Trump Supporters ‘Stand & Wave’ on Main Street

by | Oct 16, 2020

East Greenwich may have turned blue in recent years, but supporters of President Trump have been making their presence felt in recent days. First there was the honking Trump car parade through downtown last Sunday morning. Then a group of around two dozen Trump supporters gathered for what Cranston resident Keith Traversie said was a “Trump stand and wave” on Main Street Thursday evening. 

Traversie said they were there at the invitation of a local Trump supporter who he declined to identify except to say she was an EG business owner.

“I think Trump is the man,” said Traversie. “He’s doing a lot of great things for the country and I believe he really cares about the country, unlike Biden does.” 

“You have to support Trump,” said Bobby Nikolopoulos of Smithfield. “It’s now between right and wrong. It’s not even about candidates anymore…. [In East Greenwich today] we got a lot of support. We were overwhelmed with the positivity from a lot of the locals here. We’re really excited about that. I really think Rhode Island is going to flip.”

Organizers set up in front of the Greenwich Hotel on Main Street Thursday evening.

Nikolopoulos and Traversie, together with a couple of others, have been organizing a number of Trump events around the state, including what they called a “Trump Train” (i.e. car parade) planned for Nov. 1.

“I really think all Republicans, even if they don’t like Trump personally, they are going to look at what the country needs and look at his agenda and decide if that’s right for Rhode Island and the country,” said Nikolopoulos.


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  1. Donna Marcone

    Wow – I guess these Trump supporters like the divide and hostility this president has brought to this country. He belongs in a theatre not as President of the United States.

    • Lauren rankin

      and your response does nothing to contribute to the “divide and hostility’? Sure made me react with hostility…but I will overcome my reaction with reason and calm…I do wonder what that “Love Lives Here” message means though..

  2. DB

    And here is a picture of Traversie ( at this “Stand and Wave” – mask-less, and cheek to cheek with a completely random mask-less passerby. We are living in a pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of human lives and you have complete disregard for human safety…as does “the man” you think is a “leader.”

  3. Kathryn Oneil

    Very glad I wasn’t caught in traffic as a result of these Trump supporters.

  4. Bruce Mastracchio

    And they peacefully demonstrated ? Didn’t riot, loot or burn ? What a novel idea. Maybe others should follow that example.

    • Karen

      Disappointed in that reply. Respect you as a ;historian but disappointed in such an inappropriate comment. Hope you have since realized that those people have no reason to riot. I am not saying rioting is the think to do, it is not. But the situation is completely different. I am so sorry this newsletter even gave them any attention. Hope they lose big. Will look at your articles, etc. a little differently from now on. I have been one of the few to read them.

    • Lauren rankin

      What a novel idea. Agree!

    • American citizen

      Mr. Mastracchio….there is absolutely nothing wrong with your comment. All the other comments on this page are so

      “progressive” left. If your opinion is a little different, you are bad, bad, bad. They are so open-minded and diverse, you know.

  5. Meg Carroll

    And that Trump agenda would be???? Oh that great health care plan that will be revealed AFTER the election (he was too busy for the last four years), new cages for children? Back Street abortions? More tax breaks for the 1 %? Discounts on Russian lessons, perhaps? More coal effluent dumped in rivers? More prosecution of political enemies? More armed “militias”? More Qanon ‘facts’? What an agenda

  6. Karen

    Elizabeth, as a supporter of this newsletter, I am disappointed that you gave this group so much attention.

    • Lauren rankin

      Yes Elizabeth! People like me who live in EG, raised lovely children here, pay taxes and respect the law–we obviously do not deserve your attention. Whatever made you think this is a country where there is free speech, respect for peoples of all opinions, preferences, ideas?
      Truly, I cannot believe you would be criticized for doing your job honestly and thoroughly. Thank you.

  7. Earle M Mitchell Jr

    I’ve added up the years that my Grandfather served (32 US Marines); my Dad (23 US Navy) and my (28) US Navy for a total of 83, but who is counting? All of us are eligible to be buried in Arlington. Trump can never be interred there- you must have served the Nation honorably.


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