Police Log: Smashed Bottles, Crashed Boats

by | Jul 26, 2020

By Andrew Belfry

Monday, July 13

9:51 a.m. – Police investigated a report of three damaged canopies at East Greenwich High School. The metal support poles had been bent and broken making the canopies unusable. Police determined that the wind had likely caused the damage. The canopies are valued at $200 each.

10:54 p.m. – A Duke Street resident requested police assistance in obtaining her clothing from her ex-girlfriend’s apartment. Police were unable to make direct contact with the ex but did leave a message requesting the items be left on the back porch.

Tuesday, July 14

7:39 a.m. – An individual was found sleeping in a car in front of Bank of America on Main Street. The officer on the scene stated the car owner was OK and left the scene after being woken up.

3:43 p.m. – Police responded to a report of wires down in front of Kon Asian Bistro on Main Street. Officers determined the wires to be from Verizon and contacted a crew.

Wednesday, July 15

1:17 a.m. – Police broke up a verbal argument at Kai Bar on Main Street. The parties dispersed and police drove one of the participants home.

3:49 p.m. – A caller complained that a group of kids on skateboards were cutting off traffic near the CVS on Main Street. Police responded, spoke to the youngsters, and they dispersed.

9:04 p.m. – An anonymous caller told police that a large group of people without face coverings were gathering in front of Mainstreet Coffee. Police could not identify the group but told staff at the restaurant to make sure no large groups were gathering in front of the store.

Thursday, July 16

2:30 p.m. – A West Warwick man who was working at an East Greenwich home was bitten on his left forearm by the dog that resides at the home. The dog was up to date on its rabies vaccinations but the owner was instructed to quarantine the dog. 

4:55 p.m. – An East Greenwich resident told police he was threatened by the manager of Two Young Studs Moving Company after two employees were unable to remove his washer and dryer from his home claiming the doorway was too small but informed him he would be charged for their time. The EG man said the manager threatened to send his employees to “kick his ass” if he did not pay. The manager told police he never threatened the victim. The caller told police he did not wish to pursue charges. 

5:10 p.m. – An East Greenwich resident handed over two boxes of 40 caliber pistol amno cartridges that he no longer wanted.

11:20 p.m. – A caller told police that he struck a deer on Crompton Road near the New London Turnpike but did not stop so he was unsure if the deer was injured or dead.

Friday, July 17

10:13 p.m. – Police arrested a Pittsburgh man, 25, for reckless operation of a motorboat and operating while intoxicated after witnesses said he crashed into a sailboat while coming into Greenwich Cove. The man was driving his father’s 32.5-ft Pursuit cruising boat when he sped through a no wake zone and struck a sailboat that was moored to a buoy in the beginning of the harbor. He docked the boat at the EG Yacht Club but fled the scene leaving two friends who had sustained injuries on the boat. When police questioned the friends they identified the suspect who police found at BLU on the Water, where he was taken into custody.

Saturday, July 18

12:18 a.m. – A Main Street resident called police about a suspicious vehicle that was parked and running outside of her house. Police determined that the party in the vehicle lives one house over.

8:36 a.m. – Police were unable to locate a possibly intoxicated man with no shirt yelling while walking west on Frenchtown Road. 

9:56 a.m. – A caller told police that a construction crew was blocking Howland Road near Division Road. Police responded to find the construction crew was not obstructing traffic. 

1:50 p.m. – A Union Street resident found a small yellow Schnauzer mix dog wandering around her property. She gave the dog some water and contacted police as the only tags on the dog indicated it was up to date on vaccines. Police transported the dog to North Kingstown Animal Hospital.

3:05 p.m. – A Foster resident visited the EGPD headquarters to file a report about lost license plates after she had been in a car accident in East Greenwich in June. She said the car had been looked at by multiple auto body shops before it was declared totaled by her insurance but the plates were missing. The last auto body shop, in Exeter, told her they would mail her the plates but she had yet to receive them. She talked to the shop again and they said they did not have the plates. She told police she would like to file charges if the plates were stolen. 

6:24 p.m. – A caller informed police that a group of young people on skateboards were again cutting off cars and nearly running into pedestrians near the CVS on Main Street.

7 p.m. – The owner of a restaurant on Main Street told police that a group of men were stealing electricity from her by using an electrical outlet on the outside of the building to charge their cell phones. Her attempts to cover the outlet has proven futile. Police told the victim that they would keep an eye out and speak with the group when they saw them. 

Sunday, July 19

12:04 a.m. – Police were investigating a stolen car after being called to BLU on the Water because of a fight. At BLU, police learned a Miami man, 36, had smashed a bottle over the head of a Warwick man, 51. The Warwick man had allegedly grabbed the Florida man’s fiancé by the throat, prompting the Florida man to try to stop the Warwick man by hitting him with the bottle. The two men and the woman, who were friends, declined to press charges. The Warwick man said he did not need medical treatment; police gave him a ride to the Greenwich Hotel, where he’d been staying. Meanwhile, the couple wanted to get into the car they can driven to the restaurant but they could not find the keys. They told police the Warwick man was letting them use the car, a Cadillac, while they were visiting. Without the keys, the couple opted to take an Uber to a hotel. After they left, police located the car and ran the plates, only then learning it had been stolen. Police passed the information to detectives for further investigation. 

2:12 p.m. – A caller told police he was unhappy with his food from the McDonald’s on Division Street. The store replaced his food to resolve the issue.

2:30 p.m. – A parked red Hyundai Sonata was obstructing two driveways in the area of 79 Duke St. Police waited for a short period with emergency lights flashing but when no one came to claim the vehicle the car was towed. 

8:38 p.m. – A caller told police someone was driving a pink motorbike with no lights or plates on Maplewood Drive with a passenger who looked to be a small child wearing a pink helmet. Police could not find the vehicle. 

11:35 p.m. – A Long Street resident contacted police to file a formal complaint regarding continuous fireworks in the area of Castle and Bennett streets. He told police he had complained numerous times over the past month and was fed up.

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