Police Log: Bar Flasher, Scary Cat

by | Jun 9, 2024

Wednesday, May 29 

6:40 p.m. – An East Greenwich resident told police someone had thrown something at the back door of her home. She said she had been in the kitchen when she heard a “loud bang.” She then went outside and saw a full water bottle laying in her backyard that had not been there earlier. Police asked the woman if she believed anyone may have targeted her house on purpose. She told them that her husband was involved in an ongoing legal battle regarding his business and that it could be related. Police did not find a water bottle at the residence again but noticed “a faint smudge of what appeared to be the shape of a water bottle on her back slider.” The woman told police she would like to press charges for vandalism. The officer took photos and forwarded his report to the detectives division. 

Thursday, May 30

12:21 a.m. – Police arrested a North Scituate woman, 39, for driving while intoxicated. An officer spotted the woman running a stop sign at the intersection of Kenyon Avenue and Division Street, as well as drifting in and out of the lane of travel. The officer stopped the vehicle and reported that the woman’s breath smelled like alcohol, that her speech was “confused and slurred,” and that her eyes were bloodshot. The woman apologized several times for running the stop sign and said that she had been following her friend home and trying to “keep up.” She said had been out to dinner and had three martinis. The woman consented to field sobriety tests and the officer reported that she displayed several signs of impairment. The woman refused the preliminary breath test; the officer arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence. The officer then took the woman back to the station for processing. She refused the chemical test. She was released with a district court summons for the DUI, as well as citations for the test refusal and traffic violation. 

12:08 p.m. – A woman called the animal control officer (ACO) to report that a stray cat in her neighborhood had been “terrorizing her cats and causing damage to her property.” The ACO reported that she had spoken with the woman about the same issue a few days earlier. The ACO also reported that the woman believed the stray cat had killed other cats in the neighborhood, including “some of hers.” However, the ACO said she had not received any reports of deceased cats in the area. The woman also said the stray cat had come to her window the previous night and broken the screen, allowing one of her cats to run off. The ACO told the woman she would reach out to some stray cat rescue groups and advised the woman to do the same. The woman also said she had set a trap in her yard in case the cat returned home. The ACO told the woman to let her know if the stray cat ended up in the trap and that, if so, she would attempt to find somewhere for the animal.

8:59 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick woman, 38, for driving with a suspended license. An officer saw the woman driving on Post Road in a vehicle without rear plate lights, making the temporary registration plate unreadable. The officer pulled the woman over and she said she was unaware of the issue. The officer found that her vehicle’s registration was active but her license was suspended. In addition, she had three prior offenses for driving with a suspended/revoked/canceled license. The officer also found two open alcoholic beverages in the woman’s vehicle but reported that she showed no signs of impairment. She was arrested and taken back to the station for processing, and she was released after being issued a court summons for the suspended license, as well as a citation for having alcoholic drinks in her car while driving.  

Friday, May 31

8:43 a.m. – An officer noticed a vehicle driving on Division Street with expired registration stickers. The officer stopped the vehicle; routine checks showed the registration had been canceled. In addition, the driver was initially unable to provide proof of insurance. The officer issued citations for operating a motor vehicle with a canceled registration and without insurance. The driver was then able to find his proof of insurance, but the officer reported that “the violation had already been written and printed.” The vehicle was towed and the plates were seized. 

2:17 p.m. – Police were dispatched to an EG residence over a dispute about two dirt bikes. When officers arrived, the woman who called said it was her father’s house, and that he had taken two dirt bikes out of her house in West Warwick and brought them there. The father told police that he was the actual owner of the bikes. He also told police that he was helping his daughter and her kids move out because they were being evicted. He said he had no intention of keeping the bikes. The woman eventually said she did not believe her father’s intention was to steal the bikes. The officers documented the incident for “informational purposes only” and sent it to detectives for further review. 

8:06 p.m. – Police responded to the area of Ridge Road due to a reported loose dog being aggressive toward a group of kids. The kids said they were outside playing basketball when the dog ran at them and chased them. They also said it had happened a few times before. An officer went to the home of the dog’s owner, who claimed that the dog had not made it all the way to Ridge Road and said he had footage from an exterior camera on his home to prove it. However, the officer reported that the man said the footage wouldn’t load. The officer issued him a municipal court summons related to the loose dog. 

Saturday, June 1

12:45 a.m. – An officer saw two men urinating on the side of a building on Water Street. The officer activated his emergency lights and spoke to the men, who said they had been kicked out of a bar and were waiting for their Uber. The office informed them that urinating in public was a violation of town ordinance. He issued both of them a municipal court summons for the violation. 

