Police Log: Fence Fight & Very Unfit Car

by | Jul 24, 2022

Monday, July 11 

11:21 a.m. – A caller complained about their neighbor’s new fence. Police found workers trying to put up a fence and the neighbor questioning the placement. The caller told police they’ll contact a lawyer. 

12:19 p.m. – A caller told police a dog was left in a car on Division Street. Police spoke to the owner, who said the dog was fine. 

1:32 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 45, for domestic violence after his wife asked them to make a well-being check following an argument. When police arrived at the man’s residence, the lights were off and no one answered the doorbell after multiple rings. After looking through the windows and seeing broken glass on the floor, blood on a wall, and a chair flipped over, police entered and searched the house. They found the man sleeping; he appeared to be intoxicated. EGFD arrived and helped police rouse the man. The man said he drank more than he should have, and that he was home with his daughter. He was unaware that his wife had left the house with their dog. EGFD brought the man to Kent County Hospital for treatment. 

3:58 p.m. – A caller told police there was a dead animal in the middle of the road on South County Trail. Police took the animal from the road and put it in the woods. 

4:19 p.m. – A caller told police two people were fighting in a room at the Greenwich Hotel. Police called rescue to assist with someone whose head was injured. 

4:22 p.m. – A caller told police a car has been parked at the same spot on Sleepy Hollow Road for a week. Police spoke to the owner of the car and told them the car would be towed the next day. 

5:32 p.m. – A contractor working on a Tillinghast Road residence told police that the homeowner wanted him to leave and stop working on the project. The contractor said he had gotten permission to retrieve his work trailer but also wanted to get his supplies and the lumber that he paid for from inside the house. The homeowner told police he wanted the contractor to leave his property with only his trailer. Police told the contractor he would have to take the issue to civil court if he wanted to retrieve his supplies and lumber. 

11:03 p.m. – A caller told police she was walking her dog when she noticed a couple carrying several duffel bags on King Street. 

Tuesday, July 12 

8:24 a.m. – Police responded to an abandoned car on Sleepy Hollow Road. Police found the car’s registration to be suspended and had the car towed. 

9:36 a.m. – A Shippeetown Road caller told police two dogs were running loose. Police found the two dogs – an English bulldog and a mastiff – and brought them to North Kingstown Animal Hospital. The dogs’ owner told police she is currently in the process of moving, which could be the reason the dogs were acting that way. 

10:35 p.m. – An EG woman told police she was receiving harassing phone calls. Police showed her how to block the caller. 

Wednesday, July 13 

7:36 a.m. – A caller told police his phone was stolen on Main Street. Using “Find my Phone,” he  saw the phone was at a car wash on Post Road. Police approached a car with three passengers at the car wash and asked if anyone had found a phone. One man brought the phone to the police and said he found it before going to work. At the station, the phone’s owner said he just wanted his phone back and did not want any formal charges against the man. 

4:36 p.m. – A Johnston man, 25, was arrested on Division Road for driving with a suspended license after he was stopped for using his phone while driving and failing to stop at a stop sign. Procedural checks showed that the driver’s license was suspended. Police gave the driver a citation for using a phone while driving and a district court summons for the suspended license. 

8:23 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich woman, 54, for walking into a neighbor’s house uninvited; she appeared to be intoxicated. The woman’s husband told police she had walked into his house carrying four bottles of wine earlier that day and he told her that was unacceptable. He apparently told her she had until 8 p.m. to leave or else he would call the police because there was a no-contact order between them. She left around 8 and turned up a neighbor’s home. 

Thursday, July 14 

7:28 a.m. – A caller told police a man was walking in a parking lot on South County Trail. It turns out the man was waiting for his son. 

4:25 p.m. – A caller told police a driver on Main Street was “weaving in and out of traffic.” Police asked EGFD rescue to assist; they found that the driver was deaf and had trouble seeing. Police had the driver’s sister pick her up. 

7:10 p.m. – Police responded to an elderly couple who needed help with a flat tire on Grandview Road. A caller told police the two had an argument and the man left on foot. The woman did not have a phone on her, so police called AAA for assistance. 

Friday, July 15 

9:16 a.m. – A caller staying at Waterford Drive as a guest told police they were bit by a dog at the residence. The dog’s owners said they are physicians and were able to treat the guest at their home. Police found the dog to be up to date with its rabies vaccination which expires in 2025. 

9:52 a.m. – A caller told police her friend’s dog bit her hand. Hill & Harbor Vet told police the dog was up to date with his rabies vaccine. Police had a quarantine form sent to the residence requiring that the dog stay home for 10 days and be observed for signs of illness. 

