdemeanor. A caller told police he was being tailgated by a man who waved what appeared to be a handgun out his window as he illegally passed him. At one point, the man driving erratically stopped his car, got out of his vehicle, and struck the caller’s driver-side mirror, although he did no damage. The caller told police the man said, “I hope your son dies,” after learning the caller had notified police. When police stopped the man’s car near the entrance to New England Tech, they drew their weapons on the car and demanded the man exit the vehicle. Police found a pocket knife and a BB gun with the orange tip painted black. EGPD charged the man with disorderly conduct, felony assault, and felony use of a device similar in appearance to a firearm.

7:04 p.m. – A Silverwood Drive resident told police that an iPad she did not order arrived at her house from AT&T, a service provider she does not use. She attempted to contact AT&T via phone and even went to a few stores, but AT&T representatives would not take the iPad because the woman alleged it had been purchased fraudulently. AT&T representatives instructed her to obtain a police report from her local police department. She said she does not wish to press charges.

11:17 p.m. – Police ticketed a car and had it towed because it was blocking the Greenwich Hotel’s driveway. The officer on scene said he went to four places of business and called two phone numbers associated with the car’s registration. He received no response and thus had the car towed.

Friday, September 8

7:10 a.m. – Police checked on a man sleeping in a car in the parking lot of Washington Trust on Main Street. The man was waiting for his friend. 

11:43 a.m. – A representative of Edens Property Management, who controls East Greenwich Square, filed a no-trespass order against a man living in a van in the shopping plaza’s parking lot. The man said he understood the order, but moving the car wouldn’t be easy because of mechanical issues.

2:54 p.m. – A woman told police a co-worker fired that day from the McDonald’s they both work at on New London Turnpike threatened her. The man said he would send someone to “beat her up,” according to a police report. The woman told police she wanted the threats documented. Police instructed the woman to call them back if the man came into the McDonald’s.

5:57 p.m. – A concerned citizen called the police about a man yelling on South Country Trail. It turned out he was yelling at someone on his phone. 

7:40 p.m. – EGPD officers arrested an EG man, 55, for violating a no-contact order because he texted his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend showed police text messages between the two and filled out a report saying some of the texts were threatening. The officer wrote in the report, “It should be noted that I did not observe any text messages that appeared to be threatening in nature, and it also appeared that [the woman] had initiated the conversation.” This was the second time the man violated the no-contact order.

9:44 p.m. – Police arrested an EG woman, 57, for DUI, resisting arrest, and obstruction after a concerned citizen called EGPD about an erratic driver on Middle Road near Route 2. An EGPD officer found the woman’s car parked and running on the grass in front of a house on Cooper Lane with music at full volume. The woman told police she had only drank “just a little” before driving. In their report, police said the woman could not balance on her feet and slurred her words. Police also stated they saw two opened nips in the car, one in her purse and the other in the center cup holder. When the woman realized the police officer was going to arrest her, she “mumbled something about her needing to get away” from the office, according to a police report. That’s when she resisted arrest. At the station, the woman refused to take a breathalyzer test. According to officers, she also mimed biting one of their arms and pushed her face close to an officer, telling them she was trying to smell them.

Saturday, September 9

12:10 a.m. – A concerned citizen called the police regarding a man lying on the grass with his dog, wondering if the man was drunk. Police checked; the two were okay. 

2:13 a.m. – Police arrested a Pawtucket man, 40, for driving under the influence and refusing to submit to a chemical test. EGPD officers noticed the man swerving his car on First Avenue before pulling him over. The driver cursed at the officer when instructed to leave his vehicle to perform roadside sobriety tests. After failing the roadside tests, police took the man into custody. During a search of his vehicle, police discovered six glass pipes, burnt tin foil, a silver table spoon, five shell casings, two scales, and a pill container with one pink Bupropion Hydropchlorine pill inside. He refused to take a breathalyzer at the station and signed “F*** you” for his fingerprints. In addition to the charges, police ticketed the man with a moving violation and driving a car with a suspended registration.

9:58 a.m. – A Post Road resident requested a no-trespass order against a man she believes is financially taking advantage of her brother. She told police that her brother “has a limited mental capacity and several handicaps,” according to a police report. The man in question told police he “has not done anything and is just friends” with the man who he knows “from the neighborhood.” In the end, the man agreed to the terms of the no-trespass order barring him from the woman’s Post Road residence, where her brother also lives.

5:52 p.m. – Police arrested two men, one from Johnston and the other from Pawtucket, both 25, for recklessly driving their motorcycles on Main Street and First Avenue. The two were in a group of six motorcycle riders, and police officers observed those two speeding and “doing wheelies for approximately 100 feet,” according to a police report. Police chased down three other riders who fled the scene but could not locate them. 

7:32 p.m. – A caller told police that a man was lying in the roadway near the Shell station on First Avenue. Police note that the man was on the sidewalk and was waiting for the bus. They asked the man to sit on the bench instead of the ground. 

9:56 p.m. – Dispatch notes in the police logs concerned an abandoned postal truck at Post and Frenchtown roads. The vehicle was in the portion of the roadway that belongs to North Kingstown, according to police logs. Dispatch notified the U.S. Postal Service law enforcement dispatch center. 

Sunday, September 10

1:06 a.m. – A woman flagged a police officer down and told him about a possible drunk man lying on the sidewalk on Armory Street. Police checked it out and found the man was waiting for an Uber.  

2:27 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a Londonderry, N.H., man, 21, on a DUI charge and refusing to submit to a chemical test. The man’s father contacted EGPD when his son wasn’t answering his phone but could see that his son’s phone was in the Flood Ford parking lot. Police saw the son lying on the ground next to his car, which appeared to have “fresh” damage, according to a police report. The man woke up and told police he did not know where he was and he’d been drinking that night. After working in Warwick earlier that evening, he met up with a friend and eventually pulled into the Flood Ford parking lot because he felt too drunk to drive. He told police once in the parking lot, he drank another beer. After failing roadside sobriety tests, police arrested the man. He refused to take a breathalyzer test.

6:20 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 28, on three counts of domestic violence from an incident that occurred on Crop Street earlier that day. At just after 8 a.m., police found a woman in a Crop Street residence crying with scratches on her chest, neck, and chin and red bruising on her stomach. “I just want him to stop,” she told police, accusing the man of kicking her and dragging her on the floor, according to police reports. Police also noticed broken items in the apartment. EGPD officers determined the man’s identity using his wallet, which he left in the apartment. The man told police the scratches on him were work-related. 

11:54 p.m. – A caller told police of an ongoing issue with large equipment parked in the roadway on Cindy Ann Drive. Police noted in the police logs that “the road is passable” but did say they were calling the vehicle’s owner and would ticket them if they didn’t move the equipment.

Monday, September 11

6:51 a.m. – A caller asked police to check on a man sleeping under the overhang of Centerville Bank on Main Street. Police reported in their logs that the man was okay and left the scene. 

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