Spreading Hope Through Lights & Hearts

by | May 3, 2020

Above: The fence at the Correiras’ house on Frenchtown Road. 

By Aiza Shaikh

On the corner of Frenchtown Road and Meadowbrook Road sits a 65-foot Christmas tree covered in lights. For the first time in 20 years, the Correiras are lighting that tree in the middle of spring. 

“The tree is for hope,” says Bonnie Correira. “We’re hoping for everyone to get well.” 

Lots of people across the country are switching their Christmas lights on to bring back that feeling of hope we have during the holidays. But the Correiras’ tall tree on a major street expands the reach of their sign of hope.

Along with the tree, Bonnie and her husband Andy have decorated their fence with hearts to show support and gratitude for first responders. 

“We did the heart in the middle of the fence,” says Bonnie. “Eleven of the kids from Meadowbrook Road did the rest.” 

Neighbor Jim Cullen made the wooden hearts, and Bonnie and Andy put them on the fence. 

Some of the hearts have “Thank You” written on them. Others say, “Love.” Several have red and white crosses on them to thank all the first responders. 

The fence is growing more hearts every day. While the fence may be running out of space for more hearts, the Correiras are glad to see so much support from the neighborhood. 

“It’s nice to hear so many people beep their horn from the road as they go,” Bonnie says. “It’s great that we can give them the hope that it will all be okay.” 

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Bonnie and Andy also put up a large rainbow on top of the fence, with a heart at its end reading “Class of 2020.” 

The rainbow is there to cheer up the high school seniors who won’t be able to have a graduation this year, say the Correiras. 

“We’re thinking of everyone – the people at the grocery stores, the CNAs at nursing homes, the first responders,” says Bonnie. “Let’s all take it easy and hope for everyone to get well.”

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