Patricia Page Named Interim EGHS Principal

by | Oct 11, 2022

Patricia Page

The press release from EGSD about the naming of Patricia Page as interim principal of EGHS. Former principal Ken Hopkins resigned in August after two years in the position (read more HERE). 

The East Greenwich School Committee approved the contract for Dr.  Patricia Page to begin serving as the Interim Principal of East Greenwich High School. Dr. Page will begin her work in this new role on Monday, October 17, 2022. The contract came to the  School Committee on the recommendation from Dr. Brian G. Ricca, Superintendent of Schools.  

The process for hiring for this position followed District Policy 5410.1. Brianna Moody,  Coordinator of Human Resources, convened a Screening Committee that interviewed three round  candidates, and that committee recommended Dr. Page as the only finalist. Dr. Ricca interviewed  Dr. Page with Michael Podraza, the Acting High School Principal, and confirmed the Screening  Committee’s recommendation.  

Following the departure of Kenneth Hopkins this summer, Mr. Podraza selflessly volunteered  and served as Acting Principal to ensure the learner-centered operations of our high school  continued. Along with Dr. Jonathan Mendelsohn and our talented and professional Faculty &  Staff, the high school has had a great opening to our academic year, including the first Pep Rally since the 2019 – 2020 school year. Dr. Ricca expressed his thanks for Mr. Podraza’s selfless work: “As the former principal at EGHS, Mr. Podraza was able to smoothly return to his former  role putting the needs of our students first. In collaboration with the current leadership at the high  school, as well as our outstanding faculty and staff, I am proud of how seamless this has felt.” 

When asked about the new role, School Committee Chair stated, “We are thrilled that Dr. Page is  able and willing to fulfill this interim role. Her willingness to step up is a direct reflection of a  positive school climate. With her experience and knowledge of East Greenwich High School, she  is poised to do much more than to keep things afloat. Her proven leadership will keep us moving  forward with the many new initiatives outlined in the district’s strategic plan, particularly our  CTE and Pathways programs. EGPS is very fortunate to have Dr. Page on its leadership team.” 

Dr. Ricca was happy and proud to point out that this position was possible due to the excellent  working relationship established with the East Greenwich Educational Association. Donna  McPhee, the President of the EGEA, also noted, “The EGEA works with administration to problem solve. Opportunities for collaboration and teacher input result in better opportunities for all stakeholders.”  

Dr. Page holds graduate degrees in Business Administration and Education and a Ph.D.  specializing in Educational Technology. Her varied career includes senior management positions in the private and public sectors with responsibility for organizational development, employee  relations, compensation, and benefits; technical and leadership training, and information  technology. Within the East Greenwich school district, she has supported students throughout  their academic careers to fulfill our Vision of a Graduate. She has served as Performance-Based Graduation Requirements Coordinator, third grade teacher, management and finance educator, and most recently, Applied Unified Arts department chair and CTE coordinator. She was the Rhode Island Teacher of the Year in 2014

Dr. Page has forged and scaled on the district, state, and national level meaningful public-private  partnerships to support authentic learning opportunities for students. She has worked in tandem  with state and regional education officials, post-secondary administrators and educators, and  civic partners to transform practice and policy to support the successful transition of high-school  students into a post-secondary environment. She brings to this role extensive experience in the  design, implementation, and evaluation of strategic plans, person-centered policies, and  compliance-based initiatives in support of organizational objectives.  

When not in the district, you can find Dr. Page supporting the development of financial  capability in the K-16 and under-resourced populations through her work as President of the RI  Jump$tart Coalition. She lives in East Greenwich with her husband, David. They are the proud  parents of two EGHS graduates.  

In reflecting on this hire as Superintendent, Dr. Ricca noted: “Dr. Page is a known and trusted  member of the EGHS community. She was critical in starting our CTE Program this year and  embraces the Strategic Plan, ‘All Means All.’ I look forward to her leadership on behalf of our  entire high school and the greater East Greenwich community.”  

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Leslie Hand
Leslie Hand
October 12, 2022 8:53 pm

Amazing choice! Congrats to Dr. Page!

We have nothing but the highest respect for her. Both of our kids turned out the way they did much in part because of Dr. Page, her abilities as not only a teacher but truly as a mentor were unmatched.

Our daughter Katie’s first foray into Sales was with Pat Pages class, where she was put in charge of the sales team for a school based business. Now having graduated, Katie was just appointed the Commercial Sales Development Rep for Cognism, a London based firm. The early identification of her potential to excel is Sales and Marketing all started with that one class!

Our son had Dr. Page in 3rd grade and then again several times while at the high school. Nick was selected to be a Youth Ambassador to Bosnia + Herzegovina thru the US State department during his senior year, much in part to the amazing reference and letter that Dr Page took the time to write on his behalf. Her efforts without a doubt helped boost his chances in the extremely competitive selection process. That one amazing opportunity has opened to many doors, since that time.

As an educator you don’t get much better than Pat Page. Bravo to East Greenwich for recognizing her talents and elevating her to a more senior position at EGHS. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.


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