EG Police Reports: Psychedelic Mushrooms & Pills ‘Weren’t His’

by | Jul 21, 2014

eg police dept.

These reports come from the East Greenwich Police Department and are public information. An arrest does not mean the individual has been convicted of a crime. EG News does not identify those arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Thursday, July 10

1:08 a.m. – Police arrested a Cranston woman, 29, for driving while intoxicated after she was pulled over for speeding on Division Street westbound. While police were following the car, the officer saw it weave to the left and the right several times. When police approached the car, they found the woman smelled of alcohol. She told police she’d had “a couple beers” at a friend’s house. After she failed field sobriety tests, police took her into custody. At the station, the woman signed the consent form for the chemical breath test, but then got confused during the test and told police she refused. She was released to a friend at 4 a.m., with a 3rd District Court summons for the DUI, an R.I. Traffic Tribunal summons for refusing the breath test and a ticket for speeding and laned roadway violations.

4:04 p.m. – A Long Street resident told police someone had ripped an air conditioner out of his bedroom window from the outside; the air conditioner was on the ground. In addition, he said, his table saw had been tipped over. The air conditioner appeared damaged but the table saw looked ok. The man told police he thought a it might have been a couple of women who’d had a falling out with his girlfriend. Police talked to one of the women, who denied involvement. They were not able to make contact with the other woman at the time the report was written.

6:32 p.m. – Police arrested Juan Gonzalez, 24, of Warwick on two felony counts of possessing narcotics after he was pulled over for failed brake lights. When police talked to Gonzalez, they could smell marijuana and there were traces of marijuana in the car, so they told him they wanted to search the car. Gonzalez told police he had bags of marijuana in his backpack in the trunk. Police found four bags of what later tested positive for marijuana in a cigar box in the backpack but they also found a small baggie containing three pills. Gonzalez admitted they were Adderall for which he had no prescription. Police also found what later tested positive as psychedelic mushrooms wrapped in a foil packet. Gonzalez said the mushrooms were not his and the pills belong to his girlfriend. He was taken into custody and his car was towed from the scene. He was processed at the station and held overnight for arraignment.

7:20 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 25, for driving with a suspended license after he was stopped for speeding on Division Street eastbound. Routine checks turned up the license violation. He was issued a 3rd District Court summons and a speeding ticket and told to report to the police station for processing before his court date. His car was towed from the scene.

8:19 p.m. – Police arrested a Pawtucket woman, 21, for driving with a suspended license after she was stopped for speeding on Division Street westbound. Routine checks turned up the license violation, so police gave her a 3rd District Court summons and told her to report to EGPD for processing before her court date. A friend, who was with her, drove the car from the scene.

Friday, July 11

3:48 p.m. – An East Greenwich man told police his ex-wife had opened up a Verizon account in his name, which he’d learned about because he was going for a higher security clearance at his work. When he checked with Verizon, the company told him the account was opened in 2011 and closed last January. The address on the account was his former address, where his ex-wife still lives. He said he’d been divorced for 10 years and that his ex-wife had a history of opening up accounts in other people’s names.

6:05 p.m. – A Lenihan Lane resident told police his portable generator was missing from his garage. He said he and his wife had been away for a week and that the house and garage had been locked but that only the house had an alarm system. The man’s wife told police she had hired a house painter through craigslist who had been given the passcode to the garage while he was working at the house, from June 10 to July 2. She called him after they noticed the generator was missing and he said he had not taken it. The husband changed the passcode for the residence while police were still there.

Friday, July 12

1:18 a.m. – Police were called to deal with a Cranston man who was asleep in his car in a private driveway on King Street. The man told police he was too drunk to drive so he’d pulled into the driveway. When told he couldn’t park in the driveway, the man asked police to have the car towed and got a cab home.

2:08 a.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 52, for disorderly conduct after he allegedly threw items at his neighbor’s door, then charged her carrying an Igloo cooler and threatening to kill her. The man denied the charges but admitted he’d been drinking and changed his story a couple of times. He was taken into custody and, while in a cell awaiting morning arraignment, he was seen on surveillance video running into a wall. He said he was having anxiety and panic attacks so he was taken by EGFD rescue to Kent Hospital.

2:52 a.m. – An employee of Blu on the Water told police he’d gotten into an argument with a man on the deck of the restaurant. He said the man had left already on his boat but that he’d had trouble with the man in the past and asked that police issue him a no-trespass order. Police found the other man, who had docked his boat in front of Nautika Restaurant and told him about the no-trespass request. Both men signed the order.

8:05 a.m. – Police had a woman taken to detox after she was found on the ground at the bus stop in front of Trafagar East apartments on Post Road. She appeared to be very drunk. She had been taken to Kent Hospital by EGFD rescue on Thursday for drunkenness and now agreed to go again for detox to Kent.

Saturday, July 13

5:03 p.m. – An East Greenwich man told police he’d been pushed by the owner of another dog while both parties were walking their dogs at Frenchtown Park. The EG man’s dog was on a leash, the other man’s dog was not. When the unleashed dog tried to mount the EG man’s dog, the EG man pushed the other dog off. The owner of the unleashed dog began arguing with the EG man, unhappy the EG man had pushed his dog. He then pushed the EG man backward with his hands, at which point the EG man called police. Police found the owner of the unleashed dog, a man from West Greenwich who was very argumentative, according to the report. The WB man said he didn’t need to control his dog with a leash and that the EG man shouldn’t have pushed his dog. Both men and their dogs then left the park.

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