Police Log: Youth Woes & Very Confused Driver

by | Apr 5, 2021

Monday, March 22

9:41 p.m. – A Bow Street resident told police she heard someone trying to open her back door. She flicked her lights off and on and moments later dogs in the neighborhood began barking. Police searched the area but did not find anything suspicious.

Tuesday, March 23

12:03 a.m. Someone told East Greenwich police that he got into a car accident near the Route 4 southbound offramp near Route 403, resulting in an injury. State police handled the incident.

12:42 a.m. – A caller told police about a man in the middle of Post Road who appeared to be very drunk. East Greenwich police notified Warwick police who in turn took him home.

11:36 a.m. On March 12, the manager of Dave’s Marketplace on 1000 Division St. told police a woman had shoplifted a package of pork tenderloin. According to the manager, the customer came in seeking a refund on a pork tenderloin she previously purchased, but the store declined to give her a refund. The customer then picked up another pork tenderloin package and walked out of the store without paying for it. On March 23, employees said the same customer returned. The employees were able to identify the customer’s car this time, which they shared with police. Police called the customer, who came back to the store and paid for the shoplifted tenderloin. The manager decided not to press charges against the customer because she paid for the item she stole.

4:02 p.m. – A Tillinghast Road resident told police someone was using the nearby land for target shooting. Police spoke with the man doing target shooting, explaining only shotgun use is permitted; the man left without incident. 

5:08 p.m. – Police cited a Warwick man, 25, for driving with a suspended license after he was stopped at First Avenue and Division Street [the log did not include why he was stopped]. A tow truck driver took both the car and the driver to his residence.

6:33 p.m. – A caller near Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center on South County Trail saw a couple of youths on bicycles jumping off the embankment at the edge of the property. He was worried about their safety. The officer found the bike riders and spoke with them about safety.

10:29 p.m. Police spoke with a man walking on Division Street dressed in all dark clothing. The officer told the man his dark clothes made it hard to see him, and the man got slightly irritated. The officer suggested the man acquire reflective clothing to wear when walking to and from his work at Lowe’s on Route 2.

Wednesday, March 24

8:56 a.m. – A caller told police a silver mini van with New Jersey plates was driving erratically on Main Street. Police searched the area but did not find the vehicle.

6:49 p.m. – A caller saw a young girl talking on her cell phone and sobbing on Post Road. A car then pulled up to the girl, and she got in the car, which promptly sped away toward Middle Road. Police located the vehicle and checked on the girl, who appeared OK. She told police she had been upset because her parents had grounded her.

7:15 p.m. – The fire department asked for police to assist with a youth who had made threats to harm others and had been looking for weapons in his home. He was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

Thursday, March 25

1 a.m. Police arrested a Worcester, Mass., man, 25, for driving under the influence of alcohol after he was pulled over for driving the wrong way on South County Trail while trying to navigate around some construction. The man told police he was driving from Pawtucket to Worcester but had gotten lost and was confused. The man had bloodshot eyes and when asked by the officer admitted to drinking a few beers before driving. The officer noticed a large dent on the roof of the man’s car, a flat tire with its rim covered in mud and a broken front bumper. The driver did not say where the damage happened, only that someone tried to punch the dent back into place. Dispatch later said they received word of a black bumper in the roadway near Pezza Farms, which they suspected came from the vehicle hitting a Jersey barrier there. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. In the police car, the man yelled and cried, saying he was upset he’d been driving drunk since he could have hurt someone. At the station the driver took two breathalyzer tests, which read at .184 and .190 respectively. While waiting for results, the driver said he thought he was in Leominster, Mass., and was shocked to hear he was in Rhode Island. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, .15 percent or greater and cited for driving the wrong way. His car was towed from the scene.

10:26 a.m. – Police cited a West Warwick woman, 27, for driving with a suspended license after she was stopped at Main Street and Fifth Avenue [the log did not include why she was stopped].

10:48 a.m. – Police arrested an EG youth, 15, for smoking tobacco at East Greenwich High School.

Friday, March 26

8:50 a.m. Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 30, on a warrant for possession of methamphetamine. Police arrived at the man’s residence and took him into custody without issue. He was taken to Kent County Courthouse after being processed at the station. 

Saturday, March 27

10:28 a.m. – Police cited a Narragansett man, 29, for driving with a suspended license at Main and Cliff streets [the log did not include why he was stopped]. 

3:15 p.m. A caller told police a wheel came off of a passing car, striking his parked car and his house on Crompton Road. Police investigated the matter.

8:04 p.m. – A caller told police a man walking dogs was taking photos of the caller and the caller’s friends at the playground at The Woods, off Middle Road, where they were hanging out. A second call came in to police, this time from the spouse of the dog walker, who said her husband had gone to the playground to ask the teenagers there to quiet down. She said the youths yelled at him. Police spoke with both the man and the original caller, and determined no photographs were taken. The man with the dogs was checking the area for juveniles ringing doorbells in the neighborhood.

11:12 p.m. – An EG man told police his son came home with a very drunk youth. EGFD rescue took the youth to the hospital; the youth’s parents were notified. 

11:24 p.m. Police assisted the fire department with a bonfire in the woods near Tillinghast Road. There were several bottles of alcohol nearby, but revelers had dispersed. EGFD extinguished the fire.

Sunday, March 28

5:28 a.m. An East Greenwich woman told police she wanted her ex-boyfriend to leave her house. The ex-boyfriend said he was looking for his glasses. Je found them and left without incident.

6:25 p.m. – An officer saw someone in their car near Scalloptown Park who appeared to be passed out. The officer spoke with the person, who was actually awake and alert, so no action was taken.

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