Police Log: Late-Night Salad, Forgetful Suspect, ‘Jumped’ Victim

by | Nov 1, 2021

Monday, Oct. 18

5:12 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich woman, 38, for driving with a suspended license after police saw her turning left from First Avenue onto Main Street as the traffic light turned red. Police knew the woman and knew her license had been suspended so they pulled her over. Police gave her a District Court summons for the license suspension and a warning about the red light violation.

6:37 p.m. – A Tillinghast resident told police there were people in the woods behind her house carrying large spotlight-type flashlights and they were moving closer to the house, causing concern. Police found a man who was looking for the deer he struck with an arrow. They notified the Dept. of Environmental Management.

11:56 p.m. – Police cited a North Haven, Conn., man, 18, for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana after an officer came upon the man in the west parking lot at New England Tech, where he is a student.

Tuesday, Oct. 19

3:29 p.m. – A caller told police about a woman pulled over on Division Street between Howland Drive and the Route 95 northbound entrance with her door open. The caller said the woman appeared to be in distress. Police spoke with the woman, who said she was OK but hadn’t been feeling well. The door did not obstruct traffic and the woman said she would be on her way shortly.

9:07 p.m. – A caller told police he hit a deer in the Middle Road–Stone Ridge Drive vicinity, but that he thought it was still alive. Police saw the deer on Middle Road but it ran into the woods. Once home, the man called police again, to document damage to his car from the collision with the deer.

Wednesday, Oct. 20

12:09 a.m. – Police euthanized an injured deer found in the vicinity of First Avenue and Division Street and notified DEM.

12:49 a.m. – Police came upon a man eating a salad near the bathrooms next to Carcieri Field at the high school and told him to leave the area.

2:56 a.m. – Police arrested a North Providence woman, 30, on a warrant out of Cumberland after she was stopped for speeding on Division Street near First Avenue. The warrant was found doing routine checks. She was taken into custody, processed at the station, then picked up by Cumberland police.

3:54 p.m. – A caller told police members of his union would be gathering in front of Thorpe’s Liquors this afternoon with a banner and pamphlets. 

3:56 p.m. – A Cumberland Farms employee told police a customer against whom there is a no-trespass order was in the store, refusing to leave. The customer was gone by the time police arrived; employees said they would discuss the situation with the corporate office. 

9:31 p.m. – A caller asked police to check on his sister, an EG resident, saying no one had been able to reach her since Tuesday and she was having some trouble with her husband. Police found her to be OK and she said she would call her brother.

Thursday, Oct. 21

12:05 a.m. – Police cited a Nashua, N.H., woman, 19, for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana after they noticed a car in the west parking lot at New England Tech with its lights on. She admitted to having been smoking marijuana while sitting in her car in the parking lot.

Friday, Oct. 22

1:24 a.m. – After finding several cars in the parking lot at Scalloptown Park, police told the occupants of the town ordinance closing the park at sunset and told them to leave.

9:53 a.m. – An East Greenwich woman told police she’d received three debit cards from Bluebird Bank, cards for which she had not applied. 

1:33 p.m. – The Dept. of Health notified police about a dog bite on Diplomat Drive the previous day. The dog in question had been playing outside in the back when a chimney cleaner arrived at the front door. The dog, hearing the visitor approach, ran to the front and bit the chimney sweep in the arm and leg. The dog was up to date on its rabies vaccination; the owner was told to quarantine the dog for 10 days.

4 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 21, for vandalism that allegedly took place Oct. 19 in a parking lot at New England Tech on Division Road. The man’s backpack was found near the entrance of NEIT and video surveillance showed him at the scene, near the car that was vandalized (the vandalism included scratching the word “fag” on the car). The man said he had been driving home from college when he got a flat tire near NEIT so he pulled in there. He remembered going into a building to charge his phone but said he did not remember vandalizing the car. He said he’d been having mental health challenges lately. He was cooperative and acknowledged he probably did do the vandalism even though he didn’t recall it. The man was processed at the station, given a no-trespass notice for NEIT and released with a court summons. The car owner provided a damage estimate of more than $3,000. 

5:07 p.m. – A Conanicus Trail resident told police she found a baggie with around 20 pills in it in her mailbox. The pills appeared to be acetaminophen 500 mg.

8:45 p.m. – Someone alerted police about a man in a red hat and green shirt outside of Kon Asian Bistro – possibly drunk – yelling inappropriate things to passersby. 

11:44 p.m. – The owner of Low Key on Main Street said a customer had been “jumped” outside the bar. The victim was taken by EGFD rescue to the hospital. The suspects were three men and two women who walked north on Main Street. The incident remains under investigation.

Saturday, Oct. 23

4:37 a.m. – Police came upon a dead deer on Frenchtown Road and notified DEM.

12:58 p.m. – A Maplewood Drive resident told police a wild dog or coyote was roaming in the street. Police found it was a 17-year-old deaf and blind dog that had gotten free; police learned several family members were looking for the dog so the dog was returned home.

2:59 p.m. – Police gathered together three boxes of drugs dropped of at the station as part of a drug-take-back program, to be turned over to DEA.

9:23 p.m. – A Tillinghast Road resident told police he’d seen some pallets on his property and wondered if they had been put there for use later, after the homecoming dance.

9:33 p.m. – Callers told police a car was blocking the drive through at McDonald’s on Division Street. Police found the driver to be “overtired” and his cousin was coming to pick him up. The car would be parked in the lot overnight.

Sunday, Oct. 24

1:35 a.m. – On routine patrol, police noticed damage to the grass in the island near the EGHS walking trail, with deep tire tracks in the grass.

9:51 a.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 43, on a warrant after police noticed him driving on First Avenue. Police were aware of the warrant. Routine checks showed his license was suspended. He was taken into custody and delivered to the Adult Correctional Institutions. He was also cited for the license suspension. 

11:28 a.m. – Police got several calls about a man banging on a door on Long Street, yelling that someone was being raped inside. Police forced their way into the building and into an apartment but there was no one in the apartment. Upon talking with the man, it appeared he had been drinking. The resident then arrived home and said she had gone out on foot, which was why her car was on the property.

12:41 p.m. – Police were called to assist EGFD at an illegal burn at a residence on Partridge Run. The fire was contained in a large fire pit but was extinguished.

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