EGHS Senior Pride

by | Jun 4, 2020

By Suraj Sait

Two days. That’s all that stands between us seniors and graduation. With school ending nearly a week ago, many seniors have found themselves distracted by other tasks. But a select few, nearly 60 in number, still mustered the courage to ward off senioritis one last time, filling out a Google Form with one question: What are you most proud of?

Check out the responses below!

  1. Elizabeth Loiselle: “Winning the field hockey championship with all of my friends.”
  2. Sepehr Raissi: “Going D1 in the sport I play while focusing on my academics.”
  3. Ryan Fish: “I found my best friends.”
  4. Joe Kulik: “Becoming more confident in myself.”
  5. Josh Petteruti: “Captain of the football team.”
  6. Codey Thereault: “My ability to stay with the right crowd through all four years of high school.”
  7. Ana Karabots: “Passing AP physics.”
  8. Jack Euston: “Earning a Private Pilot License.”
  9. Anthony Purcell: “I’m proud that I’ve said yes to the opportunities I’ve had available to me– for example, I’m proud I did International Idol and Airband.” 
  10. Charlotte Butterfield: “Being on Junior Prom Committee.”
  11. Maleela Hong: “I am proud of having found my true passions in life and the person I have become.”
  12. Owen Hirshorn: “Helping to lead FBLA [Future Business Leaders of America] over the past two years and being able to help out all of the people (60+) in our chapter.”
  13. Brant Wei: “Winning 1st place in political science at the 2018 FBLA National Competition.”
  14. Tyler Caroppoli: “I’m proud of my teachers for helping me get to where I am today.”
  15. Carly Stange: “Making friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life :).”
  16. Sabrina Neimark: “I am most proud of being one of the captains on the field hockey state championship team this year. I am also proud of having been on class council all four years, and as a result I was able to help plan many events for our class.”
  17. Elizabeth Amelotte: “My time on the Avenger Sailing team. I was a two-time captain, helped restore our entire fleet of boats, and qualified for the Herreshoff Women’s New England Championship in 2019.”
  18. Tarek Bash: “The friends that I’ve made.”
  19. Adam Richard: “Being me.”
  20. Tyghe Healy: “Being able to connect, and form relationships with almost everyone. Being a part of the greatest football team to ever go through EGHS, and being able to showcase my baseball talent and get a Division 1 scholarship.”
  21. Stasha Roskowski: “I am most proud of my involvement in musical performances and productions throughout my four years of high school. I was able to participate in multiple talent shows, musicals, and cabarets and I was even able to host cabaret my senior year.”
  22. Andrealis Pena: “Everything I did in EG High School.”
  23. Olivia Beaudoin: “I’m most proud of our class for handling this difficult situation with grace.”
  24. Eliana Pisaturo: “Making it through all four years.”
  25. Kate Butziger: “Athletics.”
  26. Rachel Rowey:  “Becoming an independent learner.”
  27. Bryn Shunney: “I am most proud of what I accomplished during my senior project at the RI Food Bank. I am glad that I was able to educate myself and others on issues of food scarcity around the state.”
  28. Nicholas Pomeroy: “Making the Senior All-State Jazz Band.”
  29. Lauren McCrystal: “Getting the Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish.”
  30. Mary Ingersoll: “I’m just proud that I survived.”
  31. Charlotte Pearson: “Getting into college.”
  32. Ana Caliri: “Winning Cross Country States with my team in 2019.”
  33. Lily Mollicone: “I’m most proud of myself for sticking with theater all four years of high school, and earning a lead role in EG’s production of Cinderella my senior year.”
  34. Catherine Zarrella: “The effort I put into my extracurricular activities to make them as inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. These activities consist of drama, unified volleyball and softball.”
  35. Kevin Diorio: “The friendships I have made and always trying my best in every class so I receive straight A’s.”
  36. Hayato Suzuki: “I learned a lot of English skills in 4 years.”
  37. Noelle Salisbury: “Finding the courage to pursue my passion in the arts.”
  38. Morgan Prior: “Throughout middle school and Freshman year I could not get through a presentation without my voice breaking because I was just so nervous. I’ve done so much public speaking in high school (some great, some not so great) that it doesn’t faze me anymore. So in short, I am most proud of how far my public speaking ability and comfort-level have come.”
  39. Jack Holmgren: “Building the EG Model UN community.”
  40. Roman Gloria: “Winning the State Championship in basketball.”
  41. Pedro Alvarez/Mamba: “Definitely has to be standing out at EG and owning it then graduating 💪🏾.”
  42. Jacob Hack: “I am most proud of being able to graduate from this school and getting to know all the amazing people that go to the school.”
  43. Laura Bernard-Sasges: “Earning the Seal of Biliteracy in French and Spanish even though I wasn’t able to take Spanish this year.”
  44. Ada Oancea: “Getting into college and getting a scholarship.”
  45. Caroline Hollingsworth: “I’m most proud of the person I’ve become. When I was a freshman, I did not know much about myself and did not have much confidence. Throughout high school I was challenged in many ways: I lost friends, got new ones, traveled, met all different kinds of people from all over the country and world, and I was given many different responsibilities. I have been broken down and built back up and I am now proud of the person I am. I have become more kind and forgiving, but also more confident and strong.”
  46. Elizabeth Stitt: “I am most proud of my Entrepreneurship Capstone pitch.”
  47. Matthew Tactacan: “I’m most proud of making friends without sacrificing my character.”
  48. Kavana Girish: “I am proud of the amount of positive mental growth I have made over the last four years. Compared to my freshman-year self, I am excited to say that I am a much more confident, bold, and self-assured friend and peer.”
  49. Justin Chen: “I am most proud of my past, how far I have come, and the obstacles I have and will overcome.”
  50. Zach Kaplan: “Definitely doing drama my senior year. Drama was very far out of my comfort zone at first but I loved the entire experience.”
  51. Oscar Clement: “Fundraising the full cost of my service trip to China during my sophomore year.”
  52. Allison Smith: “Winning Airband this year.”
  53. Sophie Johnson: “Winning State Champs for D2 Girls Volleyball both junior and senior year.”
  54. Talin Calikyan: “Coming out of my shell and learning to be confident with what I say.”
  55. Maaike Calvin: “Making friends with so many wonderful people.”
  56. Alan Zhang: “D2 Tennis Champs My Junior Year.”
  57. Eva Bianco: “How I feel like I’ve come out of my shell.”
  58. Suraj Sait: “Learning that being both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated is okay.”

Congratulations to all graduates!


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June 4, 2020 10:29 pm

With the exception of two, all of the students are making their parents and EGHS teachers proud. Congratulations to them. It was wonderful to read about all of their positive comments.

June 6, 2020 9:50 am

Congrats to all the graduates! I was you a half-century ago, and realize I got a pretty good education at 300 Avenger Drive. All the best in your next chapters.

June 6, 2020 11:12 am

Congratulations 🎉 Graduates!


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