Remembering EG’s Own Veterans

by | Nov 9, 2022

Above: The first of the plaques erected at EGFD’s Station One on Main Street honored members who’d fought in World War I. Photo courtesy of EGFD

As I have mentioned  before, East Greenwich was started when those who fought in King Philip’s War were given land grants in what is now our favorite town in this, the smallest state, in what is fast becoming the not so greatest country in the world. That year was 1677.

East Greenwich men and boys have always been imbued with a bent toward service and volunteering so it was not unusual for a boy to be a member of the volunteer fire company, go into the service, come home on leave and fight fires and answer rescue calls. After they finished their service they would come home and go back to the station and continue where they left off. A boy, like Donald Rhodes, who lost an arm in WW2, came back and resumed his volunteer work and eventually became a leader of the department.

So, when you go by East Greenwich Fire Station #1 on Main Street and look closely, you might see plaques bearing the names of local volunteer firemen who also served in our country’s wars.

I believe there was a study once that said small towns are the main source of enlistment for those going into the service of their country.

East Greenwich is such a small town.

The Honor Roll for World War One  1917-1919
“In a righteous cause they have won immortal glory and have nobly served their nation in serving mankind.” 

United States Army 

William H. Anderson – J.Albert Burton – Ernest F. Fredrickson – Charles J. Gillo – William H. Johnson – Thomas J. Kelly – Gilbert E. Lindberg – Fritz L. Lindberg – Daniel A. Masterson – Fred Masterson – Eugene Magner – Jesse A. Whaley

United States Navy

Walter E. Anderson – John G. Briggs – Cornelius J. Grant – Harry Howard – Harry A. Howard – George H.L. Johnson – Edwin P. Johnson – William J. McGettrick – Robert T.A. Clegg 

This plaque at EGFD’s Station One names those firefighters who served in World War II. Photo courtesy of EGFD.

The Honor Roll for World War Two  1941-1945
“They have fought and not heeded the wounds; toiled and not asked for rest; given and not counted the price. To them we dedicate this memorial with the fond hope that the liberties which they won may be maintained in righteousness and peace.”

United States Army 

Fred P. Arnold Jr. – John J. Balfour Jr. – John D. Bradshaw 3rd – Francis J. Daniels –  Roland C.M. D’Attore – Clifford J. Davies – James A. Denice Jr. – Frederick H. Eddy –  Arthur J. Ericson – Joseph A. Eugenio – Pasquale J. Eugenio – Joseph L. Fava – Anthony J. Ficazzola – Rocco P. Ficazzola – Herbert W. Finn – Walter W. Finn – William A. Fogarty – Anthony M. Gabriele – Joseph F. Gagliardi – Roger N. Gauvin – John W. Grace – Daniel F. Harrington – Gilbert A. Hempel – Fritz A. Johnson Jr. – George P. King – Harry G. Lindstrom – James R. Macnie – Carmine V. Maddalena – Joseph A. Maddalena – Richard N. Mastracchio – John E. Petrunt – Donald G. Rhodes – Frank B. Rhodes 3rd – Joseph T. Sherman – Robert E. Smyth – Robert G. Taylor – Andrew J. Towers

United States Navy 

Harold G. Ball – Joseph A. Baute MD – Edward A. Brennan Jr. – William G. Brennan – Howard Briggs Jr. – Donald L. Bruce – Joseph R. Cathers – Robert G. Clarke – Frederick E. Cookson – Harry C. Cookson Jr. – William H. Cookson – Otto V. DeRita – Robert J. Desautel – Anthony J. Ferranti – Samuel J. Gardiner Jr. – William H. Healy – Walter L. Hitte Jr. – Adolph T.S. Johnson – Elmer C. Johnson – Oscar J.A. Johnson – Matthew R. Leyden   William Northup   Kenneth S. Pierson – Joseph G. Reed – Frederick B. Sisson – Robert R. Spencer – George H. Wilding – Charles A. Wilson – Herbert E. Wilson 

United States Coast Guard

Joseph W. Chamberland – Joseph M. Moscatelli

This plaque at EGFD’s Station One names those firefighters who served in the Korean War. Photo courtesy of EGFD.

Korean War 1950 – 1955
“We have done that which was our duty to do”

United States Army

Robert Arvidson – C. Warner Beckman – Douglas Bernstrom – John D. Bradshaw 3rd – Francis J. Daniels – John J. Duffy – Ronald F. Fetzer – Raymond D. Fogarty – Gilbert A. Hempel – Philip J. Hopp – Vernon A. Lindberg – George W. Loxton Jr. – Dennis J. Magner – Edmund E. Murphy – Edward J. Murray Jr. – Joseph L. Petteruti – Gordon D. Taylor – Raymond H. Wesson  – James A. Zaino

United States Air Force

Robert N. Bailey – Harry E. Branch – Edward M. Denice – William A. Fogarty – Anthony M. Gabriele – Walter L. Hitte Jr. – Daniel F. Harrington – Ellsworth Spencer

United States Navy

Elmer E. Daniels – Donald E. Duffy – Anthony J. Ferranti

United States Marines

Edward C. Coleman Jr. – Amadeo Franzone

In looking these names over I have noticed names of older friends, neighbors, mentors, Little League coaches. Notice the numbers of brothers and cousins who served, and also, there are several who served in two wars. I tip my hat to all of them.

