Letter to the Editor: Wake Up, East Greenwich!

by | May 29, 2018

To East Greenwich residents who care,

At 91, I’m still at it and I care about my community. I’ve had a good life here and I want my children, grandkids and great grandchildren who are living in East Greenwich to have the same.

When the judge ruled against the town last fall, she said it was time to “turn the lights back on.” Did we? No – too complacent!

This past year our new town manager and Town Council have turned our town upside down. Hirings, firings, meetings behind closed doors, unanswered questions, moving departments, and the chaos goes on.

The nationwide search for a new town manager and the six-person appointed screening committee has completed its job. Now the Town Council has, I believe, three candidates and will vote on one. And you bet, our present town manager, Gayle Corrigan, will be one to consider.

Wake up, East Greenwich!

Call and email your Town Council members and speak up. You don’t know who they are? Well, on page 18 in the East Greenwich phone book are the names of the Town Council members, their addresses and phone numbers. Or find them on the website here. These five members represent approximately 13,000 residents. These five plus the town manager will decide our future. Dr. Mark Schwager is the only one on the council who appears looking out for us. He can’t do it alone – speak out before it’s too late!

The state Ethics Commission is conducting its second probe of Gayle Corrigan but any decision may come too late before the council takes their vote in June. Act now if you care about East Greenwich.

Deeply concerned,

Virginia Bentsen-Arnold

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Richard T Chadwell
Richard T Chadwell
May 30, 2018 1:41 pm

Ginger you couldn’t have said it better.

May 30, 2018 2:15 pm

We have, on a number of occasions, filled Swift Gym to capacity, and many citizens have spoken eloquently about legitimate concerns. Probably others have called or sent letters, but there hasn’t been a positive response to any of that. Unfortunately the citizens have to wait until November to solve this dilemma. By then a lot of damage will have been done. (The town charter needs a recall provision.)

Tracie Truesdell
Tracie Truesdell
May 31, 2018 9:49 pm

Ginger, You are my new hero. Can I be like you when I’m 91?? I could not agree with you more. As Judy stated, many residents have expressed concern to no change in the Town Council behavior. I will vote them all out in November (I’ll probably vote for Dr. Schwager), and I’ll be here for my community to help rebuild after all this damage. I hope that one of our new TC members will implement a recall prevision in our charter so this situation never happens again. Thank you for your letter to the editor – You are truly an inspiration.

Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke
June 8, 2018 10:10 am

I would ask my old friend Ginger if she really liked the spending spree during the Sequino/Isaacs years as much as she dislikes things today. Because as things come and go, things bought today have to be paid for tomorrow … and tomorrow always comes. For the present Town Council, tomorrow is here!
Personally I think the Town Council panicked when they saw the finances they had to deal with and haven’t been able to get it together. Whomever you elect in November, the same bills will be marked “Past Due!”


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