Above: Softball coaches and teachers Rob Petrucci and Karen Lockhart deliver a sign to senior Catherine Zarrella.

Gov. Gina Raimondo’s announcement last week that schools would remain closed and distance learning would continue for the rest of the school year dashed any final hopes people had that students would be able to resume their “normal” school lives. And it especially dashed hopes for members of the Class of 2020 and their families. Moving quickly to fill that void, parents Allison Shunney and Lisa Schambers, together with the EGHS PTG, the Booster Club, the Student Council, and the Junior Class, ordered 164 doubled-sided lawn signs, one for each member of the EGHS Senior Class.

Wednesday was the day the signs were distributed, with members of the Junior Class council, coaches and school administrators each taking a portion of the signs to hand deliver … at a distance, of course. Good job, everyone! And, Class of 2020, we are proud.

EGHS Principal Michael Podraza and Supt. Alexis Meyer deliver a senior sign to Suraj Sait, Class of 2020 valedictorian.

Bryn Shunney

Laurel Koehler

Coach Deb McMullen delivers a sign to Elisabeth Loiselle.

Signs for Josh Petteruti.

Baseball coach Bob Downey with player Conrad Swanson.

Principal Podraza drops off a sign for Eva Bianco.

Senior Nick Sanzi with his sign.

Supt. Alexis Meyer ready to deliver!

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