Letter to the Editor: What’s the Point of a Liquor License Cap?

by | Sep 17, 2014

There used to be a cap on full liquor licenses, but the cap keeps on getting raised with another license to be considered in a future Town Council meeting. So, what’s the point of having a cap?

First it was a coffee shop (vote was 3-2 to grant license), then the “cupcake caper” (cupcake store) where vote again 3-2. Recently, a cigar shop (!) got a license (vote 5-0!), with still another proposed cigar shop now requesting a license, requiring a raising of the license cap. I’ll bet that it is granted.

The cap means nothing as it keeps on getting raised. It seems that all you need do for a full liquor license is ask for it. East Greenwich will soon be known for several things: an abundance of restaurants, drug stores, banks and liquor licenses.

With  precedents being set by granting these licenses, how can the council possibly say “no” to anyone who applies in the future without being considered discriminatory, arbitrary and capricious?

Don’t you think enough is enough (as the expression goes)?

’nuff said !

Carl I. Hoyer

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Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke
September 19, 2014 8:41 am

Ordinarily I agree with Carl but I have to say I believe that in this odd town which does little but feed people, why not allow anyone to have a glass of bourbon with a fine cigar. At some point in time we have to give free enterprise a boost. I say down with any caps and let’s see where it goes. Rents and taxes have to be paid and I cannot envision any cigar smokers roaring up King Street at 2 in the morning.


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