Police Log: Dog Bites; Valet Misconduct

by | May 28, 2023

Monday, May 15

4:08 p.m. – Police had a Johnston man’s car impounded after spotting that it lacked a front registration plate while driving east on First Avenue. 

9:42 p.m. – A caller complained that someone on Middle Road was mowing their lawn at night. 

Tuesday, May 16

9:52 a.m. – The R.I. Department of Health notified the EGPD that a resident was bitten on the hand by a 9-year-old Portuguese water dog while attempting to remove a tick on the pup. According to a police report, the dog’s last rabies booster was on 4/1/2022 and is only good for a year. Police told the dog’s owner to keep the pooch “under strict confinement for 10 days” and to get the dog a rabies booster “immediately following confinement.”

11:41 a.m. – The East Greenwich Country Club’s manager told police someone had given him a counterfeit $100 bill. He became aware of this earlier that day when he tried to make a deposit, and a teller at the bank told him that a particular $100 was fake. The manager told police he did not want to file a complaint but wanted to make them aware of the situation. Police photographed, tagged, and placed the $100 bill in an evidence closet at the station. 

4:48 p.m. – Police warned a driver against passing people in the breakdown lane traveling north on Route 2.

10:05 p.m. – Police cited a Pawtucket man for driving with a suspended license, expired registration, and without proof of insurance. The cops initially pulled the man over because they spotted an expired registration sticker on the car traveling southbound on Main Street. Police had the vehicle towed to the man’s girlfriend’s residence. 

10:55 p.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 51, for domestic violence when he violated a no-contact order. The woman with the no-contact order against him texted her mother that he was asleep in her apartment. Police arrived and found the man hiding in the closet before arresting him.

Wednesday, May 17

9:48 a.m. – The EG police were notified that a dog bit an EG resident on the arm and hand. The incident occurred while the woman’s dog played with the neighbor’s pooch, who bit her. According to a police report, the dog who did the biting is up to date on its vaccines, but police instructed the dog’s owner to keep it in a 10-day quarantine. 

1:16 p.m. – Someone called about two dogs left in a car on South County Trail. Police found the car’s windows down and noted that the temperature outside was 63 degrees. 

3:52 p.m. – Police helped with traffic flow when the EGFD responded to an alarm at PMC Media Group on Main Street. The alarm was caused by food burned in the microwave. 

Thursday, May 18

1:15 p.m. – Police arrested an EG man, 37, on five active warrants. When police entered the apartment where they believed the man was staying, a woman told them he was hiding there. They found him behind a door in the bathroom. During the arrest, officers searched the man and found two syringes, a cotton ball, and a small baggie with white residue. Police sent that evidence to a crime lab to be analyzed for a possible additional charge. 

3:53 p.m. – An EG woman told police she saw a man standing by a tree in her yard the previous week. The day before she called in, she found grass stuffed in her mailbox. She removed it and found more the next day. The woman asked the police if they would perform periodic security checks. 

6:26 p.m. – An officer said he again told the La Masseria valets to stop parking cars in the handicapped parking spots (this has been an ongoing issue). “They are refusing to listen,” the officer said, according to the call logs.

9:05 p.m. – A caller told police someone was following them in a pickup truck. An officer spoke with the driver of the truck who said he was trying to tell the other driver their car’s tail lights were out. 

Friday, May 19

12:59 a.m. – Someone tried to use a fake ID to get into the bar area of the Greenwich Hotel. An employee called the cops, who took the fake ID but couldn’t locate the man who tried using it.

8:13 a.m. – Police officers checked on someone who appeared to be loitering near Bank RI on South Country Trail. The person said he was just waiting for the bank to open. 

3:45 p.m. – A caller told police that some teenagers were at the playground at Academy Field with what looked like a gun. It was a BB gun. One of the kids’ parents took it home.

9:17 p.m. – Cops were called out to an apartment building in town where a caller said they heard yelling, slammed doors, and threats coming from a neighboring unit. Police later determined that the dispute was with three neighbors who all agreed to leave each other alone for the evening.

Saturday, May 20

3:22 a.m. – A caller told police five people were walking around East Greenwich Square, some appeared drunk, and they were peering into the windows of businesses. Police later found out the five people were returning from Foxwoods and using the Tesla charging station. 

9:05 a.m. – A Division Road resident reported a mirror the town had installed several years before had gone missing. The town installed the mirror, according to the woman, because of the curve in the road. Police officers noticed the post and bracket where the mirror had been was rusted and bent. They left a message with DPW for the mirror to be replaced. 

3 p.m. – A Ridge Road resident told police that he believed two people he evicted from a camper on his property had caused extensive damage to the vehicle. According to the man, the two lived in the camper May 1-7. On May 8, he noticed the damage. A police officer assessed the destruction and, in a report, stated, “The damage inside the camper was extensive.” The report highlights that every door had been ripped off the hinges and almost all the cabinet doors had been torn down. The dining table was pulled out, cushions were stained, and burn marks were all over the floor and countertops, according to police.

Sunday, May 21

2:41 a.m. – Police arrested a Connecticut woman, 49, on a DUI charge and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Police found the woman asleep in her car with its headlights on, parked on a lawn on South County Trail, possibly having taken out a mailbox. The car’s passenger-side mirror was hanging off the vehicle, and the mailbox had been struck nearby, according to police. The woman told an officer, “it’s been a long day,” and she admitted to having “a few drinks” earlier that day with friends in North Kingstown. Police noticed an open Bud Light in the center cup holder and that she was slurring her speech and smelled of alcohol, according to the report. Police took her into custody after she refused to participate in field sobriety tests. 

2:09 p.m. – A caller said they heard a vehicle backfiring near Adirondack Drive. Police found the source of the noise to be a riding lawn mower a resident had been trying to start. 

4 p.m. – The landlord of a South Pierce property asked police to destroy drug paraphernalia she found in an evicted tenant’s residence. Police removed prescription pills from the property, and the landlord said she would throw out the previous tenant’s clothes if they did not contact her. 

4:21 p.m. – An EG woman told police that her ex-boyfriend threatened to “burn her belongings.” Despite the two being separated, she said they began speaking again recently. She told police the man was living at an apartment on South County Trail and had a warrant out of the Warwick Police Department. The woman could not provide proof of the threat because she told police that “her phone is old and has issues and it deletes her call log.” Police told her to block his number and no longer contact him. They also let Warwick PD know where the man was staying. 

4:29 p.m. – Police arrested a West Warwick woman, 58, on a Hopkinton warrant for larceny. The arrest was made on Crompton Avenue after an EGPD officer pulled her over because her  car traveled over the white fog line on Main Street. When the officers checked the registration of the car, he found out about the warrant. After EGPD officers took her into custody; later a Hopkinton Police officer picked her up. 

11:31 p.m. – Police cited a Warwick man for speeding, driving with a suspended registration, and driving without proof of insurance. Police initially pulled the man over because an officer clocked him driving 54 mph on Division Street near Howland Road. During the stop, an officer noticed an Elite Force H8R-6mm Super Magnum BB gun on the passenger’s seat floor. Police took the BB gun for “safekeeping” and had the car towed to the man’s residence. 

Monday, May 22 

3:46 a.m. – A caller reported his 2012 gray Nissan Xterra missing from where he parked on Main Street. People at the Greenwich Hotel told police that they saw a woman get in the vehicle, which had the keys inside, and drive away about an hour before police got the call. 

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