Police Log: Mystery Animal & Flurry of Fireworks

by | Jul 16, 2023

Monday, July 3

8:42 a.m. – Police arrested a Chepachet woman, 36, on DUI charges and refusal to submit to a chemical test after the vehicle she was driving was involved in an accident on Frenchtown Road. An officer on routine patrol noticed two cars on the eastbound shoulder of Frenchtown Road; he learned the Chepachet woman allegedly drove her Ford pickup truck into a Ford F-150, driving it off the road. The woman told police she had not had anything to drink that day but “drank all night into the early morning,” according to a police report. The woman refused to take a breathalyzer test. During a field sobriety test, the police report said she shouted, “I couldn’t do this if I were sober!” After failing the sobriety tests, police said she shouted obscenities at the arresting officer. In addition to being arrested, police ticketed the woman with roadway violations. Police later stated in the report, “Her demeanor was poor.”

5:01 p.m. – Police cited a West Warwick man for driving with a suspended registration. They initially pulled the white Hyundai over because they noticed the driver was wearing “white headphones” at the intersection of Main Street and First Avenue, according to police. Police warned him not to wear headphones while driving. 

9:09 p.m. – Police told a North Kingstown man that he could not live in a tent in the wood-lined area next to Life Storage Center on South County Trail. According to workers at the facility, the man, who rents a storage unit at the facility, intended to live on the property. Police offered the man a ride to the Greenwich Hotel. He agreed and said he would stay there.

Tuesday, July 4

7:26 a.m. – Police advised a man yelling – and possibly praying loudly – on South Road to quiet down, according to police logs.

6:28 p.m. – Hopkinton police handed over a Warwick woman, 40, to EGPD on an EG warrant for disorderly conduct. The warrant stems from an incident on Dec. 11, 2022, at the Atmed Treatment Center on Post Road. On that day, the woman allegedly had an outburst in the facility and threatened to “shoot all you mother f******” before leaving the building. Witnesses weren’t sure who the woman was threatening, but at least one doctor stated they were “concerned” that the woman would return.

4:19 p.m. – Two callers informed police about an overturned sewer cap on Division Street and Love Lane. 

7:13 p.m. – A caller told police they found a backpack near the waterfall by Cragan Field. An officer picked the backup up and dropped it off at the owner’s residence. 

8:52 p.m. – A Warwick man walked into the EGPD headquarters to show officers pictures of “some sort of animal that is in his yard,” according to police logs. The man was allegedly “looking to find out what it is.” EGPD officers could not figure it out and referred the man to Warwick Animal Control because the “subject lives in Warwick,” according to police logs.

9:10 p.m. – A caller told police that someone was shooting fireworks near Midlands Drive. Police were unable to confirm the complaint.

9:11 p.m. – A caller complained of someone shooting fireworks near the boatyard on Crompton Avenue. According to police logs, the incendiaries in question were “legal ground fireworks” at the boat ramp.

9:28 p.m. – Police instructed someone on South County Trail to stop shooting off fireworks after receiving a caller complaint. 

9:44 p.m. – EGPD officers told a Division Road resident to stop setting off fireworks after someone called worried that they were exploding close to their house.

Wednesday, July 5

12:13 a.m. – Two women from out of town got into a physical altercation inside LowKey on Main Street. An officer reported seeing “a fresh bruise” on the left eye of one of women. The fight followed a verbal altercation that happened between the two women. Both women refused medical attention and told police they would not press charges. Police told the manager of LowKey that they must inform police about incidents such as these according to their liquor license. 

12:08 p.m. – Police contacted the owner of Slice & Company to inform him that the pizzeria was not allowed to stay open past 10 p.m., per their town permit. The owner said he wasn’t aware of that but understood. Police added that he could appeal the permit to Town Hall later.

6:05 p.m. – Police cited a Providence man for driving with a suspended license, expired registration, and an out-of-date insurance card on Main Street. The driver told police he was unaware of his license being suspended, despite EGPD officers later finding out he’s facing criminal charges for driving without a license on three separate occasions. The man’s insurance card was out of date by eight days. In addition to the citations, police had the man’s car towed. 

7:59 p.m. – A caller complained of a dog barking on Middle Road. Police later reported that the dog had been brought in for the night. 

Thursday, July 6

5:05 a.m. – A water main break occurred on Blueberry Drive. 

1:36 p.m. – Police spoke with staff members at Mercy Animal Hospital, who confirmed that Boots, a 1.5-year-old cat that bit its Middle Road resident owner last month, is up to date on its vaccines. Police told the cat’s owner to keep the feline inside for at least ten days following the bite.

6:49 p.m. – A Cora Street resident believed someone threw rocks at their window. Police on the scene believe that a BB gun did the damage. The incident is being investigated, according to police logs.

8:04 p.m. – A caller told police that a boat came off the trailer of a truck when it took a corner on London Street and was leaking gasoline. Police arrived to find the boat leaking water. EGPD officers called a tow truck service which got the boat to the owner’s residence. 

