Police Log: Woman Hands Over $14K Cash for ‘Grandson’

by | Apr 30, 2023

Monday, April 17

2 p.m. – An EG man told police about a letter he received from the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) stating he owed money on a loan taken out for his business “Crossland Financial Services.” This man told the SBA he does not own a business with that name and did not take out a loan. The SBA instructed him to fill out a police report to document the alleged fraud before they could investigate his claim. 

7:23 p.m. – An officer checked out a car pulled over on Middle and South Pierce roads. The driver had pulled off the road to make a phone call. 

9:29 p.m. – Police officers checked on a car parked at the boat ramp on Crompton Avenue. The people inside the vehicle were taking pictures and told officers they were leaving. 

Tuesday, April 18

11:56 a.m. – A caller told police a man and woman were fighting in a silver SUV on Post Road and Victory Street. When police arrived, they found out the fight was over a claim by the woman that the man had struck her. A landscaper in the area told police that he saw the woman get out of the car and hide something under a log. Police retrieved the bag, which was found to contain psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”), a hallucinogen. Because the incident and possible drug possession occurred in Warwick, the Warwick police were called and took care of the case.

4 p.m. – A Charlestown woman alerted the local police that an EG resident she’s known for four years had made verbal threats against her and recently posted pictures of her home and her parent’s house on Facebook. She wanted the incident documented. EGPD told her to contact Charlestown police as well. 

Wednesday, April 19

11:50 a.m. – Police issued a No Trespass order against an EG woman banning her from entering the Hill & Harbor Cigar Lounge. The manager of the cigar bar told the police this woman repeatedly became argumentative after staff and had been kicked out on multiple occasions. 

4:12 p.m. – The EGFD asked the EGPD to tell a resident to put out an open fire on his property. Police informed the homeowner that burn permits would be issued after May 15th. 

6:09 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 25, for domestic violence and two counts of vandalism after he allegedly struck his sister’s apartment door with a fire extinguisher and then sprayed the fire extinguisher in her apartment. The man’s sister had been letting him stay with her until he found a new home. However, recently, they had fought, and she told police she’d asked him to leave. After he refused to leave the apartment, the woman grabbed his phone and ran outside. He followed her, and when she gave him the phone back, she ran back into the apartment, locking him out. This prompted the man to bash the door with the fire extinguisher. A neighbor confirmed the story. Police state the man was “extremely uncooperative” after being taken into custody and “urinated all over the ground” in his cell. 

Thursday, April 20

1:17 a.m. – Police had a Barrington woman’s silver sedan towed off Main Street after she was pulled over for making an illegal U-turn. Police learned the car’s resignation had expired and the driver could not show proof of insurance so he was cited for both violations.

8:59 a.m. – A caller said someone dropping off a student at Meadowbrook Elementary yelled at a teacher and caused a scene. The administration said they would contact the parents to prevent incidents like that occurring in the future. 

5:43 p.m. – A caller informed police that a raccoon was “exhibiting strange behavior” near Partridge Run. 

Friday, April 21

1:02 a.m. – Police had a Providence man’s car towed back to his home after determining the registration on his black Honda Accord had expired. They initially pulled him over because he allegedly drove over 50 mph on Division Street. According to police, the man became irate and said the DMV should contact him about the expired registration and that police should let him off with a warning. When the EGPD officer did not let him off with a warning, he said, “I’m a patriot. It makes me not want to come here. I don’t go to Johnston, Cranston, now I don’t come here,” according to a police report. Police cited the man for speeding and the registration violation.

9:49 p.m. – Police seized an “Orbeez” gel gun and five packets of gel balls containing 500 balls each from the stairwell of an EG apartment building. Police received a tip of a possible firearm at the location earlier that night. 

Saturday, April 22

1 a.m. – Police pulled over a North Attleboro man after seeing him blow through a stop sign on Division Street and Kenyon Avenue. The officer noticed the driver slur his words and could smell alcohol on his breath. The driver, who told police he’d had two beers that night, passed the field sobriety tests and blew a .077%, which is under the legal limit of .08%. However, police did find out the car’s registration had expired, and they had the vehicle towed. Police ticketed the man for not obeying the stop sign and for the expired registration. 

