Police Log: Obstruction, Hit-and-Run & Assault

by | Jun 11, 2023

Monday, May 29

6:15 p.m. – Police arrested a Cranston woman, 35, for obstruction after she gave police the wrong spelling of her name, so they did not know she had a suspended license. While investigating a fight at Blu on the Water, police asked for everyone’s identification. The woman who police would later arrest told them she didn’t have her ID and gave police the wrong spelling of her name. She later left the scene driving a car with tinted windows and a license plate cover that blocked the plate. When police ran a routine check on the car, they found out the correct spelling of the woman’s name and that her license was suspended. 

6:25 p.m. – A caller told police they saw a motorcyclist slumped over his bike’s handlebars on South County Trail and Middle Road. The police found out the man’s bike had broken down and he was pushing it. 

7:11 p.m. – Police arrested a West Warwick man, 49, for domestic disorderly conduct after he allegedly verbally harassed his ex-girlfriend on the trails of Carrs Pond. The police were able to confirm the harassment after the man showed them a video he shot of himself screaming obscenities at the women. The investigation began when the woman called the police about a rock having smashed one of her car windows parked on Carrs Pond Road while in the woods. Police could not determine if the man they arrested hurled the rock through the woman’s car window.

Tuesday, May 30

2 p.m. – A concerned citizen alerted police to a large set of keys they found on Main Street. After checking with EGFD, who assured police the keys were not theirs, the EGPD took custody of the keys. 

5:54 p.m. – Police stopped a man on a hoverboard at the corner of Maplewood and Silverwood drives because of multiple reports that he was selling pest control services. One resident told police the man became combative, which he admitted later, telling police, “Okay I admit, I lost it on one lady,” according to the report. EGPD officers told him and his boss that they would ticket anyone from the company soliciting in EG without a permit.

9:08 p.m. – Police cited a Johnston man for driving an unregistered vehicle in town. They first noticed the car when it rolled through a stop sign at Kenyon Avenue and stopped in the middle of an intersection before heading east on Division Street. The driver, who was noticeably nervous, according to police, said that he was borrowing the car from a towing company. However, when police contacted multiple towing companies about the loaned car, no one seemed to have a record of it. The man’s response was, “I’m going to have a long talk with them,” according to a police report. In addition to the citation, the police had the car towed. 

Wednesday, May 31

7:19 p.m. – A caller complained that a commercial truck was parked at West and James streets for several days. Police contacted the owner who said he would move the vehicle.

8:04 p.m. – Police found a man at an EG residence with the alarm going off. It turned out he was house sitting and did not have the correct passcode for the alarm. 

Thursday, June 1

9:13 a.m. – While on patrol, an EGPD officer noticed a white landscaping truck on the road near Howland and Winthrop roads. Police had the trailer towed to the owner’s home in Coventry.

5:39 p.m. – A caller notified police that there were large rocks in the road on Boulder Way. The man said he was concerned that someone would drive into them once it became dark. Cones were placed around the rocks for the night, and the homeowner responsible for the rubble said they would move the rocks the next day. 

Friday, June 2

9:47 a.m. – Police ticketed a Coventry man for driving with a suspended license and an expired registration on First Avenue near Cliff Street. The police also had his car – which they noted “had an obvious suspension problem as it was leaning severely to the right” – towed from the scene.

7:43 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 52, on a warrant out of the Cranston PD. An EGPD officer was investigating a parking issue when he realized the car he was looking into belonged to someone with a warrant. The cops tracked the man to his home on Main Street. Police waited until he came out of the building, handcuffed him, and brought him into EGPD headquarters before he was picked up by a Cranston PD officer. 

9:36 p.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 27, for a hit-and-run at the intersection of South County Trail and Middle Road. According to the victim and multiple witnesses, the EG man cut off another car, struck it, and continued on his way. At first, the suspect “admitted to causing an accident on South Country Trail,” according to a police report. However, he later told police, “it was not his fault.” Police decided the “obvious” damage to the vehicles and witness statements were enough evidence to charge the man, who, once arrested, said, “If I had just stopped none of this would be happening.”

Saturday, June 3

12:15 a.m. – Police ticketed a Cranston woman for blowing through a stop sign on Division Street and Kenyon Avenue and driving with a suspended license. Because there was no one to take the car away – the two passengers had been drinking – police called for a tow. But it took two hours to get a tow truck. The tow truck drove the car to the woman’s residence as she requested just before 2:30 a.m., but the woman was not around to take possession of the car, so it was then taken to an impound lot. 

9 a.m. – During the investigation of a downed stop sign on Division Street and First Avenue, police found tire marks and a license plate near the broken base of the sign. When police reached out to the Newport woman whose car is registered to the plate, she told police that her friend had used her car the day before. She told police she would try to come into the station to speak with them about the incident. 

4:04 p.m. – Someone reported seeing a person sitting on a ride-on lawnmower while a pickup truck towed it in the area of Cavalier Drive. Police traced the truck to a home on Adirondack Drive and spoke to young residents there. The youths told police they found an abandoned lawn mower and towed it back to the house. They said they would stay off the road for the night. 

5:52 p.m. – An anonymous caller told police that some cars were on the grass of Academy Field. Police spoke with the owners of the cars and instructed them to move. 

6:16 p.m. – Police ticketed a Coventry man for driving with a suspended registration. They first noticed the car because its headlights were not working as it drove north on Post Road near Franklin Road. The driver said he did not know his headlights weren’t working or that his registration had been suspended. The police had the car towed to the man’s residence. 

Sunday, June 4

3:58 p.m. – An caller told police she heard a group of kids riding bikes say they planned on stealing a bicycle from a yard on Second Street. When the group noticed the woman on the phone, they stopped approaching the house. Police spoke to these kids, who said they had no intention of stealing a bike. 

4:08 p.m. – A caller told police that some kids hopped a fence around Our Lady of Mercy on the Third Avenue side. Police spoke with the kids, who said they jumped over to get the ball they were playing catch with after it went over the fence. 

4:55 p.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 45, for striking two kids with a wooden baseball bat. The man claimed that one of the bikes the boys were riding in the Navigant Credit Union parking lot on Cliff and Friendship streets belonged to his son. While separated, both boys told similar versions of the same story. According to them, the man drove his car into the parking lot, removed a baseball bat from the trunk, and approached them. Then he yelled and jabbed them in the stomach with the bat. Video evidence provided by Thorpe’s Wine and Spirits confirms the boys’ accounts. Police charged the man with two counts of assault and battery and one count of disorderly conduct. 

8:56 p.m. – An anonymous caller told police that someone on Valley Road was doing construction after hours. The person in question was sanding and cutting wood. Police reminded her of the noise ordinance laws.

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D. W.
D. W.
June 12, 2023 7:12 am

Would be nice if those noise ordinance laws applied to gas-powered mowers and trimmers at 8 AM on a Sunday. Or anytime really.

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson
June 12, 2023 12:37 pm

“large rocks in the road on Boulder Way.”

What did they expect? Pebbles?


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