Police Log: Donkey Break, DUI Truth Teller

by | Feb 18, 2024

Monday, February 5

10:30 a.m. – A woman told police that a man was “yelling at her and waiving [his] hands in an aggressive manner” as she pulled her car into an accessible parking space at Dave’s Marketplace the previous day. She said the man verbally threatened her. After shopping,, she returned to find one of her car tires was damaged; she said she thought it was the man who threatened her and she would like to press charges if they find him. A manager at Dave’s told police he would send them surveillance footage if he noticed anything in that area.

4:13 p.m. – A concerned citizen told police that an unoccupied car was running for “over an hour” near Church Street. An officer checked it out and found the car’s owner in the library.

6:08 p.m. – A caller told police that there were kids in the CVS on Main Street “actively shoplifting.” Police are investigating, according to logs. 

10:43 p.m. – A caller said that her niece was concerned about her ex-boyfriend, telling her that he might have overdosed “due to his appearance.” An officer went to check on the EG man, who “appeared to be in good health.” (Downing Street) 

Tuesday, February 6

12:18 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a Warwick man, 31, for DUI after pulling his car over for doing 55 mph on Division Street near the 95N ramp. During the traffic stop, an officer noticed the man’s bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When the officer asked if he had any speeding tickets recently, he said, “Oh, absolutely, sir,” then told the officer he’d had three or four shots of hard alcohol at his friend’s house earlier that night. After the man’s field sobriety test results indicated to officers that he was intoxicated, he blew .155 percent in a preliminary breath test. The man refused to take a breathalyzer at the station. In addition to the DUI charge, police cited the man for speeding and refusing to take a chemical test.

4:14 a.m. – EGPD officers took custody of an EG resident, 38, after Warwick PD officers arrested the man on an EG warrant for felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

12:31 p.m. – A caller told police about a man soliciting remodeling services door-to-door on Forest Lane. The man had the necessary permit.

11:31 p.m. – Police arrested a Cos Cob, Conn., man, 40, for DUI after he drove his car into a telephone pole on Cindy Ann Drive. The man told police he had been drinking since around 4 p.m. and had been “driving too fast down the road,” according to reports. According to police, the man’s results from various roadside sobriety tests indicated that he was intoxicated. At the station, the man took a breathalyzer test, but the results came back as “interference detected” three times before police took the man to Kent Hospital to collect a blood sample. 

Wednesday, February 7

4:45 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested an EG man, 29, for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct after multiple neighbors told police they heard someone saying “get off me” coming from the man’s residence. When police arrived the man was leaving; he told police that he got into an argument with his girlfriend earlier that night. Police said the man appeared intoxicated and both the man and his girlfriend would later tell police they had been drinking “throughout the day.” According to the man’s girlfriend, she said, “Get off me,” because after they had fought and while she was trying to get to sleep, he “got on top of her, causing her to have a panic attack.” She said although he refused to get off her she believed “he wasn’t trying to assault her.”

10:51 a.m. – The EG Animal Control Officer responded to Downing Street after a property manager found a deceased yellow lab laying on its side in the yard of a vacant home. The ACO recognized the dog as one that had gone missing in December. After the ACO got in touch with the dog’s owner, the pup was cremated and its collar was returned to its owners.

5:01 p.m. – The owner of Victor’s Kitchen and Pizzeria told police that his ex-girlfriend was calling his business “for the sole purpose of harassing him and his wife,” according to police reports. The man also said that he believes his ex is making “false pizza orders,” which results in the business making food that goes unpaid for. An officer noted 21 missed calls between 4:47 and 5:07 p.m., all with no caller ID. The man filled out a no-trespass order against the woman. When an officer went to speak to the ex at her home about the order, the woman turned out the lights and closed the shades.

6:01 p.m. – A Teakwood Court resident told police a tree service left some equipment in her driveway without permission. The woman told officers that the tree service workers moved their equipment when she asked. The foreman on the project told an officer that his workers “were under the impression it was a ‘neighborhood project’ and that they could use neighboring driveways.” An officer noticed some scrape marks in the woman’s driveway and told her to call the station if she noticed any further damage.

6:22 p.m. – Police warned a man soliciting home improvement services in the Shippeetown Road area to get a permit.

Thursday, February 8

6:35 a.m. – A caller told police several vehicles had been broken into while parked outside of CrossFit Gamut on South County Trail.

10:16 a.m. – A Duke Street resident told police that someone from AT&T called him about an outstanding balance on an account that he did not open. The representative told the man that someone using his name and personal information opened up an account using an address in Virginia. The man told police he never opened an account in Virginia with AT&T and needed a police report to send to the carrier’s fraud department.

1:08 p.m. – A Carrs Pond Road resident told police that she hasn’t received a tracking number after paying $230 through Zelle for a PlayStation 5 listed on Facebook Marketplace. The transaction took place two days prior. The woman had already filed a complaint with Facebook and her bank, and was planning to document the incident using a police report.