2:20 a.m. – An officer doing routine checks of Cole Middle School found a police duty belt and a navy blue Kevlar vest resting on a bag in an unoccupied Hyundai Accent parked in the front parking lot. Editor’s note: We spoke with EGPD after this was posted and learned police saw the belt and vest while surveilling the area. The items were not from EGPD but perhaps were owned by a corrections officer. 

12:32 p.m. – An EG woman handed over $14,350 in a manilla envelope to a “courier” at the direction of a man who claimed he was her grandson’s attorney. According to the woman, the man on the phone stated he would bail her grandson out of a New York jail following a DUI incident. The woman told police she heard her grandson’s voice when she spoke to his “attorney,” who told her to get another $20,000 in cash from her bank after the $14K she had already handed over. Her bank refused to give her more money suspecting that something was wrong. EGPD officers have turned the case over to detectives.  

1:02 p.m. – A caller reported seeing a woman with a sweatshirt and no pants dancing on a residential street. Police found the woman, who was upset and trying to calm down. She went back into the house. 

3:06 p.m. – Police arrested a New England Tech student, 19, on felony assault and misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges after he and a friend allegedly attacked a fellow student in a laundry room on the college campus. Police alleged that he and a friend were annoyed at the victim for not opening his dorm room door to hang out with the pair previously. According to the victim, he was doing laundry when the two men began punching him, ripped his chain off his neck, and even struck him with a pool cue. When police spoke to the victim following the attack, he had an ice pack on his head, said he felt dizzy and vomited. 

10:12 p.m. – A caller said some kids were playing ding-dong-ditch in the Tanglewood neighborhood. 

Sunday, April 23

12:07 a.m. – A woman told police that someone had put something in her friend’s drink at Kai Bar. Police found the woman on a bench with her head in her lap. The woman who called said a man followed them from Low Key to Kai Bar and bought her friend a drink. The man told police he didn’t touch the woman’s drink, just paid for it. The alleged victim refused to go to the hospital. 

3:20 a.m. – Police arrested a Connecticut man, 18, for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and simple assault in the attack that took place on the New England Tech campus the previous day. This man is also a student at the college and told police that they had attacked the victim because they believed he had threatened two women with a knife. The man declined to provide a written statement. 

7:44 a.m. – A caller told police a woman with her arm in a sling was trying to wave someone down on Division Street and Heritage Drive. It turned out she was locked out of her house; the EGFD helped her get back inside. 

3:42 p.m. – An EG woman accused a neighbor of digging up shrubs on her property. Police told the woman it was a civil matter.

Posted 4/30/23

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Jeanette Lawrence
Jeanette Lawrence
May 1, 2023 8:53 am

Am I the only one who smiled at the reference of “Ding dong ditch??
Lol, finally a game we used to play when I was a kid

May 1, 2023 10:47 am

Unfortunately it’s not taken so lightly these days. A guy in CA just got convicted of killing three teenagers who ding dong ditched his house. He chased after them in his car and rammed theirs killing them all.

Justin Cahir
Justin Cahir
May 1, 2023 11:52 pm

Any way we can get a follow up on the utility belt and Kevlar vest in unoccupied Hyundai at Cole middle school? That’s a bit unsettling.

Katie silberman
Katie silberman
May 3, 2023 11:22 am
Reply to  Justin Cahir

Yes I would like to know this too, thanks. What is in a “police duty belt” and who left that there?

Elizabeth McNamara
May 3, 2023 2:27 pm

Good question, Justin and Katie.
I talked with Det. Lt. Lufkin, who handles the police log, and he said there was a car parked overnight in the lot at Cole and police shined a light into the car because it was 2:30 a.m. and the school lot. That’s when they saw the vest and belt. They did not see any kind of weapon and it was not from EGPD. They did not investigate further. According to Lufkin, these may have been corrections equipment and that perhaps the owner of the car was staying overnight nearby and parked it there. He said that was legal.

Katie Silberman
Katie Silberman
May 3, 2023 4:31 pm

Thank you for checking.


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