By Bob Houghtaling 

Wearing a mask should have nothing to do with politics. It’s really more about taking the advice from medical professionals to protect others. The coronavirus has forced us into a deeper state of mistrust so that now science is being attacked by superstition and conspiracy theories. Let’s forget the politics and look more towards being good citizens. The poem “Put on Your Mask” is a simple request to make an effort to consider the lives of others. It should not be a hard thing to do. 

Town Council members wear masks as they deliver meals at Shoreside in April. 

Put on Your Mask

If you don’t believe in science
Or another party’s view
When it comes to helping others
There’s something you can do
It’ll only take a moment
And it’s not a difficult task
Care for sisters and brothers
Please put on your mask 

Wear it for friendship
Wear it for love
Wear it for all your neighbors
When push comes to shove
It need not be political
Forget the alternative facts
Placing a mask on your face
Is a compassionate act

If you think it over-cautious
Or not a virile pose
When it comes to pitching in
This everybody knows
Sometimes we all must sacrifice
That’s not too much to ask
Show a little kindness
Please put on your mask

Thanks for taking the time to be considerate of others. Our caring makes a difference. See you soon. 

Bob Houghtaling is the director of the East Greenwich Drug Program, a mental health counselor, a mask wearer, and a poetry lover.

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