Why They’ve Joined EG News … Now It’s Your Turn!

by | Dec 26, 2019

Above: Geese and ice on Greenwich Cove by Ray Johnson, one of the many people helping to keep EG News strong and local.

All this month, we have been asking you to become a member* of East Greenwich News by signing up as a sustaining contributor or making a one-time donation. Happily, so far dozens of people have responded. We always ask what prompted them to contribute and the answers have been gratifying. Several noted they were donating to ensure EG News will be able to continue. We’re glad that message is getting out there. The fact is, reader support is an essential component of the EG News financial strategy. 

We hope you will be moved by what you read below to join these donors in becoming a member* of East Greenwich News today.  

I donated because I enjoy reading the local news you produce. It is a valuable connection to the community. And I am hopeful that my monthly donation will help support your efforts and ensure that the East Greenwich News keeps landing in my inbox to keep me informed.  – Jill Woodward Collins

We’re been meaning to donate for a while. We’ve been routine readers and really value the work you’ve been doing.  – Brian Kortz

I answered your calls for donations because I thoroughly enjoy EG News … you are objective and honest when reporting about town matters that are important and, at times, heated and controversial.  – Bethanie Tracy

I donated because I think it’s very important to have an unbiased view of the town. It’s something I rely on. – Sue Clough

I donated because I believe that EG News is an invaluable resource. We’re bombarded by what happens at the state capital and in Washington DC, but knowing what is happening in our own town affects our daily lives much more. There was a ransomware attack on our town, there a pothole on South County Trail, the School Committee has budgeted money for field trips, there is a new restaurant opening…this is the news that makes us a community. Thank you for all that you do!  – Lisa Sussman

We feel an obligation to pay for the things we use and appreciate. There are very little resources for truly local news and we rely on EG News to be our provider.  – Steve & Amy Dator

* For us, everyone who contributes is a member of the EG News community!

Value the news you get here on East Greenwich News? As a 501-c3, we depend on reader support. Become a sustaining (monthly) donor or make a one-time donation! Click on the Donate button below or send a check to EG News, 18 Prospect St., East Greenwich, RI 02818. Thanks.

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January 7, 2020 8:41 pm

I donate to EGNews because I still want to know what is going on in East Greenwich. I also subscribe to The Pendulum but am so disappointed in its content. I always followed the school news and the sports teams when my sons were in school. I still tried to follow the sports teams but the articles are few and far between. I am interested in EG news when I look at an EG newspaper. I am not interested in how URI’s teams are doing. The Pendulum, at one time, kept us informed but it no longer does that job. Thanks to Elizabeth for her dedication. Donate now to support the EGNews online.


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