East Greenwich News welcomes opinion pieces (formerly known as op/eds) and letters to the editor. Here are some guidelines to consider when writing:

  • Opinion submissions should be kept under 1,000 words; letters to the editor should be 300 words or less.
  • Submission is not a guarantee of publication.
  • EG News reserves the right to edit submissions for readability, length and accuracy.
  • If major editing is required, we will work with the author to try to arrive at mutually agreed upon changes.
  • Refrain from personal attacks; they will be edited out.
  • Citations to studies or research papers are not allowed; writers may include a mention or link to an organization where readers could find such studies or papers.
  • Include a two-sentence max bio.
  • EG News will contact you upon receipt of your article within one day to confirm receipt and will contact you a second time within one week to confirm publication status. If you have not heard back from us within these timeframes, please contact us.
  • Send your article to editor@eastgreenwichnews, and put Opinion or LTE in the subject line along with the topic.

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