EGHS Student Honors 2023

by | Jun 20, 2023

The East Greenwich Public Schools’ World Language Department is proud to announce that 43 members of the Class of 2023 will be receiving the Seal of Biliteracy this year. In late March, students participated in assessments to determine their qualification to receive the seal. This is the sixth year that the World Language Department will award the Seal of Biliteracy, and the first year that Latin is endorsed by the state and will be included in the designation.  

Seniors need to demonstrate a 3.0 in their English Language Arts classes over four years as well as demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking in a World Language. An AP exam score of 3 or higher, a PSAT reading and writing score of 430 or higher, or an SAT reading and writing score of 480 or higher and an overall score of Intermediate Mid to Advanced on a 4 part online proficiency assessment, were all factors in determining proficiency in a second language. An additional designation of Gold is given to those students who achieved an Advanced Low proficiency in all domains in their second language.  These Seniors will be wearing a special cord with their gowns on graduation day. Additionally, they will receive a seal on their diplomas and a designation on their high school transcripts. 

The students receiving a Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish and English are:

  • Abigail Lewis
  • Alessandra Ottiano
  • Aliya Land
  • Allison Butterfield
  • Cayetano Sanchez IV
  • Cyrus Davoudi
  • Daniel Vilker
  • Eva Haan
  • Erin Sullivan
  • Faith Basler
  • Giada Gloria
  • Gianna Salvator
  • Griffin Clark
  • Hope Scaramella
  • Isabelle Gelzhiser
  • Jack Simpson
  • Jessika Finger
  • Jillian  Tracey
  • Jillian Prior
  • Jordan Muscatelli
  • Joseph Ruff
  • Kaelin Viera (Gold)
  • Katerina Beaulieu 
  • Kyanna Lin
  • Lana DiIuro
  • Lily Stark
  • Mara Oancea
  • Megan Huntley
  • Melis Kocak
  • Pyper Smith
  • Reagan Coates
  • Robert Brooks
  • Ryan D’Amico
  • Sophia Clarke
  • Sydney Mendes
  • Vincent Purcell
  • William Erickson
  • Willam Penhall

The students receiving a Seal of Biliteracy in French and English are:

  • Alexandra (Xia) Tuttle
  • Allie Welles
  • Ava Gallonio
  • Emerson Bassen-Alexander 
  • Julia Erickson

The students receiving the Seal of Biliteracy in 2 other languages and English.

  • Mia Schenenga Latin (Silver) and Spanish (Silver) 

Here are the awards given out at the spring 2023 EGHS Awards Night: 

Brandeis Book Award Dean Gangji
Harvard Book Award Lucia Xu
Rhode Island College Alumni Book Award Erik Lopez
Smith College Book Award Delaney Sullivan
University of Rhode Island Alumni Book Award Benjamin Neimark
Univ. of Virginia Club Jefferson Book Award Alicia Chen
Sacred Heart University Book Award Kareem Kader
Yale University Book Award Brandon Sun
Art Department Award Matthew Cosgrove
Photo Award Lily Shaughnessy
Photo Award Jason Carollo
Adobe Illustrator Award Valentina Oteiza
Excellence In Ceramics Award Alessandra Ottiano
Excellence In Ceramics Award Kaitlyn Dow
Music Department Award Gracie Kauffman
Music Department Award Geoffrey Aptt
English Department Award – Senior Mia Schenenga
English Department Award – Junior Delaney Sullivan
Foreign Language Junior Ambassador Awards Margaret Neville
Foreign Language Outstanding Seniors Awards:
French Julia Erickson
Latin Raj Vishnu
Spanish Cyrus Davoudi
Mathematics Award Cyrus Davoudi
Computer Science Award Isabelle Gelzhiser
Diane Amelotte Award Mia Schenenga
Mario Regini Social Studies Award Morgan Walsh
Pell Medal Award Alicia Chen
Bausch & Lomb Science Award Kareen Kader
Rensselaer Medal Dean Gangji
Science Department Award Morgan Walsh
Davis Family Physical Education & Health Award Robert Brooks
Davis Family Physical Education & Health Award Morgan Walsh
Financial Capability Award Mia Shenenga
Financial Capability Award Alessandra Ottiano
Aspiring Educator Awards Seneca Muscatelli
Aspiring Educator Awards Ava White
Aspiring Educator Awards Hope Scaramella
Aspiring Educator Awards Oliveia Shaughnessy
RI General Treasurer’s Award Pierson Falk
Lt. Governor Sabina Matos Leadership Award Oliveia Shaughnessy
Secretary of States Civic Leadership Award Tyler Caterson
Secretary of States Civic Leadership Award Alana Modi
National School Development Award for Academic Growth and Student Excellence Benjamin Neimark
National School Development Award for Academic Growth and Student Excellence Jack Simpson
East Greenwich Education Association ($1000) Jillian Tracey
EGHS PTG Scholarship ($1000) Allison Butterfield
East Greenwich Art Club $1,000 Matthew Cosgrove
East Greenwich Rotary Scholarships:
$4,000 ($1,000/yr) Maria Bianco
$4,000 ($1,000/yr) Allison Butterfield
Barbara Tufts 1@$1,000 Oliveia Shaughnessy
Personal Achievement 1@$1,000 Riley Shunney
Irving Silverman Comm Service 1@$1000 Dorothea Bianco
Arthur Philip Silverman 1@$1000 Angelica Lopez
Howard D. Silverman 1@$1000 Annalee Ambler
Chuck & Bea Keyes 1@$500 Seneca Muscatelli
Robert E. Miller Community Service Award $1,500 Aliya Land
Jim & Janet Essex Award $1,000 Mia Schenenga
Leslie Mehlman Carpe Diem Award Giada Gloria
Olivia Passaretti Memorial Scholarship ($3000) Gracie Kauffman
Olivia Passaretti Memorial Scholarship ($3000) Ava Gallonio
Brian Steven Messier EGHS Scholarship:
Music Studies ($2,500) Mia Schenenga
Service to Others ($2,500) Aliya Land
Political Science ($2,500) Jillian Prior
Perserverance ($2,500) Andrew Valentine
Ric Saborio Memorial Scholarship ($700) RI Foundation Jack Simpson
U.S. Naval Academy Lily Shaughnessy
National Merit Scholarship Winner Mara Oancea
National Merit Scholarship Winner Cayetano “Guy” Sanchez IV
National Merit Scholarship Winner Daniel Vilker
US Presidential Scholar-Dept of Education Cayetano “Guy” Sanchez IV
Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence:
Valedictorian Cayetano “Guy” Sanchez IV
Salutatorian Riley Gopalakrishnan

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