Credit: WoodnDoodads,

Today is the last day East Greenwich News will be updated – I am putting the website on hiatus.


After a year of more-than-full-time work on this website, I find I am not able to do everything needed to make EG News a financial success. I began this adventure hoping to find someone to help run the business side of things. That person hasn’t surfaced.

Now, after some soul searching, I’ve come to realize I can’t fix this while continuing to run the website.

I believe in local news websites. I believe in a website’s ability to provide timely, relevant, engaging news and information about a community. I just haven’t been able to crack the code to make it doable. It’s crackable. Just not be me, right now.

What happens next? The website will remain live but will not be updated. If someone else or a group wants to give it a try, I would love to help that effort.

There are some people I’d like to thank:

First and foremost, my unbelievably supportive and patient husband, Neal McNamara, who has put up with a whole lot this past year and done it with grace.

Alan Clarke, who has been a sounding board and cheerleader and the person who I’ve turned to build ads for the site. Alan, it’s been a pleasure having you on my team.

Bil Herron was a huge help during the first several months, doing much of the the backend tech stuff and guiding me through some dangerous technological shoals.

Bob Plain, a true believer in the power of local journalism. Bob, without your inspiration and advice, I wouldn’t be a reporter and EG News never would have happened.

Deb Acheson, my friend and talented graphic designer, who created the EG News logo. It will live on!

Regular contributors – Patti DePriest, Bob Houghtaling and Bruce Mastracchio in particular – but also student bloggers and others. The town was lucky to have you writing for the website and I hope the town doesn’t have to go without your voices for long.

All those who contributed to EG News, from the man who would shove a $20 bill into my hand when he saw me on Main Street (you know who you are), to the four people who signed up to be “subscribers” at $5 a month, and to everyone in between (I think any future EG News would do well to focus more on a strong voluntary subscriber base). To all of the supporters, your belief in the website meant a great deal.

Thanks, too, to those town and school employees and public officials who fielded my questions in the six years I’ve been reporting here in East Greenwich. Your willingness to speak to me, to help me in my work, speaks volumes of your commitment to the people of this town.

EG News advertisers,  I’m very grateful to all of you who bought advertising on the website and the newsletter. Here’s to your continued success.

I thank you all for reading. See you around town.