Newtown’s Snow

by | Dec 14, 2014

Editor’s Note: Bob Houghtaling wrote this after the terrible and tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School Dec. 14, 2012. Photo credit:


Human beings are spiritual creatures. Whatever you believe – belief is an essential part of living. It is especially essential that one believes in things greater than oneself. It does not have to be based on a specific religion – belief could be about family, friends, country or life’s meaning. I hope what I have written will provide a tiny spark to that which you hold dear. Remember your loved ones and enjoy the season.

Newtown’s Snow

Hear the grieving mother.
Watch a father in despair.
Families touched by sadness,
surrounded by those who care.

Winter’s chill upon us.
Nights seem much more stark.
Yet choirs sing of Christmas
and a light shines in the dark.

It begins as a whisper,
then lands upon your face.
It’s snowing in New England
on a very special place.

Look up to the gentle flakes
falling from the sky –
they are children dressed as Angels –
sent from ‘up on high’.

They come around this time each year–
to remind us here on earth–
just how precious children are
and how very much they’re worth.

To those filled with sadness
“trust that deep within your heart –
your children all are Angels
and you’re never far apart.

Soon they will come back again,
as gentle snowflakes too –
living up in a Holy Place
and returning each year new.

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December 17, 2014 9:00 am


I was brought to tears reading Newton’s Snow. How soon we tend to forget tragic events and suffering. Newton’s Snow reminds us of how precious our children are. They are truly a gift from on High. Thank you for causing me to reflect on the true meaning of the Christmas season.

God Bless,

Charlie Meyers


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