Police Log: Goats on the Lam; 4 DUIs

by | Feb 4, 2024

Monday, January 22

9:03 a.m. – EGPD transported three students to school following a “truancy check.” 

1:51 p.m. – Someone reported that a car hit a deer on South County Trail.

9:53 p.m. – A Sonnet Drive caller told police someone was in the woods behind their house. Police could not locate anyone in the woods.

Tuesday, January 23

12:59 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a Cranston man, 34, for DUI after they watched the car he was driving allegedly travel into the opposite lane and speed up to 70 mph on Division Street. During the traffic stop, an officer noticed the man’s “severely bloodshot watery eyes” and his slurred speech, according to police reports. The man said he was coming from a bar on Main Street. When asked if he drank that night, he replied, “Yes, I had five drinks tonight, a little too many.” He described those drinks as “vodka mixed drinks.” The man refused to take a preliminary breath test, partake in field sobriety tests, or take a breathalyzer at the station. In addition to the DUI charge, police ticketed the man with a laned roadway violation, speeding, refusing to submit to a chemical test, and refusing to submit to a preliminary breath test.

10:50 a.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 32, on a warrant regarding his third offense of driving with a suspended license. 

12:11 p.m. – EGPD officers advised a resident to “block the number” of someone who was texting them “messages to cash checks,” according to police logs.

4:09 p.m. – A concerned citizen reported a “brush fire” near a home on Downing Street. An officer reported that there was no brush fire, but there was a fire on an electrical pole. The EGFD reported the fire to R.I. Energy.

6:40 p.m. – An EG resident told police she was receiving threatening emails from her partner’s son and wanted to speak with officers about it. Police took a report. 

9:21 p.m. – EGPD officers took a report of a person having “an issue with her son.” 

9:26 p.m. – An EGPD officer had an unoccupied car towed from the area of Shippeetown Road and Hidden Lane, which was “clearly obstructing the northbound lane of travel.” The dispatcher spoke with the car’s owner, who explained that the vehicle had broken down and they had called AAA earlier in the day.

11:45 p.m. – Police arrested a Hope Valley man, 57, for DUI on Division Street after clocking his car at 53 mph near Sanctuary Drive. During the traffic stop, which took place at the Neon Gas Station entryway because the driver didn’t pull over right away, the officer reported the driver’s “severely bloodshot watery eyes” and  “puzzled look” at being pulled over for speeding, according to reports. The man told the officer he was coming from a friend’s house, where he “had two glasses of champagne four hours ago.” After failing multiple roadside sobriety tests, the man took a preliminary breath test, which resulted in a reading of .172. While being arrested, the man assured police, “That’s ok, I’ll talk to some people at the courthouse and get this taken care of.” At the station, he refused to take a breathalyzer test. In addition to the charge, police cited the man for speeding and refusing to submit to a chemical test. 

Wednesday, January 24

1:56 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a West Kingstown man, 52, for DUI after investigating a report of a car stopped on South Road with its lights on in the roadway. When police arrived, they noticed the car’s brake lights were illuminating and a man sitting in the driver’s seat with “his eyes shut and his head bobbing forward,” according to reports. An officer noticed “a white and brown glass pipe which had a consistent appearance with drug paraphernalia.” The man told police he had “no idea” where he was and that he took one shot of alcohol but did not take narcotics that night. Police note in their report that the man had “pinpoint pupils.” During a search of the vehicle, police found that the car had run out of gasoline. Also, they found a lighter, tweezers spread apart, a bundle of copper wire, an Allen wrench worn at the end, and “an empty container of what was labeled as a marijuana joint.” After failing multiple roadside sobriety tests, police took the man to Kent Hospital, where a nurse took a blood sample to determine if he had taken any narcotics. While getting his mugshot taken at the station, the man put both his middle fingers up toward the camera. In addition to the DUI charge, police ticketed the man for driving with a suspended license, operating a vehicle with a suspended registration, parking where prohibited, not wearing a seatbelt, and leaving the lane of travel.

11 a.m. – A “lockdown drill” was performed at Frenchtown Elementary, according to police logs.

3:42 p.m. – A caller told police a man was sleeping on a bench outside the library and the man smelled of alcohol. Police had the man transported to Rhode Island Hospital for detoxification.

