By Suraj Sait

Two days. That’s all that stands between us seniors and graduation. With school ending nearly a week ago, many seniors have found themselves distracted by other tasks. But a select few, nearly 60 in number, still mustered the courage to ward off senioritis one last time, filling out a Google Form with one question: What are you most proud of?

Check out the responses below!

  1. Elizabeth Loiselle: “Winning the field hockey championship with all of my friends.”
  2. Sepehr Raissi: “Going D1 in the sport I play while focusing on my academics.”
  3. Ryan Fish: “I found my best friends.”
  4. Joe Kulik: “Becoming more confident in myself.”
  5. Josh Petteruti: “Captain of the football team.”
  6. Codey Thereault: “My ability to stay with the right crowd through all four years of high school.”
  7. Ana Karabots: “Passing AP physics.”
  8. Jack Euston: “Earning a Private Pilot License.”
  9. Anthony Purcell: “I’m proud that I’ve said yes to the opportunities I’ve had available to me– for example, I’m proud I did International Idol and Airband.” 
  10. Charlotte Butterfield: “Being on Junior Prom Committee.”
  11. Maleela Hong: “I am proud of having found my true passions in life and the person I have become.”
  12. Owen Hirshorn: “Helping to lead FBLA [Future Business Leaders of America] over the past two years and being able to help out all of the people (60+) in our chapter.”
  13. Brant Wei: “Winning 1st place in political science at the 2018 FBLA National Competition.”
  14. Tyler Caroppoli: “I’m proud of my teachers for helping me get to where I am today.”
  15. Carly Stange: “Making friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life :).”
  16. Sabrina Neimark: “I am most proud of being one of the captains on the field hockey state championship team this year. I am also proud of having been on class council all four years, and as a result I was able to help plan many events for our class.”
  17. Elizabeth Amelotte: “My time on the Avenger Sailing team. I was a two-time captain, helped restore our entire fleet of boats, and qualified for the Herreshoff Women’s New England Championship in 2019.”
  18. Tarek Bash: “The friends that I’ve made.”
  19. Adam Richard: “Being me.”
  20. Tyghe Healy: “Being able to connect, and form relationships with almost everyone. Being a part of the greatest football team to ever go through EGHS, and being able to showcase my baseball talent and get a Division 1 scholarship.”
  21. Stasha Roskowski: “I am most proud of my involvement in musical performances and productions throughout my four years of high school. I was able to participate in multiple talent shows, musicals, and cabarets and I was even able to host cabaret my senior year.”
  22. Andrealis Pena: “Everything I did in EG High School.”
  23. Olivia Beaudoin: “I’m most proud of our class for handling this difficult situation with grace.”
  24. Eliana Pisaturo: “Making it through all four years.”
  25. Kate Butziger: “Athletics.”
  26. Rachel Rowey:  “Becoming an independent learner.”
  27. Bryn Shunney: “I am most proud of what I accomplished during my senior project at the RI Food Bank. I am glad that I was able to educate myself and others on issues of food scarcity around the state.”
  28. Nicholas Pomeroy: “Making the Senior All-State Jazz Band.”
  29. Lauren McCrystal: “Getting the Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish.”
  30. Mary Ingersoll: “I’m just proud that I survived.”
  31. Charlotte Pearson: “Getting into college.”
  32. Ana Caliri: “Winning Cross Country States with my team in 2019.”
  33. Lily Mollicone: “I’m most proud of myself for sticking with theater all four years of high school, and earning a lead role in EG’s production of Cinderella my senior year.”
  34. Catherine Zarrella: “The effort I put into my extracurricular activities to make them as inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. These activities consist of drama, unified volleyball and softball.”
  35. Kevin Diorio: “The friendships I have made and always trying my best in every class so I receive straight A’s.”
  36. Hayato Suzuki: “I learned a lot of English skills in 4 years.”
  37. Noelle Salisbury: “Finding the courage to pursue my passion in the arts.”
  38. Morgan Prior: “Throughout middle school and Freshman year I could not get through a presentation without my voice breaking because I was just so nervous. I’ve done so much public speaking in high school (some great, some not so great) that it doesn’t faze me anymore. So in short, I am most proud of how far my public speaking ability and comfort-level have come.”
  39. Jack Holmgren: “Building the EG Model UN community.”
  40. Roman Gloria: “Winning the State Championship in basketball.”
  41. Pedro Alvarez/Mamba: “Definitely has to be standing out at EG and owning it then graduating 💪🏾.”
  42. Jacob Hack: “I am most proud of being able to graduate from this school and getting to know all the amazing people that go to the school.”
  43. Laura Bernard-Sasges: “Earning the Seal of Biliteracy in French and Spanish even though I wasn’t able to take Spanish this year.”
  44. Ada Oancea: “Getting into college and getting a scholarship.”
  45. Caroline Hollingsworth: “I’m most proud of the person I’ve become. When I was a freshman, I did not know much about myself and did not have much confidence. Throughout high school I was challenged in many ways: I lost friends, got new ones, traveled, met all different kinds of people from all over the country and world, and I was given many different responsibilities. I have been broken down and built back up and I am now proud of the person I am. I have become more kind and forgiving, but also more confident and strong.”
  46. Elizabeth Stitt: “I am most proud of my Entrepreneurship Capstone pitch.”
  47. Matthew Tactacan: “I’m most proud of making friends without sacrificing my character.”
  48. Kavana Girish: “I am proud of the amount of positive mental growth I have made over the last four years. Compared to my freshman-year self, I am excited to say that I am a much more confident, bold, and self-assured friend and peer.”
  49. Justin Chen: “I am most proud of my past, how far I have come, and the obstacles I have and will overcome.”
  50. Zach Kaplan: “Definitely doing drama my senior year. Drama was very far out of my comfort zone at first but I loved the entire experience.”
  51. Oscar Clement: “Fundraising the full cost of my service trip to China during my sophomore year.”
  52. Allison Smith: “Winning Airband this year.”
  53. Sophie Johnson: “Winning State Champs for D2 Girls Volleyball both junior and senior year.”
  54. Talin Calikyan: “Coming out of my shell and learning to be confident with what I say.”
  55. Maaike Calvin: “Making friends with so many wonderful people.”
  56. Alan Zhang: “D2 Tennis Champs My Junior Year.”
  57. Eva Bianco: “How I feel like I’ve come out of my shell.”
  58. Suraj Sait: “Learning that being both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated is okay.”

Congratulations to all graduates!