The Little Snowflake

by | Dec 18, 2020

Winter’s clouds are often filled with snow. Meteorologists (smart people who know a lot about weather) can tell us when and where certain atmospheric conditions will occur, but they have little knowledge regarding what’s in the hearts and minds of things like snow. People have a lot in common with snow. Sometimes, folks can become so intelligent that they forget certain truths. This story examines one such case.

A few years back dark gray clouds began to gather above a small little place called Everytown. Inside these clouds were snowflakes anxiously anticipating their trip to the ground. Our tale tells of one particular snowflake who struggled with the meaning of it all. Whatever you choose to believe there are certain undeniable facts. There is such a thing as snow. There is actually a day we call Christmas (December 25th) on the calendar. And finally, people all over the world celebrate this day. The rest is up to us to believe or not. Calling someone a snowflake these days is done so with derision. Have we come to the point where even though there are billions of people (and snowflakes) each individual is not unique? After all, it has been said, that no two snowflakes are alike. This is about a special snowflake.

The Little Snowflake


Once upon long ago
In a place not far away
The evening sky was drawing near
Close to Christmas Day
The streets extremely busy
The homes were full of mirth
Awaiting season’s greetings
And much Peace on Earth
A forecast called for weather
Winter conditions were in store
It looked like a white Christmas
Would be knocking at the door
High up in the Heavens
With clouds about to burst
Awaited little snowflakes
All striving to be first
But one in particular
Was sitting on the fence
Jumping from such comfort
Made very little sense
Thus begins the story
One that must be told
Sharing how those tiny wonders
Warmed the coldest cold


The little snowflake tumbling
Tumbling, tumbling down
Without a hint or a clue
As it headed towards the ground
On this day cold and cloudy
With the strongest hint of gray
Our friend the Little Snowflake
Had these things to say
“Why is it so chilly
Can’t I be like rain
Joyously nourishing flowers
And greening the terrain
Instead I drift quite easily
And schools cancel when they hear
That me and my friends are coming
As if something bad to fear”
On and on lamenting
Exploring the reasons why
Billions of other droplets
Had to fall from the sky
“Maybe we’ll be unlucky
Turning to slush from the heat
To make matters even worse
What happens if we are sleet
Nobody plays in such a mess
We’ll be disliked so
Most folks detest this stuff
Do we have to go”
These multiple protestations
All challenged the very worth
For what was the purpose
Of this trip down to earth
Then suddenly out of nowhere
And I know this sounds absurd
The only way to explain such things
Is that a miracle occurred
With evening now apparent
A truth would soon unfold
Explaining to our tiny friends
The importance of the cold
For down below a glimmer
Of lights began to show
Illuminating a precious scene
Of children playing with the snow
Some were making snowmen
Others built snow forts
A few created snow angels
Many enjoyed sledding and snow sports
With an air of wonder
Which came as a surprise
People were all celebrating snow
And not its demise
Just inches to go till touchdown
Before reaching white covered ground
The scene was next greatly blessed
With an astonishing sound
The harmony of church bells
Rang out loud and clear
So distinct came this tone
Even snowflakes could hear
Next be it colored bulbs
Or possibly the bells
It could even be the kids
As far as one could tell
But something gloriously happened
At first sounds absurd
The snowflakes they each glittered
All viewers now concurred
The lights from the heavens
And those from the street
Helped them shimmer much like diamonds
Oh, such a magnificent treat
Behold every single snowflake
They all understood
Their purpose it wasn’t bad
Their purpose was for good
When upon landing
The little snowflake and friends
Became part of a story
Without any end
Twas they all together
Each now were a part
Which took winters harshest chill
Then warming every heart
In the comfort of the clouds
Many hide in the sky
But without taking chances
Opportunity passes by
Countless unknown challenges
May appear dark as night
However evening is the time
When the stars shine so bright
Merry Christmas to all
And to all of you goodnight
There’s nothing like Christmas
When embracing such a sight


Each winter comes a time
When a brisk northern wind blows
Chilling the driving rain
And transforming it to snow
Then once and again
Those adorable flakes
Question the very journey
They each have to take
A last word from our traveler
Best sums up this simple plot
“Snow only comes with coldness
It can’t occur when hot
And sometimes when one is falling
And darkness clouds your sight
Please try to remember
The stars come out at night”
It’s this leap of faith
Despite all of those fears
That is oh so special
About this time of year

This story is true if you want it to be. In fact, it might even be more true than that which is before your eyes. Sometimes you have to fall to become grounded. Merry Christmas and enjoy the leap. – Bob

P.S. The coronavirus has challenged us in many ways. It has also brought to mind just how important we all are to each other. No matter your belief the world is a better place when you care.


Bob Houghtaling is the director of the East Greenwich Drug Program, a mental health counselor, and a poetry lover.



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Eleanor Stump
Eleanor Stump
December 19, 2020 7:42 am

What a wonderful poem about “The Snowflake” It is a reminder that each snowflake is unique and we are; but together we become a miracle!
Happy Holidays!


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