What’s New On Main Street? iSell and Cooler Tees

by | Dec 11, 2014

You know that sweater you bought on sale that looked good in the store but never quite looked the same once you got it home? You decide to sell it on eBay. You even manage to take a photo of the sweater, but the picture looks, well, amateurish. So you never quite get around to posting it on eBay.

Jillian Fain knows all about your problems. She created iSell eight years to take that burden off your shoulders. You bring Fain your sweater and she does the rest – takes the pictures and posting it on eBay.

Now, after years of running iSell as a part-time home-based business, Fain’s opened up a shop at 176 Main Street, so we can all take those sweaters (and jewelry and china and electronics … ) to Fain and she’ll take care of it.

“I do the pictures, I do the listings and it sells a lot faster online than it does if it’s sitting in a shop, because I ship all over the world,” she said. In addition to selling your unwanted sweaters, Fain also does a lot of overstock sales for retail shops, helping those stores get at least some of their cost back.

She continues to be surprised by what people will buy and how much they’re willing to pay.

“I’m shocked at what sells,” she said. “Last week, I sold a pair of Victoria Secret sweatpants, worn by the way, for $28!” Fain said she thinks it’s both because she ships all over the world and because a lot of people don’t live near big shopping centers.

She decided to open a local store because business was booming and it seemed like the right time.

“It’s nice to just have a place where people can just drop something off without feeling like it’s a house,” she said. “And EG’s an awesome location. I’ve gotten to know everybody on the street. We all work together. They send people to me; I send people to them. It just kind of works.”

Fain, a former teacher and former head of Kids Klub, seems to have found her niche.

“They always say the best thing to find is something you want to do that other people need convenience for.”


iSell Drop-Off, 176 Main St., East Greenwich; (401) 885-4529;www.iselldropoff.com; [email protected].

cooler tees

Meanwhile, right across the street, Lynn Murphy is back, with Cooler Tees – and, boy, is she happy to be back.

Murphy closed down her Main Street custom embroidery shop a little over a year ago, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was lucky (not that cancer can ever be considered lucky) – it was stage one. It was caught on a mammogram which happened to be her first and one she considered skipping because she was “too busy.”

When she got her diagnosis, everything changed and life took a nose-dive.

Today, she’s healthy and back in business at 175 Main St., once again providing the custom embroidered and transfer-stamped t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and totes people are clamoring for. She initially opened up in October thinking she’d sell mainly gifts, but the orders for shirts, etc., kept coming. By November, Murphy decided to follow the path of least resistance and “Cooler Tees” was born.

While Murphy’s still got gift items (including cozy scarves she’ll embroider for free), by spring she will be all “Cooler Tees.” Stop on by – she’ll be happy to see you.

Cooler Tees, 175 Main St., East Greenwich; (401) 884-5100 or (401) 228-5444; [email protected].










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