Today (just did it yesterday) I say “God Bless” to any serviceman I meet. “If you’ve been over, I hope you don’t have to go back, if you haven’t been. I hope you don’t have to go.”

Currently my grandson is currently a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I advised against it, but he did it anyway and I back him all the way.

Lastly, but not least, are people I personally know/knew, who served and I want to mention them also:

Of the wars mentioned above:

Alfred E. Mastracchio, USA medic  – Francis Ucci, USA – Elmer Hoehl, USN – Anthony Ucci, USANG – Alfred Wadman, USN (100% wounded) – Anthony Riccio, USN – Kenneth Hamblin, Sr., USA Ranger (Pt. Du Hoc)

United States Army

Robert J. Gardiner, USA Paratrooper – Domenic Nappa – Joseph Carcieri – Joseph Forcelli – Frederick Mastracchio – Michael Nappa – Mark Mellor (KIA) – William Callahan (KIA) – Robert Hoehl – Joseph J. Zaino 

United States Marine Corps

Robert V. Lallo – David Baker – Robert Derensis – Peter Henrickson – Eugene Flaherty – Michael N. Zaino – James Murray – R.Massey – Stan Fish – Walter Hazard – Edward Dubois  – Ken Knox – John Reardon – Phil Garvey – Richard Glenzer – Mason Rhodes

United States Navy

John Romano (Capt.) – Richard Cevoli (KIA) – Alan Para (Aviator) – J.W.Ucci 

United States Air Force 

Donald Murray – Victor Volpe – Alan Clarke – Gil Baker – James LaFreniere – Robert Perretta  – David Briggs – James Wilkinson – Francis Putnam

I am sure there are many more who I missed. For all of you, God bless for taking time from your lives and giving it in service to our country. Remember always, “All gave some but some gave All.”

God Bless America!

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November 11, 2022 6:58 am


November 11, 2022 7:06 am

You can add Mason Rhodes- SGT. USMC and my cousin Robert Hoehl- Major-US Army (forgive me for forgetting ).

Bob Lemoi
Bob Lemoi
November 11, 2022 3:06 pm

Thank you, Bruce.

November 12, 2022 8:51 am

Comment *I didn’t see, maybe duplicated or left out.
Donato Riccio WWII – grandson Gunny Sgt. Michael Riccio (career) USMC FORCE RECON – 7 Tours & his father Vietnam Michele Riccio Augusto Riccio Joe Lawrence WWII I didn’t know Doddy (sp) Jones but knew his brother Lolly BB McDonald KOREA Anthony Nappa VIETNAM Tony Forcelli VIETNAM Matt “Matches”Franzone KOREA Ralph Greene Bobby Deltufo Lorenzo Denofio WWII John Tortolano KOREA – Son Jack (career) Eligio “Paul” Moscatelli served under Patton I believe 3rd Army, not 7th WWII (not sure if any of his sons served) Adam Perry USMC South Western Asia Dick Cevoli died in 1955 during a flight trading exercise don’t think kia. In the aviation hall of fame but not on the EG wall of fame even though attended La Salle may have been through to a point EG School system. Probably one of the most decorated in RI. EG Post Office named in his honor.
Thomas “Dufflebag” McDonough-Vietnam USAF Leo Kenneth “Bubby” Convery USMC David Marden USMC – Vietnam Joe Silva VIETNAM The “Chief” Mclaren (one you don’t know his real, career) Anthony “Brizzy” Montini USN KOREA John Ray USN “Popeye” Jetty WWII served either in Turkey possibly North Africa Doctor Joseph Petterutti Frank Zaino Louie Tortalano Martin “Marty” Blanchard, Rudolph and Joseph Mattiace.

EG is home of the US Navy, lost 2 favorite sons in Vietnam others to Agent Orange. A request should be submitted to hosting The Vietnam War Memorial Traveling Wall for 2023.

3 books I’d highly recommend and I assume most read “All Quiet on the Western Front”.
1. “D-Day” – Ambose (If you thought Private Ryan riveting, Ambrose did an Ernie Pyle type reporting) 2. “The Last Lion” – Manchester/Reid 3. “Truman” – McCullough (Pulitzer Prize), only President to serve in WWI

November 14, 2022 6:28 pm

Are more plaques being made to honor those from town who served in conflicts post- Korean War?


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