Police Log: Ladders, Lock Boxes, Loud Bats, Lobbed Punches

by | Jul 8, 2018

By Bethany J. Hashway

Monday, June 4

3:28 p.m. – A worker from Self Storage Center on Post Road called to report a damaged gate. According to the police report, a woman driving a U-Haul truck hit the main gate June 2. The accident was caught on video and the driver had already been contacted.

6:08 p.m. – A man told police his car was damaged while it was parked on Main Street. He’d parked the car but found it covered by a thick layer of dirt and dust caused by workers cutting the asphalt nearby to repair a sewer line.

Tuesday, June 5

7:30 a.m. – An East Greenwich woman told police that her credit card has been stolen. She said a friend asked to use her cell phone Monday. The woman said yes. The cell phone was in her purse and today she noticed her Mastercard was missing. The credit card company said there had been three charges, all local, at a convenience store and a liquor store. The woman confronted the friend, who denied taking the card, then reported the incident to police. The friend then returned the card and asked that she not file a report. Police talked to the friend and he paid the woman for the charges (totaling $27).

7:52 p.m. – Police arrested a Coventry man, 57, for driving with an expired license after he was pulled over for speeding on South County Trail. Routine checks showed the man didn’t have a driver’s license. He was issued a traffic court summons for speeding and a district court summons for driving without a license. A family member came to take the car.

Wednesday, June 6

10 a.m. – Police met with the EG schools athletic director about the batting cage at Cole Middle School to say Police Chief Brown had suspended the use of the batting cage until further notice due to repeated noise complaints. Police said anyone found using the cage will be warned and possible fines issued. The athletic director said he would notify the superintendent and the EG Little League about the batting cage being closed until further notice.

Thursday, June 7

1:30 p.m. – The owners of Feast Sandwich Company on Main Street told police they were missing two lock boxes, one from the kitchen and one from under a counter. One held around $100; the report did not include what the other box contained. The owners turned over video surveillance footage to detectives.

Friday, June 8

12:05 a.m. – Police arrested an Exeter man, 22, for disorderly conduct at Finn’s Harborside. An officer working a detail at the waterfront restaurant called for help have he ran into trouble trying to contain the man, who appeared to be drunk and behaving belligerently. The man in question said he was being hassled for no reason. The head of security for the restaurant wanted the man ejected and given a no-trespass order. After the man and his girlfriend were removed from the restaurant and escorted across the street, the detail officer returned to Finn’s to help with another incident. But the man returned to the restaurant. The police got him out again, then arrested him when he continued to act out. In addition to the disorderly conduct charge, the man was found to be in violation of an earlier no-contact order.

9:30 p.m. – Police were called to a house on Shady Hill Drive for the report of an alarm, with the indicator as bedroom motion. Police found a ladder leaning against the front of the house and an open second-floor window nearby. They found the screen of another window also appeared to have been cut. The homeowners arrived home after having been alerted by the alarm company. On inspection of the house, it appeared the intruders had tried to move a safe they found in a closet in the master bedroom. The safe, however, was bolted to the floor and could not be moved. The ladder belonged to the homeowners and they said it had been lying on the ground in front of the house when they had left that evening. Nothing appeared to have been taken. The break in was one of a series that had been reported during that period, including the one on Princess Pine reported below.

Saturday, June 9

11:10 a.m. – A resident from Union Street reported a missing bike. He said he’d last seen the bike on his front porch at midnight; the bike missing this morning. Estimated value of the bike, a black Huffy mountain bike, was $200.

10:40 p.m. – Police were dispatched to Princess Pine Drive for the report of an alarm. Police arrived simultaneously with the homeowners, who found a screen to the basement window ajar. Police checked the house and found a ladder lying in the grass behind the garage. The homeowner said it was his ladder but that it had been on the side of the garage. No one was found inside the house but it looked like someone had gained entry via a window on the second floor as well as the basement window. The homeowners noticed many closets and drawers had been opened inside the house but nothing appeared to be missing.

Sunday, June 10

9 a.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 56, on a Third District Court bench warrant after seeing him on a bike in the woods near an apartment complex on Post Road. Police recognized the man and knew there was a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested without incident.

3:39 p.m. – An East Greenwich resident from Peirce Street told police two ladders were missing from her yard, one 26 feet long and one 30 feet, but the longer one hd been found in the town parking lot at Swift Community Center, cut in pieces. A neighbor told her they’d seen a man cutting the ladder with a chainsaw there on Friday.

Monday, June 11

4:19 p.m. – A resident from Main Street went to police to report a missing coffee table. He told officers he’d left the coffee table outside behind his house and a neighbor had called to tell him it was missing.  

Tuesday, June 12

2:32 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich woman, 42, and an EG man, 57, both on charges of disorderly conduct and simple assault/battery they allegedly punched each other during a fight. They both said they wished to press charges; both were issued district court summons.

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