Monday Budget Hearing May Be Last Chance to Weigh In

by | May 12, 2024

There is no joint meeting scheduled with the School Committee

The Town Council will hold a public hearing on the budget Monday night after which they could vote, even as early as that night. Bucking tradition, there has been no joint budget meeting scheduled between the Town Council and the School Committee.

The budget proposed by Town Manager Andy Nota represents a 4.45 percent increase over the current year to $87,381,148 (an increase of $3,720,928). The hit to the tax levy is 4 percent. That’s as high as the town can go without seeking a waiver from the state.

For residential property owners, the tax rate drops to $15 (from $21.85). Taken together with the substantial property assessment increases, most homeowners will still see a tax increase, but more like in the hundreds, not thousands.

The commercial property tax rate goes up only slightly, from $24.93 to $25. The personal property tax rate remains at $45.50. The only entities hit by the personal property tax rate must have property (i.e. desks, computers, etc.) in excess of $50,000 (companies like Rhode Island Energy).

The budget allots: 

$63,477,422 for the School Department, including a proposed transfer $41,246,446, a $1,523,011 increase or 3.83 percent.

$18,095,193 for the General Fund, a $786,527 increase or 4.54 percent increase.

$3,546,649 for Debt Service, a $167,914 increase or 4.97 percent increase.

$589,134 for the EG Library, a $25,839 increase or 4.59 percent.

Town increases come from: 

Town Employment and Contractual Obligations and Challenges:

• Salaries: Proposed increase of $665,600 or 5.29% and 49.01% of total budget;

• Benefits: Proposed increase of $310,394 or 4.49% and 26.68% of total budget;

• Union: Entering 3rd year of three-year CBA for all bargaining groups.

The town plans to add two new positions: Purchasing/Risk management and Resiliency Planner

EGSD budget increases and other revenue: 

School Contractual Obligations:

The EGSD personnel costs (salaries and benefits) account for 76.4% of its total expenses

The school budget calls for 5.4 new positions

Proposed state education aid showed an increase of $762,216, to a total of $6,731,190 (which will not be certain until the General Assembly passes its budget, usually some time in June)

Federal Grants – Title I, II, IV IDEA B, IDEA PreSchool, BSCA and Perkins – total $1,064,036.

If you want to weigh in on the budget, come to the meeting Monday night in Council Chambers at Town Hall. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Find the agenda HERE. Find the draft town budget HERE. Find the school budget HERE.

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Everett V Pizzuti
Everett V Pizzuti
May 13, 2024 12:56 pm

I have a general question. Why is it that every three or four months, for the last few years, the roads at the intersection of Rt 2 and Frenchtown Road are dug up and then patched over in the very same places! This seems to be done by the utility companies, the Town, the State, and other. Why can’t they get it right , if not the first time, then maybe the second time. But here we are I would estimate after ten times!!

Renu Englehart
Renu Englehart
May 14, 2024 8:39 am

The state or state utilities are responsible for all the work on Rt 2. The intersection of Rt 2 and Frenchtown Rd (Rt 403) is a state intersection, currently Kent County Water is doing work there.


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