Councilors Approve Policy Policing Their Access to Department Heads

Town Council mtg. 2/12/18

The Town Council Monday approved a policy 3-0 regulating their interactions with town department heads. President Sue Cienki and Councilmen Nino Granatiero and Andy Deutsch supported the policy. Councilmen Sean Todd (vice president) and Mark Schwager were absent.

The policy reads as follows:

Update and discussion of Town Council Rules and Guidelines to add back and edit the requirement that, “Members of the Council may contact Department Heads directly, but the Town Manager shall be informed of the contact. Contact will be for informational purposes only.”



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  1. The council seems to have been misinformed. The TM works for the TC, not the other way around. Our next TC will need to reverse this action. This is nothing more than GC/SC trying to control people and information.

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