Part-time sales position available

Seeking part-time sales person to sell digital ads, “sponsor advertisers” and varying digital products. Commission-based compensation. Experience in digital marketing is helpful but not required. Familiarity and understanding of the sales process from initial contact to appointment to maintaining long term relationships is helpful. Must be able to work independently. Position is “needs-based sales,” i.e. inquiring and learning about the objectives of business and consulting with them as to the best approach for their success. Regular follow up with businesses to communicate their performance metrics and offer feedback towards improving ad performance is required. Ad server provides tools to communicate data to advertisers. Training will be provided.

  • Do you value independent news?
  • Are you jazzed by the idea of building a strong, independent non-profit community organization?
  • Do you want to help local businesses succeed?
  • Would you like to meet with businesses and tease out their promotion goals and strategize EG News digital ads as an avenue for their goals?
  • Would you like to establish and deepen relationships with businesses and leaders in the community
  • Are you inherently a people person?
  • Are you self-motivated and do you value an independent work schedule?
  • Are you motivated by commission compensation?

Minimum 10 hours a week.

If any of this resonates with you, email [email protected]com and let’s talk!

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