Police Log: Main Street Fight, Noisy Neighbor

by | Mar 18, 2023

Monday, March 6

9:11 a.m. – A caller notified police that a woman left her things in the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel.

10:27 a.m. – Someone informed police that an unattended FedEx box was open on Main Street. Police secured the open box.

10:49 a.m. – A caller asked the EGPD to have an officer remove a woman from the Greenwich Hotel. Someone came to pick the woman up before the police arrived.

6 p.m. – Police cited the owner of a black sedan who was driving with a suspended registration. A police officer noticed the expired registration sticker on the car while it was traveling eastbound on Division Street. The car was towed from the scene.

Tuesday, March 7

4:50 a.m. – An EG resident told police his upstairs neighbors are intentionally making noises to wake him. He said it was an ongoing issue. When police arrived, they couldn’t hear anything and advised the man to alert the building’s property management. 

9:02 a.m. – Police cited a Lincoln man for driving with a suspended license and lack of inspection sticker on his vehicle. An EGPD officer spotted an expired registration sticker on the car at the intersection of Post Road and Cedar Avenue, which prompted police to pull the car over. In the end, the vehicle was registered correctly but lacked an inspection. Police had the car towed from the area.

9:36 a.m. – Five or six signs used by the EG Library for their “Story Walk” event have either been damaged or gone missing. The estimated cost of the damage and missing property is $200.

3:16 p.m. – A caller alerted police that a man had defecated twice behind the dumpster at T’s Restaurant. There are no cameras that look at that location, and the license plate the caller reportedly saw does not match the vehicle they described. 

5:24 p.m. – A caller told police a young man looked like he might need some help on South County Trail. Police made contact with the man; he was waiting for a bus.

Wednesday, March 8

4:38 a.m. – A caller reported spotting a dead coyote on Shippeetown Road between Crompton Road and Division Street. Police checked the area but couldn’t find the animal.

5:23 a.m. – An EG resident told police about a possible verbal altercation taking place with one of her neighbors. Police arrived to find that a tenant and her boyfriend had been arguing over $160 that had gone missing. The two were advised to keep the volume of their voices down.

3:41 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich woman, 21, on a Burrillville warrant. EGPD officers found the woman in her grandmother’s house and she was taken into custody without incident. 

Thursday, March 9

9:06 a.m. – An employee of an East Greenwich dental office told police she was being harassed by a former employee. Despite having a no trespass order against this individual, they continued to text threats of leaving negative reviews of the business on Google every two weeks for the next year. Police documented the incident. 

9:32 a.m. – A staff member of a different EG dental office told police a recently fired dental technician in her office was texting and calling the office – something she wanted to end. Police later determined the former employee to be the same person who had contacted the first dental office. EGPD officers reached out to the man, who told them about work-related grievances and that he was pursuing legal action against his former employers. He told police that he would not contact the businesses again.

3:36 p.m. – Police just missed nabbing a man trying to pick up a fraudulent prescription at the CVS on Main Street. A pharmacist at CVS flagged the phony prescription when he noticed the physician who allegedly wrote the script works out of Wayne, New Jersey, despite having a Rhode Island area code phone number. When police checked with the doctor, a medical assistant confirmed no patient with the name on the prescription is seen at that practice. The man was gone by the time police arrived.

6:30 p.m. – A Watch Hill Road resident reported that one of the license plates on her Tesla was stolen or lost.

11:19 p.m. – A fight broke out between a woman and a man on Main Street. Both the woman and the man said the other instigated the altercation. In the end, both parties refused medical attention, and neither wished to press charges, so the police allowed everyone to disperse and leave the area. 

Friday, March 10

12:40 a.m. – A friendly lab mix dog kept coming up to the door of a Shippetown home, barking, and keeping the resident awake. Police returned the dog to its owner. 

3:08 p.m. – While cleaning out his father’s house on Shippeetown Road, a man found 12-gauge shotgun shells and several different calibers of ammunition. The man brought that ammunition into the EGPD headquarters to be disposed of. 

5:07 p.m. – Police cited a Johnston man for driving a car without an active registration. The black Lexus was pulled over because of its loud exhaust across from the End Zone Bar and Grill. Police had the car towed.

Saturday, March 11

2:57 p.m. – A woman took pictures of three men allegedly walking around her father’s property on South Pierce Road. Additionally, she snapped pictures of two cars that she said were in his driveway. The images do not show the license plates of the vehicles.

Sunday, March 12

3:36 a.m. – Police found a Newport man who allegedly was involved in a car crash near the Division Street bridge walking around the BankNewport parking lot talking on his phone. The man did not answer the police when they asked him if he was the driver of the car that crashed. Police cautiously patted the man down because a check of the vehicle’s registration confirmed that a firearm was attached to the car. The man did not have a weapon and later confirmed he was the driver of the car, which was towed from the scene.

5:09 p.m. – Police cited an EG man for driving with an unregistered vehicle. The police spotted the expired registration sticker on the black Audi Q5 at the intersection of Post Road and Cedar Avenue. The car was towed. 

5:58 p.m. – Police pulled over a vehicle on Division Street for illegally tinted windows. When asked for ID, the driver could only produce a Guatemalan passport. As no one in the vehicle had a driver’s license police had the vehicle towed and issued the driver with a citation for the tinted windows and driving without a valid license. 

Monday, March 13

12:39 a.m. – An EGPD officer approached a vehicle with its lights off but the engine running in Scalloptown Park. Police told the two people in the car of the rules regarding being in the park after hours and that the car would have to be towed because its registration was expired. The car was towed to a residence in West Greenwich, and police took the license plates.

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