By Megan Cronin

On Aug. 31, 2006, a group of bright-eyed kindergartners walked into Miss Vadnais’s classroom for their very first day of school. It was not only the students’ first day of school, but it was also Miss Vadnais’s first day teaching in East Greenwich. From “Cooking with Class” to the very underrated nap time, my classmates and I had an amazing first year of school. Thirteen years later we are preparing to graduate high school and move on to wherever our future takes us. A group of Miss Vadnais’s (now Mrs. Mattox) former students and I wanted to return to our kindergarten classroom, and more importantly, to the teacher who gave us our start.

So, on Feb. 13, eleven of us former students walked into Mrs. Mattox’s classroom to say thank you and reconnect. After some re-introductions, Mrs. Mattox showed us some artwork that she had saved from our kindergarten days. When we looked around the classroom my classmates and I agreed it was like no time had passed, and the memories came flooding back. We were so happy to be able to step back into the same kindergarten classroom and reminisce.

Thank you, Mrs. Mattox, for the wonderful beginning to our East Greenwich school education.