By Elizabeth F. McNamara

Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to see something … or in this case to not see something well enough. Fire Chief Bernie Patenaude, who’s been on the job for two months, said he noticed the “apparatus floor” (where the trucks are parked) at both stations wasn’t very well lit, which can be hazardous.

He decided to get a RISE energy audit for both of the stations, which found lights “in need of repair and beyond repair,” Patenaude said after the Town Council meeting Tuesday night. The council voted 4-0 to approve spending $48,000 on new lighting for the two stations (Councilor Mike Donegan was absent). The money, Patenaude said, was found in the current budget, under budget lines for staff that had not been filled.

The town will get about $8,000 in rebates on the project. According to Patenaude, the new LED lighting will decrease electricity costs enough that the lighting will pay for itself at Station 1 in less than five years and just under six years at Station 2.