10:08 p.m. – EGPD officers responded to The Odeum Theater after a physical altercation broke out between security members and a patron during a show. The security manager told police that the man they threw out was “yelling unknown words towards the band” and when the man refused to stop, security went to remove him. The man resisted, resulting in punches being thrown by everyone involved. At some point an individual was pushed into a parked car. Police note that the man’s long sleeve shirt was covered in blood and his chin was “actively bleeding,” but he refused medical treatment. At the time of the report, the Odeum Theater did not wish to file a formal complaint; the owner of the dented car told police she would be going through her insurance for repairs.

Friday, February 9

4:40 p.m. – Police checked on a “male going door-to-door” on Misty Oak Drive. The man had a permit.

Saturday, February 10

12:51 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a Mansfield, Mass., man, 33, for DUI after police clocked him driving 60 mph on First Avenue heading toward Division Street. When the man apologized to officers for speeding, they noticed “the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person and his vehicle,” according to reports. The man told police he was coming from a bar on Main Street but had not been drinking, then said he had had two beers. Field sobriety tests showed impairment. When they asked him to take a preliminary breath test, the man responded, “All my professors told me not to blow into the machine. What would you do?” The officer declined to give the man legal advice. The man blew into the breath test but was “unable to provide a proper breath sample.” During the arrest, the man asked, “Why are you doing this to me? I’m a good kid.” He refused to take a breathalyzer test at the station. In addition to the DUI, police ticketed the man for speeding and refusing to submit to a chemical test.

9:59 p.m. – EGPD officers arrested a West Warwick woman, 44, for DUI after watching her car drift over the fog line and double yellow lines on First Avenue. The woman told officers she was coming from a bar in Potowomut and had a 12-ounce ginger ale mixed drink containing “unknown liquor.” She told police, “I’m fine,” adding, “Are you going to tell me something that’s going to make me sad?” An officer took the woman into custody after her roadside sobriety tests indicated she was intoxicated. During the test an officer had to catch her to ensure “she did not fall onto the ground.” The woman refused to take a breathalyzer test at the station. In addition to the DUI charge, police cited the woman for multiple driving violations. 

Sunday, February 11

12:21 a.m. – EGPD officers arrested a West Warwick man, 31, for DUI after the man blew through the stop sign on Division Street at First Avenue. During the traffic stop, the man told officers he was picking his wife up from a Main Street bar, where she had been drinking, but he had not. Later, he told officers he had one beer that night, and “around noon he was doing yard work with his friend and he poured him a vodka with Gatorade in a red solo cup.” After failing field sobriety tests, the driver took a preliminary breath test, getting a reading of .202. The man took a breathalyzer at the station with readings of .15 and .137. In addition to the DUI charge, police ticketed the man for speeding and driving without headlights on.

12:22 a.m. – Police arrested a Hope woman, 24, for DUI after catching her speeding on Division Street. During the traffic stop, the officer noticed the woman’s “severely bloodshot watery eyes.” The woman apologized for speeding and told officers she was coming from a bar in Potowomut, where she had had one drink. Following field sobriety tests that officers say indicated the woman was intoxicated, a preliminary breath test showed a reading of .105. During a search of the woman’s car, police found “a white THC container worth 3.5 grams located in the center console.” Police took the woman to Kent Hospital, where she gave a blood sample. On top of the DUI charge, police ticketed the woman for speeding.

12:59 a.m. – EGPD officers went to an EG house to help secure an area where several people were being “argumentative toward the officers on scene.” The argument between the people in the house began over a missing PlayStation and continued outside the house. One man, who  appeared to be intoxicated, tried to apologize to the officers, but police say his tone and attitude did not match his intent. Once officers told two people on the scene that they would be arrested if they continued to be “more vocal,” everyone went inside. Police noted the PlayStation was found.

11:27 a.m. – An EG man told police that his brother-in-law left a threatening voicemail the day before. The man said he has no contact with his brother-in-law other than calling him on his birthday and some holidays. The man said he feared his brother-in-law would show up at his house. Police gave the man instructions on how to obtain a restraining order and left a voicemail for the brother-in-law, telling him that the EG man did not want him on his property.  

1:31 p.m. – A driver called the cops, telling them someone had been following them on Division Street and “flipping the middle finger” at them since exiting I-95. The other driver also called the police and told the cops that the first caller was “the aggressor.” Police told both drivers to go on their way.

2:49 p.m. – Two donkeys “turned up” in the front yard of a Division Road residence, according to police reports. The EG ACO responded, leashed them and moved them to a corral on  Moosehorn Road. The ACO was able to speak with the donkey’s owners, who said he was away for the weekend and someone was checking in on them twice a day.

Monday, February 12

12:27 a.m. – A caller told police “Dead End” and “No Parking Between Here and the Corner” signs were down near Queens and Water streets. Police notified DPW.

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Bruce Mastracchio
Bruce Mastracchio
February 21, 2024 7:10 am

And in “old” East Greenwich a troop of Girl Scouts were selling their famous cookies door to door. In those days they did not need a permit. It is recorded that they had record sales for that day. The cookies were delicious.


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