Police Log: Pool Accident, Missing COVID Tests

by | Jan 25, 2022

Monday, Jan. 10

8:30 a.m. – Police arrested a Warwick woman, 31, for driving with a suspended license, second offense, after observing her driving south on Main Street and doing routine checks, which also showed the car registration was suspended. Police had the car towed; the woman was released with the two violations.  

Tuesday, Jan. 11

12:26 a.m. – Police saw a Massachusetts man run a red light going from the Route 95 south off ramp onto New London Turnpike. The man said he ran the light because he’d been on the phone with 911, telling police, “People from South Boston are coming after me and I think they want to kill me because I used to talk in an Irish accent when I was in college.” He said they weren’t actually following him now and that police probably wouldn’t be able to understand because they weren’t from Boston. Police called EGFD rescue for an evaluation, however the man refused treatment. He was given a verbal warning.

10:57 a.m. – An employee of 1454 South County Trail told police someone has been leaving yellow sticky notes on her car occasionally over the past eight months with strange messages, some hostile. There is no video surveillance of the parking lot; police agreed to patrol the area.

Wednesday, Jan. 12

2:58 p.m. – A Woonsocket man said the driver of a truck appeared to point a gun at him when he went to pass the truck on the right on Route 4. The truck then got off Route 4 and the Woonsocket driver pulled over and called police. His passenger said he hadn’t seen the gun but was able to get a picture of the license plate. The driver said he just wanted to alert police. Police located the truck driver and spoke with him outside of Camp Fogarty. The driver, a North Kingstown man, said the other man had been tailgating him and was staring him down when he passed so the NK man flipped him off, holding his black phone in his hand.

6:35 p.m. – A Moosehorn resident told police she had ordered 25 rapid COVID-19 tests from a lab in Fall River and got notification earlier today the package had been delivered, but she could not find the package, valued at $325. She had notified UPS. The house did not have security cameras.

Thursday, Jan. 13

12:44 p.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 21, for driving with an expired license after he was pulled over for going 48 mph on Division Street (where the speed limit is 35 mph). The man acknowledged he hadn’t been able to renew his license yet. Police gave him a citation for the license and for failing to use a turn signal. Because the stop happened near the man’s house, he was allowed to park it in his driveway to avoid a tow.

4:55 p.m. – Police were called to an EG house after family members discovered their dog had fallen through the ice in the deep end of their pool. The dog was not moving by the time police arrived. A review of security camera footage showed the dog walking near the deep end of the pool around 3:15 p.m.; the dog was not seen again. Family members went looking for the dog around 4:45 p.m. and saw the animal, a German shepherd mix, under the ice. The shallow end of the pool was empty, but there was water in the deep end. EG police and firefighters pulled the dog, which was dead, out of the pool. Police notified the department’s crisis clinician to be available for family members.

Saturday, Jan. 15

4:46 p.m. – Police arrested a West Warwick man, 22, for an earlier simple assault charge after he was picked up in Cranston on warrants from EG and West Warwick. Police picked him up from WWPD and took him to EGPD for processing.

5:42 p.m. – A contractor said plaster work had been damaged in a house he was remodeling after an outdoor generator that was powering a heater had been shut off. A neighbor had left a voicemail for the contractor saying another neighbor had turned off the generator on Friday around 4 p.m. The contractor said the heat was needed because the plaster inside the building was fresh and extreme cold weather would damage it. A preliminary look showed the plaster was damaged. Police left a message for the neighbor who allegedly switched off the generator.

6:10 p.m. – A caller told police they’d heard a dog barking nearby for two hours. Police went to the home and could hear howling and barking as they drove up. Police found a small dog tied to the porch. The owner of the house said he’d just gotten home and the dog had only been outside for 10 minutes so the caller had been lying. He asked who the caller was but police did not release that information. The man responded, “They all are ***** liars and *****.” The officer said he didn’t know anything about that. The man brought the dog inside and the officer left. Back at the station, the officer learned the man had called dispatch, asking for the officer to call him because he wanted to file a criminal complaint against the caller. The officer spoke with the man, who said he felt he was being harassed. The officer said perhaps the caller had been concerned about the dog, especially in the cold weather and said there was no criminal complaint to file. 

Sunday, Jan. 16

12:04 a.m. – Police cited a Connecticut man for driving with an expired car registration after seeing his car had a rear tail light out; routine checks turned up the expired registration so they pulled him over on Division Road at Howland. Police had the car towed; the driver refused a ride to the station to wait for a ride, saying he would walk to a gas station.

Monday, Jan. 17

12:57 a.m. – A caller complained about two women arguing behind Hill & Harbor Cigar Bar. Police spoke with the women and confirmed it was a verbal argument only. Police dropped one woman off at the station to await a ride and the other at a residence on Post Road in Cowesett.

11:15 a.m. – Police arrested a North Kingstown man, 55, for driving with an expired license after police noticed him driving on Main Street and checked his license status. EG police had arrested him for having an expired license earlier. The man said he was aware he hadn’t renewed his license; police allowed him to leave the car at the gas station where he was stopped to avoid a tow. Police told him he should notify them if he renewed his license before his court date. 

8:51 p.m. – Police told two people in a car at Scalloptown Park that the park was closed. Because neither occupant was legally able to drive, according to the log, so police told them to call for a ride.

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