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by | Nov 15, 2022

By Salley Gibney

Caring is inside each one of us. It is not just how we feel but also how we act, how we treat ourselves and how we treat each other. Each little act of caring reminds us that we matter, we are not alone, someone cares. Each little act of caring gives us hope. 

We show we care in simple ways … with a smile, a “Hi,” a wave, a text, a Caring Coin or something much bigger like helping someone in need. 

I have personally seen the impact of acts of caring as I have shared the Caring Coins. The Caring Coins started with a dream I had about 18 years ago, where I was holding a wooden coin with the image of an angel and the words, “You are never alone.” It’s a long story but the dream led to the creation of the Caring Coins which have been reminders of caring, connection and hope to over 150,000 people of all ages around the world including children, youths, our troops, disaster survivors, homeless persons and people like you and me. Sharing in schools led to the creation of the “I Matter, You Matter” Caring Coins which are reminders that each person matters.

The Caring Coins tap into something very basic in each one of us, the feeling that each one of us matters and each one of us has a purpose. Somehow, this feeling seems to be getting lost today. So, I invite you to join me in rekindling this feeling in ourselves and each other.

As I walk around our town, I see many acts of caring every day. And I’ll bet you do too. Let’s share these acts of caring with each other here at “The Caring Corner.”

Email me the “Caring” you see at [email protected]. I’ll post these acts of caring right here at the “Caring Corner,” a new feature on EG News. 

To see more about the Caring Coins go to: www.thecaringcoins.com.

Salley Gibney lives in East Greenwich and is the founder of The Caring Coins.

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Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan
November 16, 2022 5:01 pm

Love this!


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