EG Teen Finds Happiness Through Art

by | Dec 30, 2021

When thinking of the word “outlet,” multiple associations come to mind. Most of us think of an outlet as something that we do to express ourselves in a creative way, a break from day-to-day routines that can often get tedious. Sometimes, we can use these outlets as ways to bring attention to or to celebrate the things we love, which is the case for Alexis Baker.

Alexis Baker with her favorite picture of the collection.

Alexis Baker is a 17-year-old high school junior at East Greenwich High School who was recognized as this year’s winner of the Trudeau Center holiday card design contest. Alexis has been an avid artist for about 10 years. She has attended multiple art studios over the decade, most notably the Nancy Stephen Gallery here in East Greenwich. In her cards for Trudeau, Alexis drew a number of festive symbols for the holiday season: a candy cane, a poinsettia, two doors decorated with wreaths, a snowman, and an angel.

In an interview, Alexis said the snowman was her favorite. She said she really enjoyed detailing her snowman with a hat and scarf – it reminded her of the snowman character Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. This snowman, she said, reminded her of all things happiness, friendliness, and kindness, which are good things to be reminded of during the holiday season. Alexis said this honor to be incredibly special to her, not only because she eventually was able to showcase her work, but also because art helps her express herself. This is the first of many art contests she said she hopes to enter.

Both Alexis and her mother Melissa said they were especially thankful for Kathleen and Sandy from the Trudeau Center, as well as Nancy and Caroline from the Nancy Stephen Gallery. 

Author’s Note: Melissa Baker hopes to establish a 501c-3 nonprofit to raise money for artists with autism and possibly in a residential community in Rhode Island. Alexis has autism.

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  1. Staci Kolb

    Thanks for spotlighting our talented friend Alexis! It’s so great to celebrate the greatness in others!!

  2. Anna Land

    Alexis, your cards are beautiful. I would love to purchase some to put away for next year.

    • Kathleen

      I can help you do that! I helped order for Trudeau and the cards are okay exquisite!

  3. R

    Congratulations 🎈🎉 👍🏻🥳🎊

  4. Kathleen Layton

    Alexis, your artwork is so beautiful and I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely mother!

  5. MeghaN

    These are beautiful, Alexis!!

  6. Jamie Martin-Boucher

    Alexis, your artwork is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with the world! ♡ Sending so much love to you- it brings joy to see your smiling face after so many years.

  7. Lisa Hughes

    Very excited for Alexis! What a talented artist. I would also love to purchase some of her work for next year! Congratulations, Alexis!

  8. Alli Theroux

    Well done Alexis! You’re so talented, and an absolute pleasure to interact with at school.

  9. Diane Dipaola

    Congratulations, Alexis! I’m so proud of you. I’m glad that your art makes you happy.


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