Police Log: Thefts & Irate Man

by | Jun 2, 2024

Tuesday, May 21

4:10 p.m. – Police arrested a Woonsocket woman, 58, for shoplifting. A manager at Dave’s Marketplace told police that the woman could be seen on the security footage taking several items and then leaving without paying. Police reviewed the footage and said in their report the woman grabbed five items from a shopping cart, hid them in her purse, and then exited the store without paying. She could also be seen getting into her vehicle; police identified the woman via her license plate. On the phone, she admitted to shoplifting and said she would turn herself in. She came to the station later in the evening and said it had been an impulsive decision to steal the items. She said she has kleptomania and takes medication for it. Police advised her that Dave’s Marketplace had filed a no trespass order against her. She said she understood, signed the order, and was released after arraignment. 

6:42 p.m. Police arrested a Providence woman, 23, for larceny of less than $1,500 after she admitted to taking home a purse left behind at Seven Stars Bakery, where she was employed. A customer first reported the theft on May 19, saying she’d been sitting outside on May 15 and left her purse when she departed. She said the purse contained $500 worth of gift cards, Apple earbuds and several IDs. The customer went to police after she was unable to reach the manager to review security footage. After police looked at the video, they could see an employee take the purse inside. The retail manager said the employee had admitted to taking the purse and had been fired immediately. The former employee came to the police station and told police that the customer had given her “attitude.” She said she had taken the purse home after her shift ended,  taken $27 in cash from the purse, and then dumped the rest of the contents outside. She was booked, processed, and fingerprinted and then released with a court date. 

11:25 p.m. – Police responded to The Greenwich Hotel due to a reported theft. A woman said that around $300 had been taken from her wristlet at the establishment several days earlier. She said she had noticed the money was missing a couple days afterwards and suspected her ex-boyfriend, who had ended the relationship the day after being at The Greenwich Hotel. She then spoke to the manager who allowed her to review the security footage, and the woman claimed the footage showed the ex-boyfriend taking the money from her wallet. She advised police that the ex-boyfriend was on his way and that she wished to press charges. Police reviewed the footage and said that the ex-boyfriend could be seen grabbing something to his sider after the woman walked away, before fiddling around with the item while looking around, and finally place the item back down. However, police reported that it was unclear exactly what the item was because the view was partially obstructed by a beverage on the table. Police determined that they did not have probable cause to arrest the ex-boyfriend at the time, but the case was passed along to detectives. 

Wednesday, May 22

9:01 a.m. – An officer saw a vehicle pass a stopped school bus picking up students on Frenchtown Road. The officer reported that the bus’s lights and stop sign were functional. The officer pulled the vehicle over and the driver said that he had been trying to get to an appointment and hadn’t noticed that the bus was stopped and in the middle of a pick up. The officer issued a citation for the violation. He then collected a statement from the bus driver who said that the driver had passed the bus without any regard or attempt to stop.  

11:19 a.m. – An officer saw a vehicle speeding on Post Road, traveling 53 mph on the 35 mph road according to his dash-mounted radar. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled over onto the left side of the road at a blind spot in a curve. The officer advised the driver to pull over to the right side instead, and her attempts to move the vehicle reportedly ended with her backing up into the officer’s cruiser. The officer said the driver exited her vehicle and immediately apologized. She was issued a citation for speeding. The cruiser showed only minor damage. 

2:02 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 31, for his fourth offense of driving with a suspended/revoked/canceled license. 

7:16 p.m. – Police responded to the Healthtrax at 1000 Division Street after a call about a dispute. A woman told police that she was working out when an employee told her she was not supposed to be there. The woman said she had been to the gym a few days earlier and had scanned her membership card both times but that she’d had past disputes with another employee there. The gym manager asked the woman to leave for the day but did not ask police to issue a no trespass order against her. 

Thursday, May 23

9:25 a.m. – A homeowner on South Pierce Road told police that a tree work crew had parked their truck in her driveway and caused damage despite her telling them several times to not park there. Police reported that there were a few pieces of pavement loose in her driveway, but that the driveway was already in poor condition. The company supervisor at the scene called his boss, who agreed to have the incident documented. The truck was removed from the driveway and police took photographs to document the alleged damage. 

Friday, May 24

6:12 p.m. – Police spotted a SUV parked in a tow zone near the intersection of King Street and Water Street. Police checked the vehicle and found that its license plate belonged to a different vehicle. Police seized the plate and had the vehicle towed. A parking summons was issued for the violation of an “unregistered vehicle on state property.” 

11:59 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 71, for disorderly conduct. Police were dispatched to Richard’s Pub on South County Trail to assist EGFD with an “unruly intoxicated female party.” When officers arrived, the woman was being transported to Kent County Hospital, but a manager told police that the man who had been with her was also extremely intoxicated and wanted to drive home. The manager said the man had become belligerent when she called a rescue for the woman  and that she had offered to pay for an Uber for the man, but he had refused. The officer reported that the man became “irate” when he told him he was in no condition to operate a motor vehicle. He reportedly yelled profanities and made threatening statements against the officers. Police placed the man under arrest and reported that his pants kept falling down, that he lost control of his bladder, and that he also was bleeding from his left arm. Police issued the man a court summons for disorderly conduct and then released him to EGFD, who took him  to Kent County Hospital. 

Saturday, May 25

9:26 p.m. – Someone called police about an unconscious man in his car in the parking lot of the Cumberland Farms on South County Trail. Police reported that the man was inside his vehicle with the engine running, fully reclined in the driver’s seat, and asleep.  Police knocked on the window to wake him and asked him to exit the vehicle and speak. Police said the man’s eyes were watery and bloodshot and that his breath smelled of alcohol. The man agreed to field sobriety tests and police determined that the man wasn’t fit to drive. Police took his keys and had the man call a friend to pick him up. Police said he’d be able to pick his keys up at the station in the morning. 

Monday, May 27

6:13 p.m. – Police arrested a North Kingstown man, 54, for driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license after he was pulled over for speeding on Main Street. When the officer asked the man for his license, he responded, “I don’t have one.” The officer confirmed that the man did not have an active license and also found that he had three prior convictions for driving with a suspended/revoked/canceled license. The officer placed him under arrest and the man’s son came to take custody of his vehicle. The man was later released to his son after being taken to the station for booking and processing. In addition to the fourth offense charge related to the lack of license, he was issued a citation for speeding. 

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Bruce Mastracchio
Bruce Mastracchio
June 3, 2024 7:31 am

And in “old” EG police responded to a man passed out on the Court House lawn. It was old Sam S. He was gently awakened and given a ride home, where his Mother met the Officers and put Sam to bed.


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