7:03 p.m. – EGPD officer took a report of a customer at Dave’s Marketplace possibly attempting to pay with a counterfeit $100 bill. 

7:06 p.m. – Police helped first responders with a disorderly conduct call regarding a man “out of control” at an EG residence. According to logs, the man was taken to Miriam Hospital for a psychological evaluation. 

Thursday, January 25

1:10 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a Coventry woman, 24, for DUI after first stopping her for allegedly speeding on Division Street near Sanctuary Drive. An officer who performed the traffic stop said in a report that the driver had “severely bloodshot watery eyes,” and handed him someone else’s driver’s license when he asked for her identification. The driver said she was coming from a bar on Main Street where she had been “with family and friends,” according to police reports. She also said she had one espresso martini which prompted officers to ask her to perform roadside sobriety tests, which she ultimately failed. The result of her preliminary breath test was .222. During a search of her car, police found “three bowls commonly used for smoking narcotics located in the center console,” which police stated appeared to have “burnt residue inside of it.” She refused to take a breathalyzer at the station. During the booking process, police reported that the woman “began crying and hyperventilating uncontrollably.” EGFD checked on the woman, who said she had not taken her prescription medication for several days. She was taken to Kent Hospital by EGFD. In addition to the DUI charge, police ticketed the woman for speeding and refusing to take a chemical test.  

12:50 p.m. – An EGPD officer told two delivery trucks blocking traffic on Main Street to move.

3:47 p.m. – An EGPD officer responded to a call of a “disoriented” woman on South County Trail. The officer arrived after one of the women’s family members picked her up.

6 p.m. – An EG man told EGPD officers that someone sent him a fake check when attempting to purchase a horse trailer from him. The man said that they were contacted by a buyer online who agreed to mail them a check for $100,000 and then the buyer would “send someone to retrieve the trailer,” according to police reports. However, the check that arrived had the dollar amount as $105,000 written out in numbers and $150,000 written out in words. A bank representative told the man “they believe the check was fraudulent.” Police told the man to stop contacting the buyer, but the man told police he was “concerned that someone would come to his residence to attempt to pick up the trailer.” EGPD officers told him to call them if someone tried to pick up the trailer. The report was forwarded to detectives.

Friday, January 26

12:30 p.m. – EGPD officers served a restraining order to EG woman issued by the East Brookfield District Court (Mass.) barring her from contacting an individual whose identity was redacted in the police report. The woman signed and dated the order.

3:11 p.m. – The woman mentioned in the previous listing told police the person who she is not permitted to contact “logged onto her PC and changed her password.” 

Saturday, January 27

12:59 a.m. – EGPD officers report being out with a “tired driver” who was “waiting for an Uber” at the Shell station on Main Street.

1:15 p.m. – A caller told police that there is graffiti on a door at Frank & John From Italy on Main Street. The caller said they did not wish to file a report and had cleaned the door.

2:02 p.m. – A caller told police that a car has been parked in the same spot on Lafayette Drive since November. 

2:33 p.m. – Someone told police about an “irate” customer at the Starbucks on Main Street but the customer left before police arrived.

4:08 p.m. – Police received a report of “goats in the road way” on Crompton Road. No runaway goats were located.

6:54 p.m. – A Duke Street caller told police that they heard a man calling for help from the second floor. Police report in their logs that the man was transported to Kent Hospital.

7:21 p.m. – EGPD officers were called to assist EGFD on a report of “a person down” at the Oaks Tavern on Duke Street. 

7:51 p.m. – Police took a report of a possible hit and run accident that involved a valet in the area of Rasa on Main Street. They advise the valet was “in the roadway not the crosswalk.” 

Sunday, January 28

3:25 a.m. – EGPD officers transported an EG from his residence to a gas station on Route 2 after he told police that two women in his house threatened to stab him and would not let him leave.

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Bruce Mastracchio
Bruce Mastracchio
February 5, 2024 8:02 am

And in “old” EG a man was reportedly walking a pig down Main Street. Police responded but the pig was on a leash. The man said it was a pet and actually lived in his home. Police noted the action and sent the man on his way. There seemed to be no ordnance for walking a pig.


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