New Year, New Kitchen!

by | Jan 21, 2022

Above: Go Blue! Think navy, forest green, black this year. 

Nathan Reynolds at Insperiors has some ideas


There is something about January that screams “clean slate.” There is the global – turning the page on the previous year. Then there’s the specific – how spare your house can look after all the holiday froufrou is stored away. And that can be helpful in seeing what needs attention.

For instance, the living room walls may look a bit dingy on a bright winter day. The dining room chairs might appear worn. And the kitchen – where you spent most of December – the list of needs there could be long. But that’s the gift of January, when you can get cozy and start planning. 

Replacing a double sink with a single deeper sink and a gooseneck faucet can make everyday chores feel less onerous.

At least, that’s what Insperiors designer Nathan Reynolds recommends. 

“I think because it’s a new year people often set goals personally or professionally. At home, that can mean making your house more functional. Coming off the holiday, you’ve realized what works in your kitchen and what doesn’t.” 

Maybe you want to ditch your double bowl sink for a single deeper sink or that side-by-side refrigerator for one with french doors. Or maybe you spent December fighting for space in the kitchen and you are ready to make it bigger. 

Reynolds and the team at Insperiors love those sorts of projects, but let’s face it – not everyone is looking for expensive changes. Luckily, there are a lot of smaller things you can do to freshen up your spaces, Reynolds says. 

“On a smaller level, which is something I’m planning on doing this month, you can empty out your kitchen cupboards, going through things and giving them a good cleaning,” he says. “You might realize, ‘I keep moving the same thing, maybe I should just toss it.’”

Paint is always a way to change things up on a budget. “How about painting your cabinets a bright white?” Reynolds suggests. Or, go the opposite direction, with newly popular navy, forest green, even black.

If you’ve got a moderate budget, why not consider new counters, backsplash and sink? Quartz, soapstone, and natural stone, as well as a full height backsplash and waterfall edge.

There are less expensive fixes.

“Changing out your kitchen faucet is such an easy thing. A taller gooseneck faucet with a pull-on spray can make your everyday better,” says Reynolds. “Or, what would it cost to add four to five cans in the ceiling for better lighting?”

Another option? Look at all the appliances “decorating” your countertops. “Do you really use these appliances regularly?” says Reynolds. If not, maybe you can find a place to store some of them and, voilà, more counter space!

It may be that over the holidays you got a couple complaints about the stools around your island not being very comfortable, says Reynolds. Replacing them isn’t a small change, but it’s not a big one either and it can go a long way to creating that space where everyone wants to be. 

What about updating your utensils, dish towels, or cloth napkins, says Reynolds. “New canisters for your coffee, rice, whatever – they can offer pops of color,” says Reynolds. “Or add a fun wall clock, or pictures of your travels.”

He added, “We are still in this pandemic and it’s looking like it’s going to be a longer winter at home. Making those changes can help.”

Reynolds cautions about getting carried away at a store and buying a new set of plates on the fly – measure first to make sure they fit in your cabinets!

“One client just wants to change out her cabinet pulls,” Reynolds says. “She wants to be on trend again, going from brushed nickel to brass. That’s a small thing that you can do.”

As Reynolds mentioned above, however, we are still in the pandemic so he cautions that things are taking longer these days (can you say supply chain?). Still, you’ve got to start somewhere. And the team at Insperiors would love to help!

Sometimes all you need are some new pendants to update a kitchen.

Crystal knobs dress up a cabinet instantly.

Brass is back! New brass drawer pulls can bring your kitchen up to date.

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January 22, 2022 7:21 pm

Beautiful Work Nathan 😍😍


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