11:59 a.m. – Police assisted EGFD in helping an elderly woman who fell on Peirce Street. The woman was brought to the hospital. 

12:51 p.m. – A River Run man walked into the station to report that someone had opened multiple credit cards and had obtained a Social Security number using his name. The man told police that Chase, Citizens, and Pentagon Credit Union all told him that credit cards were opened in his name. The man had his credit frozen and was asked to file a police report for the fraud. 

11:21 p.m. – Police responded to a fight at Blu On the Water on Water Street. Police talked to a woman who said two girls threw a drink at her. The woman seemed to be intoxicated; police could smell alcohol on her. Police also spoke to two women outside the restaurant who said they tried to grab the woman’s drink out of her hand and that she grabbed their hair in response. Security told police they saw all three women grab each other’s hair when they broke up the fight. 

Saturday, July 16 

2:59 p.m. – Police responded to a fire at a Terrace Drive residence along with EGFD. The resident told police he had been cooking that morning and had accidentally left the pan on the stove. He left the house for an hour to run errands and noticed smoke and flames on the stove when he returned. The resident said the fire went out when he brought the pan outside. 

3:19 p.m. – A First Avenue caller told police she did not need any assistance and just dialed 911 to make sure it works. 

4:20 p.m. – Police stopped a car on Division Street after noticing it did not have a hood, bumper or doors. The driver told police he had bought the car for $400 as a project and decided to immediately strip the car of its parts. Police then noticed that part of the car’s steering wheel was sawed off and that it didn’t have air bags. Police gave the driver a citation for driving an unsafe vehicle and had the car towed. 

5:29 p.m. – Police assisted EGFD with a 3-month-old who fell on the floor of a boat at Greenwich Marina. The infant had smaller-than-average pupils and might have gotten a concussion from hitting his head. He was brought to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. 

Sunday, July 17 

7:31 p.m. – Police responded to a caller who said she thinks a worker at Cracker Barrel stole her daughter’s Airpods while they were eating there. The woman told police she had left the restaurant and then drove back, realizing she should have given a better tip. On her way back there, the woman’ daughter said she lost her Airpods. As the two entered the restaurant, a worker asked if they were looking for Airpods, which they found strange because they hadn’t yet mentioned the missing Airpods. The restaurant’s manager then asked the woman to leave after she suspected that a worker stole the Airpods and apparently became “aggressive towards staff.” Police searched for the Airpods in the back of the restaurant but did not find any. 

11:45 p.m. – A Warwick woman, 54, was arrested for driving under the influence on Main Street after police were notified someone matching her description might be driving while intoxicated. When police asked the woman if she had drank any alcohol, she replied, “Of course I did.” The woman had apparently gotten into an accident earlier that night in Raku Sakura’s parking lot on Main Street, leaving the scene without contacting the other driver. Police asked the woman to take field sobriety tests, which she failed. The woman was then taken to the station, where she refused a chemical breath test. She was given a district court summons for the DUI and a traffic tribunal citation for refusing the breath test.

Monday, July 18 

2:17 a.m. – A caller told police her friends left her alone on Duke Street and that she has no way of getting home. Police helped the woman in getting a ride. 

Aiza Shaikh, a sophomore at the University of Connecticut and Class of 2021 EGHS alum, has been an EG resident since 2008. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and eating coffee ice cream.

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July 25, 2022 8:38 am


Police received a call from the owner of Arslanian’s Tent saying he noticed several cases of empty soda bottles were missing from the rear of his store. Police are investigating. No suspects yet.

Special Officer A.R. reported he chased a teenager all over town, including up on the roofs of several stores. He could not catch him but convinced him to stop. Said Officer then had conversation with youth and he was sent on his way. NO charges were filed.

Two member of local ” gang ” were braced on Main Street and questioned about upcoming “rumble”. It was concluded they knew nothing about it and were released.

A local resident was stopped and questioned for walking his pet turkey down Main Street on a leash.

Police were informed that a certain, well known local resident was back living in his packing crate down on the road to the dump.

The Outlanders are coming!!!!

Mandy mooore
Mandy mooore
July 25, 2022 9:27 pm

“11:21 p.m. – Police responded to a fight at Blu On the Water on Water Street. Police talked to a woman who said two girls threw a drink at her. The woman seemed to be intoxicated; police could smell alcohol on her.”
Uhh wouldn’t they smell alcohol on her? She just had two drinks thrown on her


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