The death at the hands of police of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week and subsequent protests across the country prompted one couple in East Greenwich to stage a mini-protest Tuesday on the corner of Cliff Street and First Avenue, with a sign that read, “Black Lives Matter – Justice for All Americans.” 

The couple, an EG native named Harry and his girlfriend Isabelle, live in New York City but have been staying in East Greenwich for more than two months. While they said they’d gotten a lot of positive feedback during their three hours with the sign – people honking as they drove by or giving a thumbs up as they walked by – not everyone was pleased by the message.

In particular, two different men expressed their disapproval and the young child of one of the men tried to pull the sign out and dump it on the ground. The couple said the hostility caught them by surprise but maybe it made sense.

“This is where the conversation needs to happen,” said Harry, who asked that his last name not be used because of those hostile responses. Life in East Greenwich is very pleasant, they both said, and it’s easy to become complacent. 

“You could just not deal with [racism and violence against people of color], but we would be doing ourselves and our fellow Americans a disservice.”

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