Reader Hopes for 2021 – In 6 Words

by | Dec 31, 2020

If there was one theme to people’s hopes for the new year, it was hugs and connections with loved ones. But there were plenty of other sentiments expressed too. It’s not too late to add your 6 words – leave them in a comment. And, from EG News: Happy, happy new year to everyone!

Hugs, seeing smiles, kids in school
Sherri McGraw

Driving to reunions, pandemic in rearview.
John Walsh

Kids get to be kids again.
Katie Silberman

Entire family dining at one table!
Priscilla Welsh

To get out of my house!
(Although I kinda like it here.)
Joy Richter Weisbord

Covid-19: This, too, shall pass!
Pat Young

What goes and what should stay?
Courtney Thibeault 

Anything better than the year 2020.
Emma Michaud

My hope is for good health.
Judy Stenberg

Family reunion with all loved ones.
Sara Cronin

Getting back doing what we do!!!
Laurie Dyl Boyle

Peace and good health for all.
Susan McManus

More banks opening in East Greenwich.
Jesse Perry

Peace, Hugs, Freedom, Parties, Vacation, Friends.
Leah Mega

Hope we can all survive 2021.
Melinda Bates

May there
Be fewer
Hard days.
Harold Ambler

Give me another glass of wine.
(Actually, make that a whiskey please.)
Lisa Sussman

Hug everybody, smile without a mask.
Romina Smulever

Please, just a boring ass year!
Matthew Bodoff 

Spend time with beloved family members
Mary MacIntosh

Let’s all agree 2020 never happened.
Neal McNamara

Inspire, learn, laugh, travel, hug, serve!
John Santos

May Beauty enfold you in 2021.
Bruce Mastracchio

Hoping we remember 2021 as Babyboom!
Deanna Sheridan

I long to wear lipgloss again.
Tracy Barron

Kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness!!!!!!
Leslie Berger

2021 is going to be epic.
Sherri Tracey

… to hold and kiss my mom.
Lilyanne Werle

Families close, worries far, friends together.
Bethany Cicerchia 

God bless us, every one! ~ 2021!
Quinn Darcey

That no child go hungry anywhere.
Mike Dexter

Smiles, handshakes, hugs and more hugs.
Christy Vella Noland

Get good grades and a job.
Aidan McNamara

How can I be of service?
Carmen Lysaght

May the lord bless your health.
Richard Percival

Love, peace and hope for everyone.
Kim Lennon

Watch my kids hug their grandparents.
Danielle DiTraglia

Camaraderie. SMILES! Equanimity. HUGS! Recovery. LOVE!
JoAnn Capaldi

Peace of mind, peace for country.
Shelagh Michaud

Looking forward to lots of hugging.
Sandra K. Basile*

*I bet that’s one that you’ll get a lot. But I miss hugging family and friends so much it hurts. A hug means more than “I love you”. It means I believe in you. We’re in this together. We are humans. We need each other. Thank you. You are the best. There’s no one like you. It’s an exclamation point. And a promise. It’s a send off and a welcome home. It’s Congratulations. It’s You did it! It’s Bless you. It’s I’ve missed you. It’s You make me happy and I can’t wait to see you again soon. It’s good luck. It’s Be Brave. It’s Bravo. It’s Get Better Soon. It’s I’m sorry and I’m sad. It’s I know, I know. It’s It will get better soon. It’s Hallelujah! And Will Wonders Never Cease. It’s You mean the world to me. It’s I love you.  

Top photo courtesy of Marisol Benitez.

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Tracie Truesdell
Tracie Truesdell
January 1, 2021 8:13 am

Sandra Basile for the win!!!

Mine: Hugs, gatherings, concerts, peace, kindness, empathy


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