Letter to Editor: Don’t Discount Youth Vote, Mr. Giarrusso

by | Oct 20, 2020

Submitted by Anavey Swanson 

In a recent radio interview of candidate Anthony Giarrusso by Gene Valicenti, Mr. Giarrusso agreed with the interviewer’s view that Rep. Justine Caldwell is pandering to “young kids” for their vote next month. Well, I am one of those “kids,” and I have a few things to say. 

I turned 21 in April of this year. This November will be my first time voting in a presidential election. I have been politically aware and have had my own opinions on politics since well before I could vote, and to actually get to back those beliefs by voting is very exciting. I have many friends who are excited to vote for the first time as well, and we are all trying to find who we think can create the best future for us and our country.

The statements made by Mr. Giarrusso in the interview, that Rep. Caldwell’s campaign has to grab votes “wherever they can” – as in from us “young kids” – make it pretty clear Mr. Giarrusso sees us as bottom-of-the-barrel, or last resort. Belittling Rep. Caldwell’s outreach to a group of voters because we are young does not reflect well on him – he seems to fail to acknowledge the intelligence and autonomy of the young people around him. We are adults who are fully capable of developing our own opinions. At best, Giarrusso is short-sighted, and at worst, he is arrogant and out of touch. How can Mr. Giarrusso be trusted to fairly represent his constituents if he is openly dismissing an entire subset of them? I don’t think someone with that attitude has my best interests at heart. In fact, I don’t think he’s considering my interests at all. It is the job of a representative to represent all their constituents and his attitude makes it clear he can’t do that. 

Rep. Caldwell’s reaching out to my age group is not desperate, as Mr. Giarrusso implies in the interview; it does not mean she’s “nervous.” Rep. Caldwell has been working with young voters for years. Her ongoing outreach to young adults is proof of something anyone who has met her or heard her speak would know – she truly cares about all the people who live in this town and she genuinely wants to represent us all, whether we are old or young or in between. 

There were multiple lies and dodges I caught listening to this interview of only six minutes. I want to mention two of the biggest here. When Mr. Giarrusso was asked if he supports Trump, he completely dodged the question – but he ran as a Trump delegate. Secondly, he said he is “not against gay people,” but acknowledged voting against gay marriage, and said marriage is between one woman and one man. Mr. Giarrusso, you are against the LGBTQ community if you don’t support equal rights. End of story.

Finally, to other young voters in EG: please take time to learn about all the candidates, including the local ones. It is our generation that will be longest affected by the decisions that are made now. It is our right to have a say in our own futures. I look forward to voting for Justine Caldwell for state representative (and Bridget Valverde for state senator) this November.  

Anavey Swanson lives in East Greenwich.

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October 20, 2020 5:21 pm

Ana – You are a force to be reckoned with! I hope to see your name on the ballot one day and my little girls can vote for you! And I too, am looking forward to continued representation by Ms. Caldwell and Ms. Valverde.

October 20, 2020 8:43 pm

Good for you. You have actually thought about your vote and paid attention. If more voters did this we would not be where we are today. some much older voters will go to the polls this time and will vote for a candidate they have not researched at all. You are our hope for the future. You have chosen your candidates well. They have done a great job.

Love, Your Parents
October 21, 2020 12:14 am
Reply to  KAREN

Marriage is between a man and a women. If you don’t like that, name it something different and ask for the same reliefs as married couples, which should totally be allowed.

October 21, 2020 11:59 am

To “Love, Your Parents” – I’m thrilled you’re not my parents! You’re holding on to “the way things used to be.” Times are changing! You either jump on board or fall by the wayside. And the word “marriage” has many meanings…it can mean combining two or more things. Exp: That music is a marriage of jazz and hip hop.

Not karen
Not karen
October 21, 2020 7:26 am
Reply to  KAREN

Why slam the older voters? Prejudice is not blind at any age KAREN!
Anavey nice job on the letter to the editor!

Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown
October 21, 2020 9:23 am

There are many other areas separating the candidates. Your points are well taken. For me, their stand on gun violence is a critical one too. Justine (and Bridget) have been strong advocates against gun violence, as opposed to Mr. Giarusso who is more of a 2nd Amendment guy, upholding gun owners rights. Vote as if your life depends on it, as it may if the wrong person gets hold of the wrong gun.


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