11:30 p.m. – Police performed a “bar check” at LowKey and kicked two people out who did not have proper identification. 

Friday, July 7

3:31 a.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 36, for two counts of domestic violence – one being vandalism, the other disorderly conduct. According to the man’s girlfriend, after becoming “heavily intoxicated,” he began throwing her belongings and punching a mirror inside her residence. Police noticed a cut on the man’s left knee and fresh blood on both hands; there was glass all over the floor, according to a report. The man said, “She tried to kill me!” when the police asked him what happened. Then they asked if he drank alcohol that night, to which he replied, “It doesn’t matter!” One officer inquired if he had taken any drugs that evening, and the man said, “Yeah, cocaine.” 

6:13 a.m. – EGFD busted through a residence’s front door at Terrace on Main condos because of a life alert notification they received. Police arrived on the scene to assist. The person EGFD members feared was in danger was asleep in bed. She was unaware that her life alert was activated. According to police reports, the damage to the door was estimated at $500.

5 p.m. – An East Greenwich resident found a small brown dachshund under a car in the area of Spring and West Streets. Police found out the dog had a microchip after bringing it to the North Kingstown Animal Shelter. Staff members told the police they would contact the owner.

8:46 p.m. – An EG woman told police someone rear ended her car at the traffic light in front of Neon Marketplace on Division Street and then drove away. The car’s “bumper had scrapes, cracking and appeared to be slightly pushed in,” according to a police report. The woman also told police she was having neck pain because of the incident. A witness later confirmed the woman’s story and provided EGPD officers with a photo of the suspect’s vehicle before he drove away. Police could not reach the vehicle’s registered owner in the photo and then issued a Be On The Lookout (BOLO) for the car involved. The next day, an attorney claiming to represent the suspect called EGPD headquarters “requesting general information.” Police have not heard back from the attorney. 

Saturday, July 8

12:26 a.m. – An EG woman told police she saw a hand on her kitchen window. She described who she saw as “a white male with a white shirt on with some hair.” Police didn’t find anyone in the area matching the description she gave and did not notice the window damaged or altered in any way, according to reports. 

1:27 a.m. – Police arrested a Portsmouth man, 55, on a bench warrant with the 2nd District Court of Newport after a woman told police about a presumably drunk man sleeping on the hood of a car parked on Main Street. The man at first did not want to tell the police his name. After they learned his name and found the warrant, they arrested the man and brought him back to EGPD headquarters. The man had no cash on him but his wallet held credit cards, and he had a silver Rolex watch “believed to be worth $6,000,” according to a police report.

7 a.m. – People from the town DPW reported seeing what appeared to be a black backpack on the sidewalk in front of La Masseria. An EGPD officer checked the bag’s contents, which included “papers and books for various college courses,” according to a police report. One of the items had a man’s name on it who the officer knew “works on Main Street.” He took the bag to the station and said he would attempt to contact the backpack’s owner.

11:20 a.m. – An EG resident told police someone hacked his T-Mobile account and used his information to purchase several devices that were delivered to his home in May. Members of the T-Mobile fraud department told the man to return the items and file a police report before they looked into the incident. 

4:30 p.m. – The alarm at Independence Bank on South County Trail went off. When officers checked on the alarm, they noticed some of the glass in the front of the building had been smashed, according to police logs. Police are investigating the incident. 

5:07 p.m. – A caller told police about an intoxicated EG woman who fell near Pizza Heaven and was “dropping alcoholic ‘nips’ everywhere,” according to a police report. Police noticed the woman slurring her words and stumbling. They asked her if anyone could pick her up; one officer even contacted her boyfriend at his residence. However, the boyfriend didn’t answer. EGFD took the woman to Kent County Hospital. 

7:34 p.m. – A caller complained about noise coming from The Patio on Main. Police reminded staff at the restaurant of the town ordinance on noise. 

7:52 p.m. – An EG couple got into a verbal argument in front of Thorpe’s Wine and Spirits over what alcohol to buy. When an EGPD officer approached them, they walked into traffic and across the street. After police caught up to them, they explained to the officer why they were arguing and agreed to go their separate ways to cool off. 

10:35 p.m. – Police arrested a North Providence woman, 52, on 2nd Avenue for DUI and refusing to take a chemical test after pulling her over because she appeared to be using her cell phone, speeding, and driving too close to the car in front of her. Police report “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath.” The woman thought she was in West Warwick. Police said they also found an open “nip” in the center glove compartment. The woman’s inability to successfully complete roadside sobriety tests led police to arrest her.

Sunday, July 9

12:49 a.m. – Police arrested a West Warwick man, 28, after he walked into EGPD headquarters claiming his girlfriend was trying to have him beaten up. While speaking with the man – who said he ran out of his girlfriend’s EG residence to the police station with her cell phone by accident– they learned his name. The man had an active warrant for “failing to appear for restitution review stemming from an arrest out of this department,” according to a police report, so they took him into custody.

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