Why They Donate: EG Readers Speak Out

by | Jul 28, 2018

Here’s why these readers support East Greenwich News. Won’t you join them? 

EG News does an amazing job of reporting on local issues.  The “Good News” stories are interesting (and not readily available elsewhere), and I greatly appreciate the detailed, non-partisan, objective reporting on town management and politics. – Dan Bryant

East Greenwich News is important because its factual, insightful, and timely. If one wants to keep up with what’s going on in town it’s a must read. – Robert K. Berlyn

EG News is essential reading, digging deeper into stories about our town and schools. – Leanne Barrett

Your everyday demonstration of the principles of engaged journalism that prioritize pursuing the facts is a great example for all of us to follow. – Eric Kaldor

EG News is my “go to” source for local news.  Comprehensive, informative, and detailed in a way that our state and local newspapers just don’t capture. – Bill Saunders

The importance of knowing what’s going on locally is crucial.  East Greenwich News reports objectively on topics that matter to residents, focusing not only on high-profile stories, but on those that may be less conspicuous but no less important.  Without EG News, residents would be bound to getting news solely from controversial and biased sources, making it difficult for residents to draw intelligent, well-balanced conclusions about how our town is being managed. – Bridget Shapiro

East Greenwich News has been persistent about demanding responses to questions that many residents want to know the answers to. – Katy Cabot Essington   

EG News helps keep us in the know in our 02818. – Greg Dantas

I think that East Greenwich News is important because it is the only news source that truly focuses on the immediate neighborhood and the issues that are important to me on a local level. I enjoy following EG News because the stories are timely and well researched, and I can keep abreast of all town business including the  town council, school committee, the police & fire, and civic events as well. – Camille Speca

Thank you for providing a free press for EG. Your excellent reporting is very important with all that is happening in this  community now. Keep up the good work! – Susan Millis

You’re doing a great job for EG! I read it faithfully. – Sarah F.

I’m so grateful for East Greenwich News. Like many residents, I rely on them to provide information on town activities, School news and Town government news. Thank you for this important service! I’d also like to provide a quote from former Connecticut senator Chris Dodd: “When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” – Jean Ann Guliano

“I support EG News because it is far and away the best place to find timely, relevant, and unbiased information about important events in my community.” – Phil Nutting

“In an era of fake news, there’s more information out there than ever before. Unfortunately, there’s less knowledge, never mind insight, than ever before, too. We all benefit from smart shoe-leather reporting and sharp questioning like that in EG News.” – Mark Thompson

Everyone has very busy lives these days and it’s challenging to find the time to be “news informed”. I’d been looking for a resource with encapsulated but enough relevant detail to keep myself in the loop on the local political scene especially.  E G News is proving to be a solid resource that keeps me informed without my having to overcommit on time….good time/value return! – Janet Falciglia

Value the news you get here on East Greenwich News? As a 501-c3, we depend on reader support. Become a sustaining (monthly) donor or make a one-time donation! Click on the Donate button below or send a check to EG News, 18 Prospect St., East Greenwich, RI 02818. Thanks.

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