Police Log: Drunk, Armed and Driving

by | Feb 19, 2023

Monday, Feb. 6

4:49 p.m. – An EG man was the victim of identity theft when someone tried using a doctored driver’s license and earning statement with the victim’s name on them to open a loan at Coastal 1 Credit Union on Post Road. A Coastal 1 Credit Union security guard got in touch with the victim, who alerted the EG police. The suspect was not granted a loan. No surveillance footage captured the attempted fraud. 

10:13 a.m. – A caller told police that wires were hanging low and striking cars on Duke Street.

12:37 p.m. – The property manager of a building on South Country Trail requested that police remove a motorcycle that had been on the premises unmoved for months.

4:16 p.m. – Police cited the parent of a youth after the youth was found to be joyriding and speeding in a pickup truck on Adirondack Drive. 

11:07 p.m. – A man put his hand through a window at the Greenwich Hotel when reaching for his phone. The man refused medical attention; the window was boarded up.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

5:27 p.m. – An Adirondack Drive resident nearly forked over $5,000 in gift cards to a would-be fraudster. An email alerted the victim to a purchase he made of $395.99. However, the victim never made that transaction, and when attempting to be “refunded,” an “error” occurred, according to the suspect. This “error” resulted in too much money being returned to the victim. He was instructed to purchase Apple gift cards to return the money. An Apple Store employee inquired about the gift card purchase and made the victim aware of the likely fraudulent element of the situation. The victim then made EGPD aware of the incident. 

6:08 p.m. – A Princess Pine Drive resident told police that a door-to-door salesman was operating in the area at night and was unsure if the individual had the proper permits. 

6:25 p.m. – An EGPD officer checked the open door of an East Greenwich house. The homeowner told the officer that he left the door open so the dog could go in and out.

Wednesday, Feb. 8

5:53 a.m. – A citizen notified EGPD that South Road between Route 2 and Tillinghast Street was icy.

7:31 a.m. – A Balsam Drive resident said they thought they spotted a fox near their home. EGPD could not locate the animal.

4:34 p.m. – The car of a Dave’s employee was dinged in the grocery store’s parking lot while she was working. The victim was able to identify the possible suspect using surveillance camera footage and the suspect’s transaction within the grocery store. Police confirmed the woman’s findings and instructed her to pursue a civil complaint as there is nothing to indicate the damage was criminal in nature. 

11:31 p.m. – Police arrested a Providence woman, 40, for driving while intoxicated after she allegedly used her gray Rav-4 to rear end another car on Division Street. The victim was uninjured, but his car received significant damage. The woman admitted to drinking one beer, one glass of wine, and an espresso martini but refused to take a breathalyzer at the scene or back at the station. Police note that the suspect smelled of alcohol and displayed characteristics of being intoxicated. Her car was impounded. In addition to the DUI charge, the woman was cited for refusing the breath test.

Thursday, Feb. 9

12:32 p.m. – A 2008 gray Honda Accord with Massachusetts plates went up in flames in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts at 2611 South County Trail. An EGPD officer tried using a fire extinguisher to stop the fire, but it didn’t work. EGFD successfully put the fire out. The car’s owner said she wouldn’t tow the vehicle and would leave it in the parking lot for the time being. 

3:43 p.m. – A Warwick woman’s Land Rover was impounded after EGPD learned the car was not registered, the woman’s driver’s license expired in 2011, and the license plates on the car were assigned to a black Nissan the woman once owned. She was initially pulled over for using her phone while driving in the area of Main and Friendship streets.

Friday, Feb. 10

1:20 a.m. – A King Street resident complained about people being too loud in the street.

7:37 a.m. – A hit-and-run occurred on Division Street near the plaza at 1000 Division. Police had a description of the car that may have been responsible.

10:54 a.m. – Police received a complaint of a man going door-to-door on Boxwood Drive. The individual was gone by the time police arrived on the scene. 

11:28 a.m. – EGPD checked on an elderly man walking on Division Street near Route 4. They ended up giving him a ride to Panera. 

4:20 p.m. – A caller told police that a man was loitering with liquor in his pocket by the train trestle near Crompton Avenue. Police were unable to locate this individual.

5:04 p.m. – A woman called the police when she couldn’t find the car she parked on King Street. She located the car on Queen Street.

Saturday, Feb. 11

1:59 a.m. – Police arrested a North Kingston man, 28, for driving while intoxicated and carrying weapons under the influence (a felony) after police clocked him driving over 80 mph on Route 4 south. Police noted the man was so intoxicated he couldn’t open his car door and kept falling down at the scene. He said he’d been with his brother in East Greenwich and had had a couple of “Bud Heavy’s.” He told police he had a permit to carry a gun. Police disarmed the man and found few knives, an ax, ammunition, body armor, and multiple guns – including a Beretta and an MP5 submachine gun in his car. At the station, the man told police he had a razor blade and a spare handcuff key hidden under the flag patch on his hat. In addition to the DUI and weapons charges, he was given a traffic tribunal summons for refusing to take a breath test and cited for driving 84 mph in a 55 mph zone.

8:01 p.m. – A Charlestown resident’s Mazda was impounded after EGPD found the vehicle had never been registered, the license plates were assigned to a silver 2007 Toyota, and the man’s driver’s license was expired. 

10:12 p.m. Reports of gunshots on Middle Road were determined to be fireworks.

Sunday, Feb. 12

5:39 a.m. – Police left a message on the door of a Tillinghast Road home after a neighbor complained about dogs barking at all hours of the day and night on their property line. An EGPD officer was able to hear the dogs barking over the phone during the complaint. 

3:31 p.m. – A caller told police a couple was fighting in the parking lot of Petro Oil on South County Trail. When police arrived, they were unable to locate the couple. 

10:02 p.m. – A fistfight broke out at End Zone Pub and Grille located on Post Road. A staff member informed police that two men – one a regular and one she didn’t know – got into a brawl. By the time police responded, the men were gone.

11:44 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 57, for driving under the influence after stopping him because he had been speeding down Division Road near Sanctuary Drive. The man told police he had had “one or two” beers, then changed his answer to three. After failing all field sobriety tests and refusing to take a breathalyzer, the man was taken into custody. In addition to the DUI charge, police gave the man a traffic tribunal summons for refusing the breath test and a speeding ticket.


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Lou Lucaski
Lou Lucaski
February 20, 2023 3:37 pm

Interesting to know whats going on.


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