By Elizabeth F. McNamara

It was pouring outside Thursday but about a dozen volunteers gathered to unload 89 twin bed sets with frames into a room at 461 Main Street that is the headquarters of the Furniture Connection, an outreach program out of Christ Church that collects furniture from those looking to downsize and offers it to anyone in need.

The beds, stacked and ready to give away.

The influx of beds came about after Eric Holmstedt, a member of St. Luke’s Church who’s become a Furniture Connection volunteer, applied for grant money through Episcopal Charities, receiving $5,000. An anonymous donor from Christ Church matched the grant, giving the ministry $10,000 with which to buy brand new beds.

The beds arrived Thursday afternoon and the volunteers – from Christ Church, St. Luke’s and United Methodist of EG – made quick work of the unloading, filling the space (which is donated by Alan Gammons).

Furniture Connection volunteers

The items go quickly, said Holmstedt. “We bring stuff in every two weeks and it goes right out. The turnover is very quick.”

The Furniture Connection focuses on beds, couches, dinette sets, and bureaus and drawers. If you have items you’d like to donate, or if you are in need yourself or know someone who is, contact the Furniture Connection at (401) 884-8632, ext. 151. You can also find out more on their website here.

“This is about going and meeting people in the community,” said Holmstedt. “We’re very big with meeting the people who are donating and then the people who really have the need – the satisfaction is immediate.”