9:56 p.m. – Police arrested a Cranston man, 26, for driving while intoxicated. Police were dispatched to the Main Street area after a report of an erratic driver. Police spotted the vehicle making an illegal u-turn and also reported that its headlights were off. They stopped the vehicle and reported that the driver’s speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his breath smelled like alcohol. Police also reported there was a half empty bottle of vodka in the passenger seat. However, the driver claimed he had not consumed any alcohol. The driver consented to field sobriety tests and police reported that he displayed several signs of impairment. The driver also consented to a preliminary breath test and blew above the legal limit. Police arrested the man and took him back to the station, where he consented to a chemical test, which again indicated blood alcohol content level above the legal limit. The man was charged with the DUI and issued citations for the illegal u-turn, having his headlights turned off, and the presence of alcohol beverages in his vehicle. 

10:26 p.m. – Police arrested a Cumberland woman, 32, for disorderly conduct. An officer posted at Blu on the Water was advised by a security guard that a drunk woman had been kicked out and was trying to get back inside. The officer informed her that she was no longer allowed inside and reported that “her eyes began to fill with tears.” The woman then said she had a friend inside, pointed to another woman, and approached her. However, this woman said she did not know the first woman. The first woman walked away out of sight but came back shortly after and tried to get back inside again. The officer reported her speech was slurred, her breath smelled like alcohol, and she “began to step as if she was trying to stomp on [his] right foot.” The officer also reported that she grabbed a man’s wrist who was waiting in line. The officer requested backup; when other officers arrived, they arrested her for disorderly conduct. Police reported that the woman didn’t comply with officers’ demands and that she refused to use her legs or stand up when directed so police said they “gently lifted” and carried her to a police car before she started to walk again. After being handcuffed and taken to the station, she was charged with not only disorderly conduct but also “resisting legal or illegal arrest.” 

Sunday, June 2

9:42 a.m. – Police noticed a vehicle driving on Post Road with expired registration stickers. The officer stopped the vehicle and reported that the driver was “yelling and swearing in the vehicle” and “punching the steering wheel and dash.” The driver then yelled back through the open rear window that he “had nothing.” When the officer asked for clarification, the driver said that his license was suspended and his vehicle was not registered. At one point, the officer reported, the man started reaching for the keys “as if he had a thought to flee from the scene.” However, the man eventually “calmed down” and turned over the keys. Police ran a series of checks to confirm the man’s status and issued him citations for driving with a suspended license and for operating a vehicle with a canceled registration and without insurance. The vehicle was towed. The officer reported that the man became “highly agitated” again and walked away without saying where he’d like his vehicle taken. 

2:57 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 42, for driving while intoxicated. A resident of Cooper Lane called police and told them about a man stumbling across her front lawn, pacing back and forth in front of her home, and then falling into and damaging the neighbor’s fence. The caller said the man had then gotten into a vehicle and driven a short way down Cooper Lane before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. When police arrived, they reported that the vehicle was still stopped in the middle of the road, with the man asleep at the wheel. Police requested EGFD come to the scene and then opened the door “in an attempt to further evaluate his condition.” The man began to wake up and police asked him to turn off the car and exit the vehicle. Police reported that the man appeared disoriented and off-balance, was sweating profusely, and was slurring his words. After being evaluated by EGFD, the man signed a form saying he didn’t want medical treatment. The man consented to field sobriety tests and police reported that he displayed several signs of impairment. He was placed under arrest on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Police searched his vehicle, finding more than $10,000 in cash, and had the vehicle towed. The man was taken to the station and consented to the chemical test, which was inconclusive. The man then agreed to have his blood tested and was taken to Kent County hospital to have his blood drawn. He was then taken back to the station and arraigned on the DUI charge and released. 

8:24 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 57, for indecent exposure after he allegedly exposed his genitals to a woman near the bathrooms at Blu on the Water. Police saw a man matching the flasher’s description walking on Water Street. The man said he did not speak any English. An officer placed him in handcuffs and put him in the back of his cruiser, telling the man that he was detained until the officer completed his investigation. The officer also reported that the man was unsteady on his feet, that his breath smelled like alcohol, and that he appeared to be “heavily intoxicated.” Police also collected a statement from the victim, who described the encounter in further detail, as well as provided a picture she had taken of the flasher after the incident occurred. The photo matched the man in custody, so police arrested him and took him to the station. The man again informed police that he did not speak English, but police were unable to locate any neighboring agencies with an officer who could speak the man’s language. However, the man called a friend who was able to translate the officer’s questions. The man was issued a district court summons for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, 1st offense.

Monday, June 3

1:40 a.m. – Police were dispatched to Main Street on a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner of the missing vehicle told police that he had parked on Main Street a few hours earlier and went to a bar, leaving his vehicle unlocked with the keys inside. He said he had left the bar around 1:30 a.m. and then discovered that his vehicle was gone. Police put out a description of the vehicle and had it flagged as stolen. The car owner said he would press charges if a suspect was found.

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Bruce Mastracchio
Bruce Mastracchio
June 12, 2024 7:00 am

And, in “old EG” police received a call about some young boys swimming naked in the Bleachery Pond off The Rock.. When they arrived they confronted a group of boys, clothed, who denied swimming ‘BA’ as the term used in those days. The Officers gave the boys a stern talking to and then left, perhaps, with a smile on their face, as they recalled doing the same thing years earlier when they were lads.


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