Police Log: Closing Time Fisticuffs; Parking Provocation

by | Jul 19, 2018

By Bethany J. Hashway

Monday, June 18

10:15 a.m. – Police were called to Finn’s Harborside for the report of a burglary overnight. The owner told police he had received a message from the alarm company at 12:39 a.m, letting him know that there was an alarm in the outside tent area, but since it was only one zone the police were not notified. This morning, he reviewed the video and saw a man enter the bar area and open the coolers, rifle through looking for particular items and then leave with an unknown bottle of liquor in each hand. The camera footage also showed two other men. One of the men appeared to be very drunk and walked up to the bar holding two bottles of alcohol he put down on the bar. The other man appeared to be acting as lookout. The video shows the first man head toward the street and run across the road; the second man appears to notice the first man has left and follows him across the street. After a search, police found a bottle of white wine that had been taken.

Tuesday, June 19

2:10 p.m. – Police were called to a house on Grandview Drive for the report of an attempted breaking and entering. The resident told police that she came home from vacation and found the rear basement sliding door was damaged. She said she’d been away June 14-18. She found that the rear slider had been pulled out of the track and the screen door was forced open. Police investigated and found someone had tried to force open the sliding screen door but it had remained locked. Nothing was missing from the house and no entry was gained.

3:30 p.m. – Police met with the owner of Shimmer Salon, regarding a customer who hadn’t paid for two massages. The woman had paid by credit card but the card company had denied the payments. The salon has tried reaching out to the customer without success.

7:39 p.m. – Police responded to Main Street at Courthouse Lane, for the report of a parking issue. When officers arrived they met a man who said he was outraged after finding a note on his windshield telling him that his car was “pressed up against” another car on Main Street, facing south bound on the west side of the roadway, properly and legally parked. Police looked at the two vehicles, they weren’t touching and they were 12 to 15 inches apart. Neither car appeared to be damaged. The man showed police a note left on his car saying his car was “pressed” against the other car. The note include a phone number and a request that the man call so they could deal with the issue without going to the police. The man told police he thought the note was blackmail. Police contacted the woman who’d left the note; she said she had photos of the two cars showing how close they were to each other. The man said he wanted an apology and would sue if necessary. The woman told police the man had threatened to “slit her throat many times,” during a phone conversation they had. Both parties declined to press charges.  

Friday, June 22

1:11 a.m. – Police arrested a Wakefield man, 24, for disorderly conduct and simple assault/battery and resisting arrest and a North Kingstown man, 25, for disorderly conduct after a fight broke out between them at closing time at Finn’s Harborside. The two men were standing in the middle of the road, yelling and pushing each other. One man yelled at the other that he wanted to fight. Police stepped in to stop the fight. The Wakefield man told the police to “f*** off” and tried to push an officer out of the way in an attempt to fight the other man. During a struggle, the man hit an officer on the side of his head with his closed fist. Eventually, three police officers were able to subdue the man and get him in handcuffs. The man continued to be disruptive during his time at the police department for processing and held for arraignment. The other man was charged with disorderly conduct.

10:30 a.m. – A Waltham, Mass., man told police someone broke into his boat sometime over the past two weeks. He keeps his boat at Dock B on Water Street. He said the left side windshield had been smashed and there was damage to his hatch lock, outdoor refrigerator, air conditioning system and port side top hatch pistons. He said the refrigerator had been left open and that it just kept running until it stopped; the main hatch to the interior was also left running with the air conditioning on which also stopped working.

Saturday, June 23

2 p.m. A Deerfield Drive resident told police said things were missing from his house, which is currently on the market. He said 15 pieces of silverware from the family heirloom silverware set was missing. The last time they saw the pieces of silverware was on Easter Sunday. The missing pieces of silverware are estimated at $250. The owner also found his $250 Bravada watch is missing from the watch case. The owner said many people had been looking at the house and the real estate agent had information about everyone who had looked at it.

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